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How To Write A Witness Letter

How do I write a witness letter for a couple that I know. They kinda need it for the Immigration purpose?

You just need to let them know about you how long you know about them. You should say that they've been together, or living together. Just make sure that they are not doing anything illegal. Sometimes, one of the couple might be selling the papers to the other person, then you get in trouble for lyingell the truth, if they ask you to say that u know them for 3 years when is only two, say two only.

How to write a character witness letter for my fiance?

My boyfriend is in jail right now for a violation of probation charge from 2008. He just served 6 months in another county jail for a larceny charge back in 2008/09. I have been with my BF for 10 years and he is great, he made some mistakes yes but I know that he has learned from them.
Anyway he goes to court in 3 days for sentencing for the violation of probation. His lawyer and probation officer both told me that I can stand up and speak to the judge on behalf of my BF but I think writing a character witness letter would be more effective. I've never had to write a character witness letter before so I don't even know where to start.

Here's some details on my BF that might help:
- ive been with him 10 years and I have a son that my BF has a very close bond with
- my BF does what it takes to take care of us, works on and off odd jobs landscaping with his brother
- he has been drug free since right after violating his probation in 2008 (the reason he was on probation was for a controlled substance charge).

Aside from how to write this letter, who do I give the letter to?? He goes to court in 3 days so there is no time to mail the letter to the judge. Can I just give it to my BF's lawyer before the sentencing and he can hand it to the judge? Also, even if I write a letter would I still have to stand up and talk to the judge?

Why did I get a Jehovah Witness letter and tract?

No return address, handwritten letter with my name (spelled correctly when I have an unusual name that is often mispelled). How did I get on the list and why was I targeted for the letter? I personally think if someone thought they should contact me they should have left a return address. They did sign with a name I've never heard of, not sure if it is real or not. Makes me feel "watched" and icky, targeted. Has anyone had this experience or know the details of why someone would be sending me this letter?

How do you write a notarized letter?

Just like you would write any other letter. It is not the significance of the letter that matters, it is the identity of the signer that the notarization focuses upon.Notaries Public authenticate the identity of those being notarized by examining some form of government issued, photo ID that proves this.For any letter to be useful, I would include name, address, date and purpose of the letter or statement, such as a title at the top of the letter. That will help anyone reading the document later, to have a clear understanding of your purpose.

How do you write an exculpatory letter? I recieved a charge letter for missing work.

Missing work is pretty cut and dried. You either missed work or you didn't. If you did, there is no way to exculpitate yourself. If you didn't, then there is nothing to worry about.Maybe you just want to explain the circumstances around why you missed work. If this is the case, then you are throwing yourself upon the mercy of the person you are appealing to. You will not be able to do this if you deny the fact that you missed work.A “charge letter” sounds like a formal document that is already on file with your company. You cannot get rid of that without using a time machine, and i don't think they have been invented yet. However, you might be able to convince your human resources department to attach your letter describing your reason in this case.If your superior filed this letter without first asking for your explanation, then you should ask yourself whether this is the right company for you. Maybe you should look for a company that doesn't mind if you don't show up after you have made a commitment to do so; or a company with a superior who checks with you before committing you to a schedule.

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses: What did you write to the Elders when you left Watchtower?

I didn't write anything.I have joined (well, sort of: I was born into) without written statement, and I left without written statement.Currently I see no reason to officially 'disassociate' (as JW call it) by writing a letter.There is no need to follow JW rules in this regard. I already quit.They have no authority. I have no responsibility to explain myself to those who are not entitled to an explanation.In plain English 'disassociating' means 'not associating anymore', and that is what I do:I don't go to any meetings, I have no part in any JW activities, and do not acknowledge the authority that elders think they have.In other words, I already disassociated by ceasing my association.However, in JW 'doublespeak' (read 1984!) what I did/do is merely 'being inactive' (with the added bonus of being an atheist). That means my JW family and friends are still allowed to speak with me.If I officially 'disassociate', they are not allowed to speak with me anymore.Normally when a person writes a 'dissociation letter' to JW elders, they don't really read the arguments in the letter. They scan for the words 'I disassociate', and when found the letter is filed and the congregation is told 'John Doe is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses'.This might seem a quite innocent and purely informative statement, but to trained JW ears this means 'don't ever speak to John Doe again, unless you have urgent family business with him.'Maybe some day in future I'll resent the idea of my name and some private information existing in JW files. Maybe then I'll write a polite request to hand me all original files regarding my person, without them making any copies. I think privacy laws in my country say they should comply with my request, but I severely doubt they will.

Jehovah's Witnesses; letter of plea for reinstatement?

Write a short note.

Is not being accepted by God between you and God and not up to a bunch of men?

Getting creepy letters from Jehovah's Witnesses....?

Every week or two I get a HAND WRITTEN letter in the mail addressing me by my first and last name, preaching this religious dogma.

How did they get my address AND my first and last name? Who gave it to them??

They won't stop mailing them to me... What can I do?