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How To Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 1

What breed were those puppies in "how I met your mother ' season 9 episode 12?

Although I'm not 100% positive, I believe the breed of those puppies are golden retriever.

Who is the ankle actress from How I Met Your Mother season 5 episode 12. As well as season 9 episode 16?

No I'm talking about the actress whose ankle is shown to be the wife of ted. Who is actress' name whose ankle is shown on how I met your mother in the above episodes?

In How I met Your mother, season 5 episode 10 The Window what is the song played during Maggie's kid flashback?

It's near the end, where Ted and barney are at her door. And her first love, boy next door got there before them all.

It goes to a flash back, and then this song that starts out Oh Oh OH oH ohhh Save a holiday? or something? I don't know.. Anyone?

Looking for song in episode 5 season 1 of 'How I met Your Mother' [10 points]?

i know u said don't say "Lovefreekz – Shine" but on this website and many it has said this Lovefreekz – “Shine (Lovefreekz Club Mix)”
Marshall’s dance solo

it is a remix-i know u probably hate me now but that is the answer the only over song in that episode is Heaven by DJ Sammy
plz don't hate me :(
btw, i LUV HIMYM one of the best programmes EVER!!!!

Where can i watch supernatural season 1 episode 9?

Found it :
There are french subtitles in the way though, sorry.

Which How I Met Your Mother episode is this scene from?

"Do I Know You?", Season 4, Episode 1.

Barney: On a booty call you barely even have to talk. At 9:00PM you say, "Hey, babe, it's Barney. Are you busy tonight?" (girl answers) "Sweet, see you in a half an hour, can't wait." But the later it gets, the fewer words you need. "Barney! Busy? Sweet." And by 3:00 in the morning (Barney texts "?" random girl answers "!")

How I Met Your Mother: Season 4: Benefits?

In this episode, one of the "side stories" is Marshall reading a "magazine". However I still can't determine what they mean, it doesn't specifically say if Marshall is masturbating like Barney does when he reads a "magazine at work", but it is insinuated. But then it is also insinuated that it is a regular magazine.
Any ideas on which one it is?