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How To Wear My Hair On Blind Beach Date

Can I dye my hair twice in the same day with the same color? I dyed it before since I missed a few spots.

I had a girlfriend who wanted to impress me once. She had mousy-brown hair and wanted it to be red, without bleaching it first. So she dyed it at home, and when that didn't take, she dyed it again, same day.I'm not sure if words can describe the result. Let me start with what her hair looked like before. Her hair was normal weight, wavy, and medium length, just below the top of her shoulders. A full rich lovely head of hair.  Before, that is.After... How to say this... She chemically burned off over half of her hair follicles, causing massive hair loss and blisters to erupt all over her scalp. The thin stringy hair that remained was so brittle that most of it snapped at various lengths, ranging from a quarter inch long to just about half way off her head.  There were a few strands that remained full length.She spent three weeks massaging ointment into her remaining hair to treat her sore, blistered, oozing scalp.  She wore a cloth bandana to cover her head. She couldn't wear a tight fitting hat because the combination of ointment and ooze would cause the hat to stick to her head, risking skin (and more hair) to be pulled off when removing the hat.It took about four months to get normal hair back. She is never allowed to dye her hair, ever again, doctor's orders.To say that she made an impression is an understatement.First off, I'm not saying this will happen to you. Heaven forbid. The ER doctor told us that her body had gone into allergic shock due to the multiple attempts at hair dye. It's not a common reaction.Secondly, clearly, this is a worst case scenario. I do not believe this will happen to a random stranger I've never met on Quora.I'm sharing this because I want you to realize that the human body is complex and the variation between individuals can be great. Something that works once, may not work twice, and something that works for someone else may not work for you.Better be safe than sorry.This message is 100% true. I'll never get the sight of her hair out of my mind.

What was life like for the Teen in the 1970s?

great, no bike helmets, we were outside a lot instead of watching tv, playing video games and being ONLINE......