How Wise Was Thomas Jefferson To Warn Us

Was thomas jefferson an anti semite?

Diaspora- the reason for the attention the Jews get every time some idiot needs a scapegoat for something. Mr Jefferson was right, it is the only incidence in history of a nation retaining it's identity despite having no homeland. It's not anti-semetic to point out, just plain fact, and I don't know why you would think it is. It is remarkable. It shows the amazing spirit and pride that has endured amongst the Jewish people through literally centuries of persecution and victimisation. I've always thought that if that's what it takes to be Gods chosen people then I'm bloody glad he didn't pick the Scots, coz it doesn't look like it's any fun at all.

Thomas Jefferson said that when a government becomes "tyrannical" it is just to overthrow it?

Since that is fantasy it won't happen.

What were Thomas Jefferson's strengths and weaknesses as a president?

Mr Jefferson was a brilliant man, a truly wise person. He saw the greatest dangers facing America as 'Religion' and 'Banking'. He knew England would move to try and hypnotise the young American State like a snake does a prey with the weaselling words of sermons and seduce America with the charms of Banking Money, (Jefferson was having none of it and sounded the warning to his friends with writings and speeches). Whether Jefferson actually knew England's methods, or just disliked Clergy and Banks is debatable, (he called clergy 'that pestilential tribe of vermin') and Banks 'sinister'. He also seems to have dodged England's other popular 'Cosh' Alcohol, it was common to flood a dissenting district with cheap 'Dutch Gin' and reduce the population to a drunken stupor, easy to push around.

Smart man Mr Jefferson.

Was Thomas Jefferson a good president and if so what are his accomplishments and policies that made a difference in time?

Thomas Jefferson himself felt that among his greatest accomplishments as a person, being president didn’t even make his top three (those accomplishments, put on his grave by his own instructions included: writing the Declaration, writing the Virginia articles on Religious Freedom, and founding the University of Virginia).The thing Jefferson AS PRESIDENT was most famous for, by far, was the Louisiana Purchase. Even if you ascribe it to a stroke of good fortune, Jefferson was the right man to be president at this time: He put future presidents Madison and Monroe to work on this “deal,” as Secretary of State and envoy to France, respectively. He also was wise enough to put aside his “state’s rights” and “small government” philosophy enough to go ahead with the deal. And he saw the possibilities of a future “Empire of Freedom” that would extend to he West Coast.But this wasn’t the only thing Jefferson did right. There were several others….He was smart enough to follow up the purchase of this vast territory with the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Although the team failed to find the fabled “Northwest Passage,” they mapped thousands of acres and sent back many artifacts of scientific value.After that, the most important thing he did was to (despite difference in party) maintain the policy of neutrality between England and France that had guided Washington and Adams.He also — and this was quite significant, given the great transfer of power from Adams’ party to Jefferson’s — continued some of the Federalists’s policies, such as maintaining the Bank of the United States and standing behind the national debt.And, without setting off a full time war, he successfully ordered the U.S. Marines to fight in the Mediterranean against the Barbary Pirates. And yet he maintained this was not a move against the religion of Islam, for the U.S. declared itself open to all religions. He was defending American commerce and the ability of its ships to operate safely on the high seas.Finally, Jefferson followed Washington’s precedent of serving just two terms, even though he was probably popular enough to serve more.

Why would Jefferson be a Democrat?

Four things to consider on this issue:

1. What it meant to be a "Democrat" between 1780 and 1860 and what it means today is completely different. In that sense, you are right on.

2. The same argument you are making can easily be turned around on Conservatives as well. For example, Thomas Jefferson strongly opposed executive privilege, something that Bush has used effectively to wage an otherwise illegal war. Hmm...

3. There is a little thing called context that both you AND Democrats seem to forget about when whipping out history for your propaganda. A good example? Gun "rights." The second amendment was clearly written in a certain context. Within that context we needed a militia to protect us from foreign invasion. Within that context automatic weapons and hand guns that are easily used to murder and steal did not exist. Considering that in the present we have a strong army and law enforcement to protect us, one does not need Jefferson to defend gun control, just a little common sense.

4. 99% of people who whip out the founding fathers, Republican and Democrat alike, have never even read their writings. Their letters, the Federalist debate, Congressional records, etc. were all published and are available to the public even today. I am willing to bet you're not in the 1% who has actually studied these writings. Otherwise you could answer your own rant, I mean question.

I'm no Democrat. But the only thing I can think of that is worse than them are self-righteous Republicans.

What trauma in their history moved the authors of the US Constitution to disdain political parties as "factions?"

Lloyd, I realize I should give you a more scholarly reply, but I won’t do that at this time. If you have not already watched the PBS miniseries “John Adams”, I encourage you to do so, because it should give you the answer to your question as it details the differences between Adams, Jefferson and Franklin that I think led to the disdain of political parties as “factions.” If your question is still not satisfied, ask it again.

"The founding fathers did not expect people to have semi automatice rifles"?

the founding fathers would have given their left nut to have semi autos, to resist the tyrant king of england. the truth is the antis wont be happy until we are all subservient subjects and no longer citizens. when all we have left to defend ourselves is sticks and stones, they will try to ban sticks and stones. the police arsenals are full of semi automatic weapons and fully automatic weapons but still they can't protect us. we have the right and the responsibility to defend ourselves from criminals and terrorists. do you think the kennedy compound security is defending teddy with a flintlock musket and a slingshot? it is purely a case of politicians who are trying to tax us into poverty so they can educate undocumented immigrants ( illegal aliens ), (wetbacks ). my first line of home defense is a pump shotgun. my only semi-automatic weapons are used to shoot tin cans and rats. the left thinks they way to stop firearm related crime is to pass more laws that are not enforced. i could talk on this subject until my pc bursts into flames. as long as there are armed citizens there will be freedom in America, if you take the guns what is next? ted kennedy has killed more people with alcohol and automobiles than i have with my gun.

What does Proverbs 18:1 warn us about?

this is the lone wolf is perhaps a warning about not becoming this guy and also how to recognize him. The isolationist has his own desire. So if you encounter one who does not fellowship for whatever reason he will try to influence you towards his objectives. Church is full of hypocrites and my religion is my own and my spirituality is not some man made religion but nature. This is a common theme among many. The bible teaches the church is there for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. God says all have been given a gifts for the benefit of the body. When I isolate myself i am not developing the gifts I have not sharing them as well as I am missing out on the ministry others would share with me.
This is not a complete doctrinal verse so it is one to consider when other verses come up and see how it applies. Hebrews here is a good one that applies And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,
Hbr 10:25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as [is] the manner of some, but exhorting [one another], and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.