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How Would I Go About Receiving Compensation For The Ignition Switch Recall For My Saturn Sky I Had

I need instructions on how to replace the tumbler & ignition switch on a 01 Saturn SC1.?

Lock Cylinder Replacement - Ignition
Removal Procedure
Refer to Battery Disconnect Caution in Cautions and Notices.

If the ignition lock cylinder is replaced, the PASSLOCK relearn procedure must be performed.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the lock cylinder bezel from the steering column shroud by carefully prying with a thin bladed screwdriver.
Remove the shroud fasteners and remove the steering column upper and lower shroud panels.
Insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder and rotate to the RUN position. Then rotate the ignition cylinder back to the ACC position.

Depress the locking button on the side of ignition module assembly with a thin pick-type tool. Slide the lock cylinder assembly from the ignition module.
Installation Procedure

The actuator blade within the ignition module housing must be in the ACC position to install the lock cylinder assembly. If rotated, replace it to the ACC position using needle nose pliers.

Insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder and install into the ignition module.

Install the steering column upper and lower shroud panels and the shroud fasteners.
Install the lock cylinder bezel.
Reconnect the negative battery cable.

You basically have four positions of your ignition switch. One position is. unlocking the steering wheel. The next one is often called acc (for accessories). It switches on the electric power for many convenience components of the car like car stereo, power windows, power seats and cigarette lighter. It depends on the car, if this position also switches on energy thirsty components like headlights, rear window defroster and air ventilator. Position three is the ignition position. All electronic systems like onboard diagnosis, ABS, oil indicator, airbags go into a self test mode. Most modern cars are built that way that all available warning lights are briefly activated (so you can see if the particular bulb is still alive). Usually most of the lights go out after a brief moment, even if the engine is not running. As soon the ignition switch is in ignition position, all engine parts are activated for running. The fuel pump starts to build up pressure, the ignition system and the fuel injection are ready to work. All other components like lights, fan and rear window defroster get current now, so you might use them if you want. The alternator warning light, the engine diagnosis light and the oil pressure light stay on, because the referring components need a running engine for self test.If you turn the key further, the starter is engaged and the engine is cranked. Today many cars have an automatic starter, so you hit the starting position only briefly, and the starter cranks the engine as long as it needs to start. On older cars, you have to feel when the engine gets alive and you have to let loose the ignition key. Now every warning light should stay off unless there is a particular reason (Parking brake still engaged, lights on etc)

2007 Saturn Ion 2 ignition switch problem?

well for your Saturn it may have had a PassKey in the actual key its can look at the owners manual about it too but heres the website! If it is damaged or you removed the ignition switch then thats why it wont will probably have to take the car to a dealership to get this fixed.....PASS-Key® III+ uses a radio frequency
transponder in the key that matches a decoder in
your vehicle.
PASS-Key® III+ Operation
Your vehicle has PASS-Key® III+ (Personalized
Automotive Security System) theft-deterrent
system. PASS-Key® III+ is a passive
theft-deterrent system. This means you do not
have to do anything special to arm or disarm the
system. It works when you insert or remove
the key from the ignition.
When the PASS-Key® III+ system senses that
someone is using the wrong key, it prevents the
vehicle from starting. Anyone using a
trial-and-error method to start the vehicle will be
discouraged because of the high number of
electrical key codes.
When trying to start the vehicle if the engine does
not start and the security light on the instrument
panel cluster comes on, the key may have a
damaged transponder. Turn the ignition off and
try again.

Key stuck in ignition on 2006 saturn ion?

Is it an automatic?
GM had a lot of problems with the auto shifter breaking internally, not allowing the key to be removed. There should be a "Special Policy" in place at your Saturn dealer for this issue, which will cover the repair if this is the problem. The "Special Policy" applies even if the original warranty has expired. I work at a Chevy dealer, but the policies should be the same. Check with your local Saturn dealer.

If that is not the problem, the ignition tumbler may have failed, in which case you will have to see a locksmith or the Saturn dealer. The tumblers are rather complicated and there is special ECM programming that will need to be performed after replacement.

check power  self motor relay when the switch is closed, poor contact problems you see small arcs and relay hissing noise, check the continuity of switch. it should be replaced as it damages the self motor relay contact point and even self motor

How do i start my car after i replaced the ignition switch?

I have this same problem, the exact same. The car starts fine then after i drive somewhere it leaves me stranded! It makes a clicking noise but after I let the car sit for a while it starts. I started by changing out the starter from Advance Auto Parts, it kept clicking so the mechanic said it was faulty so i took it back and got another it kept clicking had a fight at advance then took that starter to Auto Zone traded it in for a new one and paid for a new one because they needed the core so I took a loss. Now in a period of a week my car went through 3 starters from 2 different places. At this point I know it's not the starter. The battery was tested, the alternator was tested, the wiring from the battery was changed out so now it has new wiring. The car is still clicking at this point I change mechanics and take the car to Sparks Automotive where they say the car is fine. That it needs the grounding wired cleaned. Then they call back say that they think it's the ignition switch and want to know if I will authorize them to fix it. Has anyone had this same problem and is it possible that it could be the ignition switch? I'm dumbfounded, this has never happened to me before with a car! Any suggestions anyone?

2005 saturn ion key stuck in ignition?

Hi Hunky_dorey25,

Please refer to pg. 2-17 in the Owner's Manual of your vehicle and review the Ignition Positions section as this may be a possible answer to your issue you are experiencing. If you are still unable to resolve, I would suggest contacting your dealer.

Hope this helps!

Vanessa-GM Customer Service

How to wire a cooling fan so it comes on with the ignition.?

Pretty much all you need to do is tap into an accessory circuit that is actuated during the "run" position of the key. but this is a bad idea. reason.... cooling fans are one of the most high powered circuits in a car. meaning they draw alot of power. just hooking them in to any circuit coming on when the key is in the run position will cause fuses to blow, wires to get hot and melt insulation, fusible links, and wiring junction blocks/connectors. id like to ask wouldnt it be much better to diagnose the problem and fix that? there are relatively few things to look at that operate fans. ie: coolant temp senders, fan relays, a/c controls (if your car is so equiped), etc etc. ofcourse any time a car has any problem good visual inspection should always be done first to make sure nuthin simple has gone wrong. for instance, maybe a wire has corroded, or connection come loose. since you do have mechanical ability i assume you can read a volt/ohm meter. best tool to have for this problem. that and a simple wiring diagram of your car. if your not willing to fix the actual problem and wanna wire your fan to run as you want it, then might i suggest getting a 25amp switch, wire that matches the same diameter of your current fan wiring and a 25 amp fuse. wire your switch and fuse in series from positive power source, to the fan. ground the other side of fan power circuit to frame or negative bat post. sure, now you have to manually operate your fan but this is better than arbitrarily wiring into your other electrical systems actuated by the key's run position.
FYI: i still recommend fixing your main problem as sometimes things like temp sending units dont only run the fans, but also provide info to other systems in the car. like your cars computer. it needs info to make the correct choices in order to maintain optimum performance of your car.

It is what your key operates.  Most basic ignition switches have four positions: off, accessory, on, and start.  Off prevents power from going to all but the most basic of functions.  Like dome lights and sometimes head lights.  Accessory powers things like the radio and HVAC fans, but not the compressors.On is the position you drive in.  It provides power to all the engine systems, mainly the ignition system it derives its name from.  Start provides power to your starter motor which cycles the engine to turn it on.  Once an engine is running, it will remain running under its own power generated by the alternator.  When it is off, the starter motor requires power from a battery to spin.An ignition switch is usually a three position rotary switch with a fourth momentary position for starting.  It is the thing that you pull out to hotwire a car.