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How U Find A Good Ghost And Be Friends

How can i get a ghost friend?

As far as i know from the DVDs and books on the paranormal, there are benefits and disadvantages of being able to tune in to ghosts.

But first of all, you have to be a little psychic. There are friendly ghosts, demons and in rare cases, poltergeists which have a lot of power. If you are very sensitive, you are likely to feel them in many old places that have experienced murders, suicides, wars,etc. But sometimes you could be troubled by them and you need to have a place cleansed by priests or demonologists. Another disadvantage is that your friends are not likely to believe your experiences and may think you are weird, as very few people in the world are psychic. But if you really have a high level of such gifts, you could be of great help to people who live in haunted houses, or you could help some agencies to find missing persons or bodies. Watch some dvds or read a good book on the paranormal to get a good idea of spirits and ghosts. Share with one or two friends.

Hope above helps somewhat. :-))

How do you respond to being ghosted by a good friend? At what point do you give up on them?

I was good friends with someone who lived about 30mins from me for 5–6yrs. We shared the same hobby and often went on related trips together but would also just hang out or help each other with things, like she helped advise me on decorating my house etc. You might say we were best friends. Well one day she dropped by my house unexpectedly saying she was in town and wanted to say hi. This was unusual as we would normally preplan visits via email but I said sure and we chatted for about 20mins. Just normal friendly chitchat.I never heard from her again. That was about 8 years ago! She opened a new Facebook account and never friended me and never responded to any hello emails. She dropped out of our hobby at the same time, one she had participated in for years without ever saying she was done. Just stopped all participation in events and online groups related to it. It took me a couple weeks maybe to realize her silence was permanent.I was pretty angry for a long time. After sll the things we had been through and such to just drop me like a bad habit?! But later realized she did me a favor as obviously she was no real friend. To not even tell me she was quitting our shared hobby and apparently I was of no use as a friend if she was not involved in that activity anymore! What kind of faux friend is that. I later found out she got divorced from her husband around the same time. She had never breathed a word to me her “best friend” about having any problems their relationship was always portrayed as perfect! So she obviously had a lot going on I was never privy to or confided with. I suspect a lot of our friendship was a facade and she could not bear to confess her life was imperfect. Or that she was frustrated by lack of success in our hobby. So my answer is a real friend would never ghost you at all. Just fake user friends.

How can I be a friend to ghost?

Ghost tends to be a generic term, usually referring to a spirit. You can easily and safely become a friend to a spirit by using the services of a competent conjurer. There are plenty of those around. There are many different types of spirits, all with differing capabilities.Before you adopt a spirit friend, take a bit of time to read and learn in a safe place. Go to the Creepy Hollows forum and join. It’s free. Ask any number of questions. There are plenty of friendly people happy to answer your questions and provide guidance. It has over half a million threads to read through about all aspects of the paranormal world. It has been going for 15 years, so just maybe there’s something in it.Remember that a web forum is just a starting place. It is important to read read read. Search out subjects that interest you, and find published works about them. Never take the word of a single source as truth unless you can personally verify it using other resources.Creepy Hollows also has an encyclopedia with lots of information.Disregard the people who say that all spirits are demons. It’s simply not true. Those people are possibly well-intentioned, but have been led to believe things designed to keep people from exploring their spirituality. Religion and spirituality are two different things. Each to their own of course.I can speak from experience about all the things I have written above. I have personal relationships with all of the spirits who have adopted me :). I grew up in a strictly religious household, but it was not the least bit spiritual for me. I left that way of life over 30 years ago and have not looked back. My spirit companions are amazing beings that bring so much fun and joy into my life.

How can I get a ghost friend?

First things first:

Wicca is very dangerous. You must study everything and get a good idea of what you are doing before you start casting spells, because remember the rules, harm none, do what ye will, and that everything you do comes back threefold, whether it is good or bad, and when you do spells (especially for personal gain like in this situation) you are breaking the laws of Wicca and it's really a bad thing to do. Never use it for revenge or personal gain. In Wicca, you open doors to things, and not all of them are good, so be aware of what you do with it.


If you are a good hearted person inside (and you know if you are or aren't) then you already have a spirit guide with you. In fact you have more than that with you, but you need to learn how to communicate with them. Meditate more and open your mind and ears to what they have to say. Visualize them and look for all of the signs.


Earthbound entities (ghosts) are earthbound for the following reasons:

1. They are in grief or trauma over their death and cannot cross over until it is resolved.

2. They died in a state of anger, vengeance, and rage and it keeps them from crossing over.

3. They have unfinished business.

4. They don't know they are dead, or they are too afraid to cross over for fear of judgment.

Don't confuse earthbound "ghosts" with "spirits" for they are different things. Spirits have crossed over already and are healed and happy, while ghosts are more moody, and if they appear, they are grief stricken or ill willed and still have wounds from their death or sicknesses.. If you experience negative entities such as demons or diabolicals, bless the house and don't challenge it, or in extreme cases, get a priest. If you experience an entity that is earthbound, lead it towards the light so their soul can rest, please.
8 years of Wicca, and lots of paranormal knowledge and experiences.
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I want to have a ghost friend, where can I find him?

Now you all will think I'm crazy.

But when I was a freshman in high school I had a ghost friend/stalker. I really did.
I first saw him playing by the creek near the ruins of an old mining railroad track bridge where I later found out...and I mean about a year later...where the kid got killed. I saw him vividly...and I woke up one morning thinking "hey, I bet I can find about him at the library." So I researched it and they had a picture of the boy. It was the same guy. He never showed up again after I read that.

True story.

What's it like to ghost hunt with friends at night?

The only things you are gonna find going to “haunted places” is rats, drug addicts, rats, hobos having sex, rats and used condoms.Ooh, did I mention rats?Closest thing I've been to ghost hunting is mountaneering by day and camp at night, I've heard from the horsemen shepherds that sometimes the devil roams arround in the mountains and some people have seen it, one of them I’ve encountered described it as a 10 foot tall slender creature with cat-like eyes (because they glowed). I've went on several ocations to the mountains (I go alone most of the time), and everytime I'm roaming by night with my torch I turn around from time to time whenever I feel followed.It's a weird feeling, all your senses become razor sharp, you are constantly checking your surroundings, hence there's open spaces you swear that there's something just past where your torch reaches, you get sudden adrenaline rushes and your fight or flight instint might kick in so it's a good opportunity to check how would you respond, if you are gonna be the one that freezes, that takes a fighting stance or runs away yelling in a high pitch tone.What’s for me, I’m gonna keep going to the mountains because who knows, maybe some day I'll turn around and find glowing eyes staring ;)Ps: here's a photo of the campsite from the time I went on a full moon night, that night I heard a lot of weird sounds by night, and some “gallinitas ciegas” (a night bird) screeching during the night, the experience was awesome!

Can ghosts and humans be friends?

I would not encourage it because as a human on this side, you really don’t know who or what it is you are befriending. That “angelic” friend might turn out to be demonic.There are many warnings against “dabbling” and foolish interaction with spirits and entities, from Muslim warnings about the Djinn to Christians saying stay clear of demonic forces. There are many nightmare tales of things going bad after reckless activity with a Ouija board, etc. There is no telling where the path might lead - you might end up with a full-blown poltergeist in the home. A ghost that seems benevolent at first can become harmful and violent and quite often, a deceiver. The more you acknowledge the entity, the more power and energy it seems to have and trouble can grow over time.We often hear stories of children befriending ghosts (sometimes thought of as an “imaginary friend”) but there are also stories of children becoming possessed - the Exorcism of Roland Doe - Wikipedia case being one of the most famous. Many cases of possession start out with seemingly harmless interactions.There are shamans, exorcists and mediums who work with spirits on a regular, professional basis. They can do so because they know what they are doing. They are well-schooled or trained and have many years of experience. Unless you are ready to commit yourself to a life-long, full-time occupation in spirit interaction, I say don’t open that door!Many thousands of years ago, it is possible the so-called “primitive” man had more interaction with the world of ghosts and spirits. They were “full-timers” also. You might find such groups today, living in isolated places such as the Amazon jungle. For these people, it might even be beneficial to know the “other world” but it is never a good idea to dabble with the occult (“occult” means “hidden”). Reading up on such topics is fine but one must be serious if they are to practice interacting with hidden entities and ghosts. For most of us, it would be like a part-time traveler touring the most dangerous parts of a country when he or she should be vacationing in the hotel zone.

Where can I find a free ghost writer?

i dont think u can get any services for free... and u want this person to write a book for you? a very ridiculously low fee maybe, but free? it doesnt exist... good luck and email me if u find one... i will offer this ghostwriter twice what ur paying, or not paying him/her..

One of my friends says she can ''TALK TO GHOST''?

One thing you need to understand; ghosts do exist. People who have been murdered and their killers have not been executed, will wander in the same location where they were killed until the end of time, or until their murderer is killed. The ghost world is in a diminsion next to our own and occasionally they can be seen and heard. I have this 6th sense as well and can see ghosts.

Where can I find this ghost prank?

Does anyone know where I can find this ghost prank? Its a picture where you are supposed to try to see or find the ghost. The picture is like and old jail cell of bedroom. As you sit and what a white ghost goes running across the screen. I'm trying to find it as a Halloween email prank to my friends. If you know the link or have the prank, please let me know.