How Will Using Norange Pekoe Tea On My Roses Help Them And When And How Should I Use It

Easiest Recipe for a Romantic Dinner, please help!?

Funny question... I find the most sucessful ingredient in a romantic dinner is that I not be a wreck to get it made! My man LOVES "pork medallions" He thinks it sounds complicated but it isnt...purchase a pork tenderloin (looks ugly in the store) and season it with salt, pepper and a bit of garlic. Put it in an oven pan, cover with foil and set the oven to 275 and forget it for and hour or so. Pork will still be pinkish but that is OK. Use the drippings to make a glaze - similar to gravy, but use tapioca to thicken instead of flour. Set the meat aside and rough mashed potatoes (mash by hand or with mixer to leave chunks). Add sour cream instead of milk and sharp cheddar cheese with green onion and some fresh bacon stirred in (dont stir too well to get the extra flavor in whole bites) and a bright green steamed veggie like brocolli or asparagas. When everything is ready, slice the meat and drip the glaze down the center of the meat slices. Add some Shepherds bread that comes in a whole round - there is something sexy about tearing and sharing bread. Put some rosemary in extra light virgin olive oil to dip the bread in... It is a beautiful plate that will fill him up but leave you with limited dishes and create little stress so you can enjoy the rest of the night!

Will drinking Twining's Green Tea help me lose weight?

Green tea is quite healthy and there is some evidence that it may help weight loss, but it is still primarily a beverage, not a magic weight loss solution. I've researched this if you want to see some evidence backing this up:

Now, about Twinings Green Tea in particular, I would recommend against avoiding this particular brand if you really want to get into green tea. I've tried it, and it's drinkable, but not the best. Why? Twinings is a very old company with a rich history, but it is deeply embedded in British tea culture. Historically, the British do not drink green tea...they just added it to their offerings because it got so popular. Twinings is a company that knows British tea, but not green tea.

I'd recommend buying from a company that has a richer offerings of green teas. And do not buy something generically labelled as "green tea" but instead buy a specific, named variety, like sencha, bancha, or kukicha (Japanese green teas), or dragon well, chun mee, or mao feng green tea (Chinese green teas).

If you want to learn more about green teas, I have a huge resource on them on my tea site and I'd encourage you to read it:


Also...while green tea is good for you, it's not going to magically make you lose weight even if you are eating junk food and not exercising. Stop eating the junk food! Each small piece of your diet has a small effect, it's the big effect when you put it all together that matters. So eat healthy and be active every day.

And then you'll lose weight. And if you want to drink green tea, buy really fresh stuff, buy loose-leaf tea from a company that knows green tea. And if you want to buy twinings? Then buy the stuff they're good at. I think their Ceylon Orange Pekoe is their best tea. It's a classic British-style black tea. Black tea actually may help with weight loss just as much as green tea does, in spite of all the hype (my first article explains that).

Good luck and enjoy!

What is the best natural way to eliminate pests and fungus from rose bushes??

You are right in your second speculation. Your rose bushes are great food for many insects and the carnivorous spiders are therefore feasting on the insects on your roses. You need to identify the insect that is causing the damage. If it is a caterpillar (small green caterpillars attack rose leaves) you can use Bt - a biological insecticide that will not harm the spiders. If it is some other form of insect you can use some other insecticide, but it will also kill the spiders.

What is Iced Tea? what kind of tea is used, what is the name?

It's tea... that is served cold.

Iced tea, also known as ice tea, is a form of cold tea, often served in a glass over ice. It may or may not be sweetened. Iced tea is also a popular packaged drink. It can be mixed with flavored syrup, with common flavors including lemon, peach, raspberry, lime, and cherry. Apart from real tea, other herbs are also sometimes served cold and referred to as (herbal) iced tea. Unsweetened iced tea is sometimes made by a particularly long steeping of tea leaves at lower temperature. In addition, sometimes it is also left to stand overnight at the refrigerator.

Iced tea is enjoyed all over the world and in many different ways. You can make iced tea with any tea that is packaged for hot consumption, but some taste better than others. Most iced is regular black tea. It's often flavored with lemon in the US, and in the southern states especially, sweetened with sugar.

There is also iced green tea, and Thai iced tea which is red/orange.

Not to be confused with the cocktail "Long Island Iced Tea" which has no tea in it at all, but is so named for its color. It's made with rum, vodka, tequila and gin mixed with orange juice, sour mix (or lemon/lime) with a splash of cola for color. It makes for a very potent beverage.

For all intents and purposes, iced tea is simply tea served cold and that is what is assumed unless you specify a specific kind or if you order a Long Island.

You can use it once a day or at least 4 times a week for desired effect on skinAloe vera gel contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Giberellin in aloe vera acts as a growth hormone stimulating the growth of new cells. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring.Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness, while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. Additionally, in Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.Wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear as you age. But, other factors may expedite what is a natural process. Aloe vera helps in preventing these early signs of aging.Aloe vera gel has been touted by many as their go-to moisturizer. It has shown miraculous effects on oily and acne-prone skin.The aloe gel can work wonders on your skin by reducing acne and clearing the blemishes and scars that get left behind.Aloe vera is widely used as an after-sun treatment because it is soothing and reduces inflammation.How to useFor best use mix 2–3 drops of tea tree oil in aloe vera gel and apply on face.Just make a paste of the aloe vera extract and rose water.Apply it on the face. Keep it on for 20 minutes.Rinse it off using cold water.Alternatively, you can massage the face pack for 2-3 mins onto the face before rinsing it off to cleanse your pores.Combine the multani mitti powder and aloe gel.Add cold milk if you are not sensitive to dairy. If you are, use rose water instead to adjust the consistency of the paste.Apply this on the face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.Rinse it off with normal water.Use it and see changes in skin :)

What flowers are you using?

Sounds beautiful. We used white and green. So we had: oriental lilies, roses, ranaculous (spelling), freesia, bells of Ireland, stephanotis, french tulips, mini green hydrangeas, and other spring flowers. We also put blooming branches of cherry blossoms on some tables at the reception. Our floral budget was a little more than yours, and was our largest expense. (about $500 more than food). But we had three massive arrangements at the ceremony, 8 bridesmaids/groomsmen, 4 ushers/honorary bridesmaids, 4 parents, 4 grandparents, 2 preachers, 2 flowers girls who carried kissing balls, 2 ring bearers, etc. You can see we had a large wedding party.

I also bought 6 majesty palm trees the week of the wedding, to put on the stage on edge of the choir loft - where the other flowers were at. And borrowed large ferns to place outside the church. And the florist covered styrofoam letters w/ moss for the church doors, which were moved to the reception doors during the ceremony.

You can see flowers were important to me too. :)

Milk, no sugar. Ta.