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How We Can Do The Lips Thin

Do I have full or thin lips?

Age: 17 area: Chicago Gender: female Ethnicity: African-American i would say my lips are medium to full. I personally consider they're excellent. No longer too skinny, now not too colossal. And seem great with some lip gloss!

Are my lips too thin?? help?

I think you should turn your lips into the "Eye turner" of your face, you know how most people try to make there eyes look big. well you should make people look at your LIPS and not your eyes so much, they may be a little thin, but I like them they are different. My friend has some really strange lips and a roundish baby face shes so darn cute XD

But shes convinced they are ugly, but I cant stop looking at her lips! :)

yours have the same effect, only I'm not staring at you from across our class table. Hehe.

How do I make thick lips thin?

Without surgery, how do I make my thick lips thin? I born with thick lips. From side view, you cam see my lips curve up/down slightly cuz of my big lips. I want to make em smaller cuz it makes me look like I have mustache shadow even though I don't. I'm a 13 year old female. If I smiled trying to show my teeth, my bottom lip will not naturally let me and my upper lip will barely show my teeth. When I have to smile with teeth, I have to tuck my lips in my mouth which makes my nose look awfully bigger and wider but thats the only way to make it actually looke like a smile and reduce the look of a mustached. I dont have a mustache btw. With out surgery or seeing a doctor, is there a way to decrease the amount of fatness? Thanksies!

Dear Thea,I saw your A2A request before I was due to have dinner with a few female friends.I asked each one of them what their insecurities were. Unsurprisingly, each of us had our own, but all different. For one it was their height (just over 5ft) she would kill to have long limbs, the two that appeared the most confident (extrovert) also had something they wished to change about themselves. The second one is a healthy eating and fitness fanatic, I think her body is amazing, yet her bug bear is cellulite (you'd need a magnifying glass to see it!). The third, I've envied her curves for years, but she complained it gives her chronic backache and she is seriously considering breast reduction surgery. Mine was being skinny, which I was more insecure about in my teens and early twenties.So, many women, even the ones you think are perfect can relate to not feeling happy about a part of themselves. Let's look at yours, thin lips:This is me. To be honest I’ve never thought about lips until I started seeing a trend for celebrities having Botox injections. We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to beauty, but I honestly think those women looked naturally stunning before, afterwards it was so obvious they had work done, particularly when they suffered a botched job. Not a fan at all.I’d say I have reasonably full lips. I'm pretty nonchalant about them, I have nothing positive or negative to say, no one has ever complimented them, they're just there. If I woke up with thinner lips, I can't say I’d be that fussed.When I think of full lips, I think of Angelina Jolie. Her face is striking.I can also think of many beautiful women that have thin lips.Kate (Duchess of Cambridge):Emma Watson:Gwyneth Paltrow:Karlie Kloss:Heidi Klum:So do I think thin lips are ugly? No. I think what makes someone beautiful goes beyond one particular feature, and even the exterior.Speaking from experience, as I've gotten older, my own insecurities have become less prounounced. I've accepted them and feel comfortable in my own skin. While I do still like to make an effort, I'm more grateful for what I do have rather than don't, my focus has shifted towards maintaining good health and fitness.Thanks for the A2A.Kind regards,Abi

Is thin lips unattractive? and how do I make my lips look bigger?

i have REALLY thin lips. Not medium nice plump lips that everyone is calling "thin" I have literallysmall stereotypical "white girl" lips. they're really small and when i wear lipstick i get made fun of because "you have no lips so why are you even wearing it?" I want to get lip injections but I'm only 14 years old and im sure my opinion will change when I'm older. But I have tried "lip plumping" lipsticks (they don't work) "over lining" my lips (IT LOOKS SO BAD.) and I stupidly last year even tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and i looked amazing but i was an idiot to even do the challenge. i don't know... Please answer both questions.

Kissing a guy with thin lips?

If you want a boyfriend so bad, then I highly recommend following this Since you've never dated or been kissed before, it's going to be hard to get a boyfriend if you don't know what to do but once you know what to do, you'll be able to get a boyfriend pretty easily and can share your dating stories with your friends and experience those feelings yourself. You'll even be able to attract guys you might feel is out of your league. I suggest going on a bunch of dates before choosing one guy to be your boyfriend. Have fun.

Do you think thin lips are attractive?

depends how thin we talking? Like it looks like a line then nah ew it looks like chicken lips! But I dnt like those big nasty lips that look like a baboons booty either yuck if they're thin they have to go with the face and have a nice shape and same goes for thicker

Anyone notice how most of the women answering this question say something like, "Because it's a preference, and people have preferences." and the men are saying, more or less, "Who the fuck cares about lips?"I'm not the type of guy to generalize, but if I WERE the type of guy to generalize, I would probably say something like ....Women look at the details, men look at the whole picture.*How many times have you heard a man specify whether he is a caboose guy, or a breast guy?** Go on, count. Now how many times have you heard a men specify whether he is a thin lip guy, or a full lip guy? Or a hand guy? Or a calf guy? No need to wait on this one.When I was younger and dating this woman, she asked me for a "dirty" picture. After sending her a picture of my laundry hamper, because I'm an idiot, I began the conversation of body parts. I said something along the lines of, "You could send me a picture of your friggin' toes, and it would be sexier to me than anything I could send you."Maybe it was an insecurity on my part (I was young), but I couldn't conceive of a part of my body that she would be interested in seeing. Frankly, I'm a little convinced that, aside from just being disgusting perverts, this is why most guys only send pictures of their junk. To THEM, it's the only desirable part of their body.Not true, apparently. My "friend's" response blew me away. She just began laying out a detailed synopsis of every body part on a man that she finds desirable. Shoulders, legs, chest, forearms, the little "arrow" on your stomach, chin, lips, eyes, jaw, hands...And here I am, like, "Uh, I just think you're purty."So to answer your question? We don't care about your friggin' lips. We don't look at a woman and say, "daaaaaaaaaaaaaayum gurl, them lips."It's an after thought. It's a point of interest after a kiss, to point out that you have nice lips. It's a bonus, but it's a bonus only seen if it's a positive surprise. Otherwise it's probably not registered at all.*It should go without saying that I don't speak for the entirety of men here. I can already see the comments "Speak for yourself, I always look at lips first" yadda yadda yadda. Calm down. This is just my own anecdotal evidence. Flying by the seat of my pants. Pulling statistics out of my ass. Yippy.**It should also go without saying that since this question focuses on the physical, that's what the answer revolves around. Don't start going on about "But the personality matters!". I'm aware. Again, calm down.

I have thin lips how can i make them look bigger without resorting to cosmetic surgery?

Hydration is necessary for achieving plump lips. Drink water as often as you can and carry a good lip balm with SPF with you.
Before you get in the shower, rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly or honey on and around your lips but don't wipe it off in the shower. The steam will help it to penetrate, giving you smooth lips. Wipe off any residue when you're done.
After brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush or a terrycloth towel to exfoliate your lips. This will also temporarily swell them. If your lips are really dry and flaking, then try a layer of Carmex, topped with a layer of petroleum jelly or Aquaphor when you go to sleep at night. You should wake up with soft, flake-free lips.
Invest in a good lip plumper that has MaxiLip or hyaluronic acid as an ingredient rather than an irritant like cinnamon oil (which will be painful and only temporarily swell your lips). Apply it once or twice a day. When applying, open your mouth as wide as possible to get the best effect.
Put gold or silver (depending on your personal coloring) eyeshadow on your Cupid's Bow with a lip brush. It will reflect light and make your upper lip look poutier. You can also put a bit of matte bronzer or neutral, tan eye shadow under your bottom lip for the same effect. Be sure to blend carefully!
After lipstick/gloss, dab more of the gold or silver eyeshadow (or use a frosty gloss) in the center of your top and bottom lips. Make sure to blend it, but not too much.

Only exfoliate your lips once a week, the skin on your lips is much more delicate.
Research lip plumpers before buying. You never know if they'll work as well as they promise.
If your lips are a warm color (reds), use gold eyeshadow.
If your lips are a cool color (pinks), use silver eyeshadow.
Your Cupid's Bow is the 'V' on your top lip.

Surgery is not necessary. The at-home tricks are much simpler and more inexpensive than cosmetic surgery ever will be.
Plumpers may irritate sensitive skin, so look out for ingredients like cinnamon.
Carmex can be addictive! It should only be used if your lips are truly dry, cracked and flaking (or if you have a cold sore) in order to remove the dead skin. If you use it on health, smooth lips, it will dry up the skin.


Smaller? That's a first. Usually people want a fuller bee stung pout. Most use balms containing cinnamon or injectable fillers like collagen or juvaderm to plump lip. Even on men, I personaly find full lips very attractive ( my husband has the most wonderful full plump lips!) but smaller I have rarely ever heard. If you have a pillowly Angela Jolie mouth, rock it! So many people WISH they had that. The first answer with the cleanse and moisture tips are very good and I agree completely. Yes you can have them surgically reduced but whhhyyyy?! Over time your collagen breaks down and with age lips thin a bit anyway. Haha, now you got me looking at mine in the mirror thinking of plumbing my pout a bit, lol! Be happy nature gave you such a nice full smile and love yourself just the way you are, because you are perfect. Everyone is already perfect the way they were made. Take care!:)