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How To Write A Letter To Viacom Inc.

I need help with an accounting problem!!?

Vasudevan Inc. recently reported operating income of $2.75 million, depreciation of $1.20 million, and had a tax rate of 40%. The firm's expenditures on fixed assets and net operating working capital totaled $0.6 million. How much was its free cash flow, in millions?

a. $2.14
b. $1.93
c. $2.25
d. $2.03
e. $2.36

What does via stand for??

It is just another way of saying "by" or "through the means of."

What's the difference among the ICU, MICU & CCU in the hospital?

ICU: INTENSIVE CARE UNIT. Its a specialized unit in a hospital where patients are sent for INTENSIVE albeit very expensive care setting. Its staff by highly trained credentialled if not certified professional group of Physicians, RN’s Pharmacist and Respiratory Care techinicians. Its a generalized designation usually seen in a smaller hospital for patient care delivery where your love ones might be sent to if they require life support and continous monitoring.MICU: MEDICAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, there is really a very negligle difference from ICU except in an ideal setting, the patients are purely medical cases. A patient who might reguire continous insulin through the IV is one example. As this involves manual adjustment of the insulin and continous hourly blood sugar checks. A patient requiring a breathing apparatus called ventilator is another example, A person who overdose on drug is another one. Now imagine all of this condition in one patient as this is a normal occurence in a MICU. Now imagine a nurse providing and coordinating the care of this person.CCU: CORONARY CARE UNIT. its where heart patients are sent for continous cardiac/heart monitoring. This is where you will see patients recovering from a “coronary” or heart attack. The nursing staff and monitor tech work hand in hand watching/monitoring these group of patients.You will see gadgets of all kinds. The cardiac monitor, Intravenous pumps, Ventilator, A specalized bed that rotates the patient side to side. A portable xray machine, there is mirad of alarms and beeping sounds emanating from these “appliances”.This is a wash out description of what is being asked. In recent years subspecialized ICUs are born such as Cardiothoracic ICU, Neonatal ICU, TRAUMA ICU to name a few.Theres more to what I described but you get the idea.