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How To Win Homecoming Queen

How to win Homecoming Queen?

If there is no campaigining then i guess the only thing you can do is get noticed and stay in the "public eye" so to speak.
Be nice to everyone. Homecoming queens are voted by their peers, so if everyone likes you, you have a good chance of being chosen. That means being nice, not fake. If you're nice to people but then talk about them behind their back, they still won't like you.

Flirt! You want to be the girl everyone loves and this includes guys. If you have a boyfriend though, don't flirt, that'll just get you a bad name. Regardless, remain equally friendly to everyone.

Be known. Get yourself involved in a lot of activities. That way, you know a bunch of people. Join other extra-curricular activities in your school like dance, basketball, soccer, etc.
Hang out with everyone, unless they are into drugs and other bad things. Make an effort to get to know everyone, but don't become friends just to snag the homecoming crown. Be friendly, relaxed, and open.

Hope you win :D

How can I win homecoming queen?

I'm in an organization for cheer and football and every year the eigth graders get run for homecoming king and queen. It's not a school thing, and obviously if we are all cheerleaders we cant be "spirited" I want to win, but I don't know how. I cant campaign in any way, and I don't know a whole lot of the football players, only a few. Homecoming is about 3 weeks away, and I wanna start early. What are methods that don't include campaigning?

How to win Homecoming Queen?!?

Remember, the best way to prove yourself is through actions, not words. All you have to do is be yourself. If you are good enough, your high school freshman class will vote for you to be the homecoming queen.

How can i win homecoming queen?

im going to be a freshman this year and freshman's can be homecoming queen too. our homecoming is half time at a football game. im curious if you have to be in a club or sport to become homecoming? and how does the process go and how can i win? thank you!

Can you be homecoming and prom queen in the same year?

Did you know that every time a queen is crowned, an angel gets his wings? Now, if you’ve already been crowned homecoming queen, and are then crowned prom queen, another angel misses out.This is because the Heavenly Host is very watchful about popularity contests. If the same girl is crowned in both events, in ONE year, an angel could sprout two sets of wings, a very painful circumstance, while his wingless compatriot in Paradise is still hopping from cloud to cloud.Sometimes they slip and fall on their bottom.The first angel will have to go through a wing removal with no anesthetic. It feels a little like being a plucked chicken.Now if you really, really want to be crowned homecoming AND prom queen because you get to brag you were the first girl to whom that happened in the history of your state, then you go right ahead.It might depend on the little known and littler read bylaws of your school, but check with the Big Guy to be sure.You know who I mean. Go to administration, and take the elevator to the one millionth floor.


I'm not attractive, I weigh about 315 pounds and I have a few friends and I try to be nice to everyone. Can I still win homecoming queen if I'm not that attractive?

I think that it shouldn't be about the most popular person, people say I'm the nicest in the grade and I'm really smart.

Some say it's a popularity contest. But why would a school hold a popularity contest? Aren't schools not supposed to promote popularity? So if I be nice can I get chosen?

How to win homecoming king?

Becoming Homecoming King is always an honor, and being crowned, along with the Homecoming Queen is a great feeling. It takes a special type of person to be so honored, a person who has to be a top student, polite, and outgoing.

Remember to be nice to everyone all the time, so they will remember you.

Try to talk a lot, but not be annoying about it. Also let them talk when they want to.

Try to keep your emotions inside you, if you think you are mad at them, because they will remember that you are the person who was nice to them, even if they were mean to you.

Never neglect the underclassmen. If you're not popular with other people in your grade, it's entirely possible that those other prospective kings think that they're "Above" the freshmen.

Attend athletic events. Put in an appearance, lead a cheer and slap some backs while you're there. You are a representative of the school's spirit, after all.

Make sure to really stand out during the "Spirit Week" that proceeds some homecoming celebrations- make sure to be the most outlandish and devoted. A Homecoming King bleeds his school's colors.

Stick around near the vending machines and make sure to have some quarters on you. Make sure that every person who asks "Does anybody have some change for chips?" also gets a friendly recommendation to vote for you for homecoming king.

Be flexible, all people are different, and may want different treatment. Give it to them.

Most of all, be nice, and you will be well on your way to becoming Homecoming King.

Have good hygiene and get a cool style, use deodorant and a male perfume. Look good.

Just be yourself! Relax, be you and don't be afraid of it.Just be more outgoing and believe in yourself!

Is it wrong to rig the homecoming vote for queen and king and make sure two Down syndrome kids win?

I guess it depends on how you define “wrong” in this context.On the one hand, the homecoming vote is pretty much useless. Being the homecoming king/queen is a dubious honor (hooray! you won a popularity contest! a bunch of vapid teenagers think you’re just the bee’s knees! whoop-dee-shit!) that lasts for all of one night. One might argue that it’s actually better in the long run that high school students stop investing so much emotion on such a pointless ceremony.But on the other hand, the homecoming election is something a lot of high school kids really, really care about. At my high school popular girls actually campaigned (informally, but still) to become homecoming queen (the guys weren’t so overt about it but even so, there was some obvious schmoozing going on). And when the results were announced the girl who won was so overcome that she cried (the king didn’t cry but he was no less proud to win). It was the highlight of their young lives.How fair is it to take that away from them just because you think a “statement” needs to be made or because you want to “raise awareness” or whatever? And how much do you think those Down syndrome kids will really value this “honor”, knowing that they weren’t elected by their peers in school but selected for this honor by someone else?