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How Will Present Generation Be Judged By Futures

How can Allah judge us if our future is pre-determined?

Predestination and Free will. (Seemingly) Two very contradictory concept of Religion and God. In my understanding, Predestination is Allah knows everything of Future and Past. What we will do, when we will do and how will do something. Allah is almighty. Very confusing stuff. I will make as short as I can. But one thing about Destiny is                                        "It's always changeable" Allah have given us a very strong tool change out destiny. The biggest weapon to fight, its Dua. To me there is no Free will other then "Dua/prayer". With each and every Dua we make, our destiny changes more or less. If a person want's any thing in life, two things is factor. 1st Allah' will. 2nd the servants dua, determination, labor, devotion and every other thing he does to achieve his goal. A man can get just about every thing via Dua. Even if Allah have not written it in his destiny, He may include it just because of his dua, prayer and devotion. Allah is most merciful.For more complex explanation, In Programming language there is a term, if (condition)
For each if, the program returns a 1, for else it returns a 0. example,If( Mr. A goes to mosque) {His burden of sin will reduce, will get reward}Else {His burden of sins will reduce, will get penalty} As Allah said, Allah listens each and every prayer. So, with each Dua this conditions and returned values changes. So again a question rises, Why we don't see the instant result for each dua? when a servant says a prayer or dua, thing happens,Allah accepts it instantly.Allah listens but accepts it in a better time, (in present life or even can be in after life).Allah gives something even better which was originally asked.But for each dua there is a reward. So, remember, Past is unchangeable. But we can always change out Future by utilizing our present. Hope this helps.

What does the saying, "from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations" mean??

The universal cultural proverb that says "shirtsleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations," is as old as writing itself. And when I say universal, I mean that it appears in every culture I have studied. Clogs to clogs, kimono to kimono, rice paddy to rice paddy, shirtsleeves to shirt sleeves. And it is a proverb that describes human behavior in terms of creating long-term families as failure.

The theory of the proverb is that the first generation starts off in a rice paddy, meaning two people with an affinity for one another come together and create a financial fortune. They usually do it without making significant changes to their values, customs or lifestyle. The second generation moves to the city, puts on beautiful clothes, joins the opera board, runs big organizations, and the fortune plateaus. The third generation, with no experience of work, consumes the financial fortune, and the fourth generation goes back in the rice paddy. This is the classic formulation of the shirtsleeves proverb, which is as true today as it has been throughout evolved human history.

What are some things our society does now that will be judged negatively or even condemned in the future?

EDIT: Please note that my answer originally addressed a question asking what would be considered unacceptable. In no way do I think that homelessness will be condemned (That sounds like blaming the victim.) nor anything else on my list except maybe the eating of meat. Re what will be condemned, I would go with Christophe Cop’s very succinct answer.My original answer below:Interesting question. Obviously all non sustainable practices. Ecological responsibility will be inextricably embedded into all aspects of life. Only guilty pleasures will circumvent that.But what else, something more imaginative….hmm.Bringing uninvited acquaintances to intimate gatherings, currently in the form of cell phones on the dinner table, but eventually probably something more akin to unannounced telepresence.Homelessness. Call me optimistic.This is hard.I didn’t want to make this personal, but whatever, meat eating, which will be viewed as canibalism by most and only practiced by cultural outliers. By then lab grown meat will fulfill the worlds demand for meat sustainably and at a fraction of the cost of animal farming.Sexual inequality. Though other inequalities still exist in our society and many have some proponents, I wouldn’t go so far as to call any socioeconomic inequality as widely considered acceptable as gender inequality. This will surely be gone in the future, even if other minorities still face some measure of discrimination.Okay I’m tired…but it’s a fun question - I will follow it to see others’ answers.

Why can't people accept that our generation is just modern?

I am tired of hearing people old people complain about how useless and weak our generation is.

Just because the older generation could walk crazy distances to work and back, doesn't mean we have to. We could, we just don't want to.
We love our technology, this isn't the stone age, we are entitled to it.
I may be a guy, but that doesn't mean I have to be able to carry a ton of bricks with one hand.
Not all of us are disrespectful and mannerless.
Just because some teens can't answer most of your geographical or general knowledge questions, it doesn't make them dumb.
Just because some members of our generation don't take their lives seriously, it doesn't mean the rest of us lack motivation.
Our morals and ethics are different from yours (yes some of us have them).
There is nothing wrong with not caring what other people think of us. It's not being self centered to not let social norms dictate to you.
Technology is the future, there's isn't anything wrong with being dependent on it.
We are not mentally weak.
Guys cry, there's nothing wrong with that.
We are more open minded. Just because you don't like something because you were taught it was wrong, doesn't mean we have to.

I think the youth deserves more credit then it is getting. We are different, but not pathetic and useless (at least some of us aren't.)
I am tired of getting crapped on by older people for what I believe, or what other members of my generation are getting up to.

Q: Why can't people accept that we are just modern and not closed minded.

Today a lot of people are judging people from the past using current values that differ from the values of their time/place. How do you think future generations will judge us (individually and collectively)? Will we meet future standards of morality?

We will dismally fail to meet future standards of morality, over say 300 years from now. But that is a good thing, as it will signify moral growth and significant room for improvement.Since there is a sufficient critical mass of highly consciousness people on Earth who are gradually swaying us away from the dark ages of military-banking-pharmaceutical-media propaganda and towards the clear light of truth.Social media platforms such as Quora provides a mean for the minority of highly consciousness to continue to encourage our collective evolution and alignment to universal moral principles such as justice, integrity, freedom and compassion.Even today there are small signs of progress to be witnessed:10 years ago America had a sociopathic oil executive president who slaughtered 35,000 innocent people in Iraq to get his hands on their oil.Today America has a narcissistic president who slaughters truth, decorum and decency, but - so far - not people in new countries.In the small but significant step from sociopath to narcissist Republican party leadership, America in any case is taking a forward step.The current president is being widely branded as the “new low”, no one so bad should ever be elected again, etc. If this collective branding effort achieves a critical mass, the chance that America will permanently rise above it’s below sporadically sordid past looks promising:Reagan committing class warfare and creating a new poverty underclass with deliberate “trickle down economics” Ayn Randian deceit.Nixon extending the war on Vietnam ad infinitum to prolong his hold on power.LBJ assassinating JFK with CIA and Mafa cronies to attain power, as I have photographically proved for any remaining douters here:Connor Duke's answer to What are some rare historical photos you wouldn't believe exist?In doing so, the American people will hopefully give the current moral leaders of the world - north western Europe - something to think about and also set a benchmark and example for less morally developed areas of the world to aim at.