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How Would You Feel If You Learned You Were Going To Be Sold For Organs

How would you feel if you learned you were going to be sold for organs?

Very bad.

Gender dysphoria is the core belief that one is the wrong gender. While you might have very valid concerns - being taken less seriously than males, feeling like your brain is wired differently than a mans - I’m not hearing that you wish you were male. Understand too, that men and women generally process the world in different ways: men (for a variety of reasons that have very little to do with innate skill) are often better at lifting heavy things and figuring out how things work. Women (also for a variety of reasons less related to innate ability) are often better at getting groups of people to do things and negotiating complex agreements. Is it possible that the ruler you are using is the wrong form of measurement? If you get the chance, perhaps try comparing yourself to other women in similar circumstances to yours and see if you still feel the same.All that said - to really explore the question of gender - The Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity (9781626252974): Rylan Jay Testa PhD, Deborah Coolhart PhD LMFT, Jayme Peta MA MS, Arlene Istar Lev LCSW-R CASAC, Ryan K Sallans MA: Books This is a good place to start. Good luck!

You know this is a very difficult answer to articulate, for me. I get very worked up. I think it becomes apparent…You do realize that there are more healthy kidneys than there are transplants, don’t you? For about 5 dollars (300 Rupees) a man can be hired for a day to do work. If you try hard enough maybe you can just promise 3 square meals and get a lot of work done, and look! no cash. Because the supply exceeds demand. What do you think will be the price of kidney? Young kidneys are very good for they can last a long time as they are more resilient. Gives you any ideas?Would it work better if the situation were turned around? If the demand for transplants was more than the available kidneys? Surely donors would be in better off for now they can command the price? Maybe some recipients might complain that the price is too much for them but we can turn a deaf ear to the poor and the disadvantaged?But but but…Suppose we get the government to get into this organ sale purchase thing and have a “system”. Which means there is a “framework” in which we take good care of the donor and the recipient. Like the government has when it deals with financial matters like taxes and education and healthcare spending. And it seems to be doing a sterling job at that and equitable distribution of resources, no?It has been tried illegally and it did not work out so well. Even when the all parties have a strong incentive to keep the donor happy and satisfied things went south. I mean keeping out of Indian courts and jails is pretty strong incentive for anyone with half a brain.I harbor a growing suspicion that it is entirely human for us to exploit each other. Why tempt the devil?A man has the right to do what he wants with his body and if he wants to sell his kidney who are we to stop him if it does him no harm? Why stop at a kidney then? Maybe we can buy a whole (willing - lets not forget the important word willing) person? Please lets not call it slavery or trafficking or such ugly words.I come down heavily on such suggestions as selling organ because some notions should be nipped in the bud. Otherwise there is no coming back from this hell hole.

I guess it depends on how you feel about Slavery. That’s what human trafficking is. And maybe to put it in a personal perspective, how would you feel if it was your mother, sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter - or even your father, brother, son, nephew, or grandson that was being victimized? This is a crime that doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t allow freedom for anyone who is enslaved.My expertise is in the sex trafficking of minors, so think about the kids in your life. How would you feel if they were being sold for sex to strangers, sometimes up to 20 times a night. As, hopefully, someone who lives outside of the world of trafficking, can you imagine being FORCED to have sex with one person, let alone a dozen or more, per day, for an undetermined amount of time? All the while having your life threatened as well as those you love? Now imagine being 12 and going through that.So how should you feel? Outraged, sickened, heartbroken, moved to educate yourself about the issue, and moved to action because you never know if you might be the one to help rescue someone who is being trafficked.Here’s a good place to start: Human Trafficking

Christians: How does your god feel about us improving his "design"?

(I'm not a Christian, but interesting question)

Now if you're one of those, "my body is a temple" people then I guess you are improving on God's "design" by fixing your vision and stuff like that. But from a scientist's viewpoint, you're not really fixing anything. If you have bad eyesight, it's generally genetic and you'll still be passing those genes along to your children.

What you are considering God's "faulty work" is just proof of evolution and survival of the fittest. There will always be those in the population (whether it's animals or humans) who are better suited for life and the ultimate goal of life - reproduction. Whether this is because you are naturally good-looking or because you have the money to make yourself that way the outcome is the same, you will be more successful in passing on your genes (i.e. you have a better chance of having more offspring) than Plain, Poor Jane down the street.

Here's an interesting thought: are we making the human race uglier? With all this plastic surgery, people may meet and have children based on artificial good looks and surprise! ugly kids.

I apologize for rambling. My response wasn't terribly well thought out

YES, for many good reasons.Organ transplantation is a huge profit making industry. Keeping you plugged in is way less profitable than selling your organs. Of course there are arguments stating that all medical personnel must do their best to save you before you are considered as an organ donor. If integrity is shown to be a common trait in our society, there is a good chance medical personnel will behave honorably.Brain death is a not death. People have ‘come back to life’ after a brain death. People can hear conversations transpired amongst those who are close in vicinity to them just that they cannot respond.(Organ Donation & Transplant Facts)Organ Donors Are Not DeadOrgan donors feel the pain during harvesting. Organs can only be harvested when the person is still alive. The heart needs to be pumping, blood circulating… the donor will shown signs of perspiring profusely, blood pressure shooting up, and even reacting violently. However because organ donors are thought to be dead, they are not given anaesthesia but medication that paralyses them to prevent movement. During harvesting of organs, donor needs to be kept in that state for however long the harvesting takes… hours.Transplant recipients don’t live a life of quality. Instead to prevent the body’s rejection of the organs, they have to be kept on medications that come with complications.Good site: Facts About Being An Organ DonorPlease read all the links I provided. There are much more information. If that many sites exist (yep, Google) that are against organ donation, you have to give them some credibility. Get informed then decide.Many pro-transplant sites have refuted the ‘myths’ stated above, but they are pro-transplant after all.Personally as someone who seeks spirituality, I would like to do as much good as possible however I look further than the act itself. At this point in evolution, most of us in society are of lower consciousness and the things we do usually create more negative karma. If my organs are to prolong a life that will continue creating more karmic debts, my supposed good deed may not turn out to be good after all. There are many more ways I can give back to society.I have some more facts from a medical angle but I need time to search. Might post it here if I get to find it.

Are you against organ donation?

I am definitely for organ donation. Up to 9 peoples lives can be saved if organs are donated after you die. Also two people can get their sight back as cornea's can be donated. Then there is bone marrow, tissue donation. Many many people's lives can be saved. Absolutely Awesome! We have no need for our organs when we are dead, why let them either rot away and feed the insects or burn up in cremation when so much good can be done. If you never help anyone while you are alive then help 9+ people after your death. What a legacy to leave behind. I feel so strongly about donating organs after death that I came to the conclusion I don't want to wait until I die to help someone and I went through the evaluation to donate one of my kidneys to a stranger. My other kidney the doctors can use after my death. Also what if one day you have an accident and your liver is virtually destroyed. There is no dialysis like there is with kidneys, you would die. But not if there was some good person out there who had signed the organ donor register to donate after their death - they could save your life. I think it only fair that if people are prepared to accept an organ, they should also be prepared to give when they die. Otherwise thousands of people would die each year because people were too selfish. In just America alone, 18/19 people die each day waiting for a transplant. Add to that the number of people who do get transplants and you have a large group of people who would needlessly die because other people were too selfish to help them when they died and didn't need their organs.

When you sell your soul, you eventually get what you're promised. Fame, wealth, blablabla. But guess what happens?… you become lifeless. Lifeless in a sense that, you loose the God in you. God has nothing to do with you. You become the property of the devil. Your soul is priceless. Selling it will be like selling God. What would the devil offer that God can't? When you sell your soul, your body becomes an object of torment and torture. Sickness, unhappiness, and eventually death. And when you die, you go to your tamer ( your soul buyer…. Lol) and serve him for eternity. Becoming a demon or an entity. Interesting part is… on the physical level, When you sell your soul, nothing happens. You eat, sleep, chill etc . But on the spiritual, you cease to exist. You become affected like a virus. A virus without an anti-virus. Your tamer takes your soul and uses it as a steroid to boost their powers. Because your soul is not conscious. You cant manipulate it. Only he who tames it. So, what would you choose? Please your flesh or keep your soul (God)? Common sense.