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How To Use Ms Oulook In To Netwok Computers

Can I connect to my work computer in USA from Europe?

I use Teamviewer to remotely access my work computer from home. I'm leaving to Denmark for a couple weeks (never been outside the US before) My work email is hosted online by Microsoft. Can i get my email online there? And what about getting on my work computer from there to carry out my work?

How can I sync OneNote with different computers?

I've used OneNote for 9 years and love it. You would need to either:store the OneNote notebook on a computer or NAS on a local network, and open that notebook from each computer on your LAN or use a VPN connection from outside your LAN, or...Store it on a hosted/cloud server and access it from anywhere using a VPN connection, or...through Office 365. Get signed up on an appropriate plan for your needs and then store your notebook in a shared OneDrive or SharePoint/Sites library and then access it from every computer that has shared access. Office 365 requires monthly or annual payment for most business users. In all three scenarios you can make changes to OneNote and all other connected users see updates very soon after as synching takes anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. If any of your computers make changes when they aren't connected to the original shared notebook, those changes sync the next time you are connected. Your best option depends on your needs, where the computers are and your version of OneNote!

Excellent computer skills including Outlook, Word, Excel and databases. HELP?

First thing - know which version you use. Many work places still use Office 2003 (ie. Word 2003, Excel 2003 etc) or 2007 though the most current is Office 2010. 2007 and 2010 are similar and both quite different from 2003.

For Excel - you'll need to know basic formulas. SUM, SUMIF, SUBTOTAL, COUNTA, IF, COUNTIF etc. Very useful formula for data spreadsheets is VLOOKUP. Most people forget how too use it but it's a must have if you comparing data sheets.

For Word - templates are useful. File naming convention is often overlooked but very important if you want to share documents - and find them. Formatting headings with correct heading styles allows you to create tables of contents easily. Outlining (called multilevel in 2010) numbering is used alot in formal documents. Cross References to numbered items are great to create hyperlinks throughout your document if they are to be read online (ie. no good for printed hard copy). If using 2010 you can Save As to PDF.

For Outlook - pretty standard. Rules allow you to funnel incoming emails to specific folders. You can colour code you inbox based on the sender. You can use stationery as an email template. Everyone creates subfolders to organise their emails - few save them as files on the shared network drive.

Databases most likely mean MS Access. Hard to explain in short sentence. Excel can do most of what Access can do - EXCEPT Access allows SQL queries. Search for Access tutorials or example databases.

Don't forget PowerPoint presentations.

Search some tutorials on YouTube using some of the above for key words. Also search MVP for Excel, Word and Outlook.

Hope that helps. Good luck. :- j

How to open a local client archive .ost file on a new computer?

How to open a local client archive .ost file on a new computer
We use Exchange 2010 Standard and Outlook 2013. I got a new computer and made a copy of my email archive that was being stored on my Windows 8 computer under c:\users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsof... . Now I want to open the archive to look for an old message. Outlook 2013 won't open the file.

Error, "The file you chose is not an Outlook Data File. You must select a new file of this type."

Outlook 2013; File Menu; Open & Export; Open Outlook Data File - that will open the file browse window with the file type of Outlook Data Files listed. To show the archive, I had to change it to All Files. The file extension is hidden, but the details of it show the Type is "Outlook Data File". If I try to open it, I get the error above. Looking at the properties of the file, it is an .OST Outlook Data File.

I know that Outlook wants to open a .PST file, but I need to open an .OST file. The Exchange Server did not change. The network user did not change. The only thing that changed was the old computer was removed from Active Directory and the New Computer was added - and the network user properties was updated to the new computer.

How do I transfer Microsoft Office to a new computer?

Transferring Office from one computer to another depends on two things.First is the version of Office you have. If you have an OEM license version then you cannot (Legally) install it on another computer. The concept and idea of an OEM license means, you get a cheaper price (Usually), but that license is permanently tied to one particular computer. So when that particular machine is thrown out, the license of the software has to be thrown out with it.The second thing is do you have the actual license key. If you have the license key AND it is NOT an OEM license, all you have to do is uninstall the software from your old computer and reinstall it onto your new computer. Reactivate the license on the new machine and you should be done.If you have lost your CD, but still have the key you should be able to download it from here: Download Earlier Versions of Office

If you share your calendar in MS Outlook, can you see who looked at it?

To my knowledge MS Exchange does not keep an access log to shared calendars. In short, no, I don't think so.