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How Would You Introduce An Interruption In Dialogue Either Interrupted By Another Person Or Force

When writing dialogue, how do you write a line that is interrupted?

It's called an em dash, and is two hyphens, like this --
One hyphen is incorrect. Triple periods, like this..., is also incorrect as that indicates the speaker trailing off in their speech rather than being interrupted.

"Harry, you sometimes say that--"
"Whoa, there padre."

The em dash, and the triple period, and the single dash are, unfortunately, not interchangeable in correctly edited prose. I wanted to add this here, even though an old thread, as it still comes up in searches. Thanks!

For your example, to indicate stuttering, you would use a hyphen. “S-sorry, I didn’t finish the sentence…”.Ellipses generally indicate a trailing off of speech. It can be used for a drawn out phrase, or a mumbling away.“Would you like to go… out with… me for… ” said the nervous boy to his crush.You could sometimes add more dots to make a longer pause:“Well…….. We have found something curious here!”But don’t overdo it!Also, a hyphen — or rather an em dash — indicates a sudden or abrupt disconnect or interruption in speech. Either the speaker immediately stops saying something to say another thing, or someone else interrupts the speaker. rather than a hyphen.“It happened on Tuesd—no Wednesday.”Of course, you could also just write it.“Sorry” he stuttered, his apology at least sounding sincere.

How much self-aware are you when you start doing that? Because some people don't even realise that they are interrupting someone else. If you are aware of it, exercise is the best technique and you can do it anytime as we do tend to converse a lot. Start the conversation and try to be as much self-aware you can. Ask questions and try to listen till the other person becomes quiet. Do it on daily basis as practice and it will become a routine eventually. Sometimes taking notes helps. If you feel the need to interrupt because for you it is extremelly important, than write it down and clarify later.

What is a Monologue??

A monologue is an extended, uninterrupted speech by one person only. The person may be speaking his or her thoughts aloud or directly addressing other persons, e.g. an audience, a character, or a reader

As a literary device, it is most common in dramatic genres (plays, opera, animated cartoons, film) but can also be found in prose fiction. The term can also be applied to poems, which usually take the form of the thoughts or speech of a single individual. In everyday usage, a long, rather boring speech by a conversation partner is sometimes called a monologue as well.

The aims of persuasive monologue fall into three groups. Firstly, to alter the beliefs of either the hearer (e.g. a letter from one academic to another discussing some matter upon which they disagree), a particular audience (e.g. an academic paper presented at a small, focused workshop), or a general audience.

The second aim of monologue involves changing hearer behaviour. As with discourse aimed at altering belief, that concentrating on changing behaviour can be aimed at an individual, a particular audience or a general audience, and has similar scope for ‘misdirection.’

The third and final aim of persuasion is emotive in nature, engendering particular feelings in the audience.

Hope this helps you in doing your own persuasive dialogue.

Read the following passage and then answer the question.?

I have study from my personal Bible the passage in question. The features of co-operation the following could do with the actual undeniable reality that David stated a elect, the others did not comprehend a thanks to reply because they lacked the religion in God that they had to have with the intention to draw close a thanks to wrestle their enemy. The co-operation got here at the same time as Saul idea that he might want to help David, in easy words to income that his ideas to assist David were no longer going to artwork for David. because it seems contained in the passage David became waiting to have the fulfillment needed because he had faith in GOD, and knew a thanks to respond to the enemy. something that something else of them did not comprehend a thanks to do. If the idea of somebody else that would want to help you including your project will in wonderful condition the elect that you've and also you may implement it to be finished for what you've elect of then it truly is low-cost to apply it. If their theory that would want to help you isn't setting up to what you've elect of then no, you may't employ it no remember what it could be.

Part of this depends on if you’re using American English or British English. The rules for quotation marks are different on either side of the pond.In American English, you start off with double-quotes. If there’s a quote-within-a-quote, you switch to single quotes. If you had a quote-within-a-quote-within-a-quote, then you’d alternate back to double quotes.Also, in American English (and with double-quotes), the period and comma always fall inside the closing quotation marks:“Take me to the game.”“Take me to the game,” he said.Question marks and exclamation points go inside the closing quotation marks only IF they are part of the quoted dialogue:“Are you going to take me to the game?” he asked.“Please, take me to the game!”Did Billy just say, “take me to the game”?I wish Billy would quit whining about “going to the game”!A dash, indicating interruption of speech, goes inside the closing quotation marks:“Dad, would you please take me to the—”“The game?” his father interrupted, irritated by Billy’s whining.British English reverses the system, starting off with a single quotation mark, and then a quote-within-a-quote would switch to double-quotes, and so on.Also, whenever you have a single quote, you never put closing punctuation inside the closing quotation mark.‘Can we have bangers and mash for tea today, mummy’?‘No’, said Clive’s mother. ‘You’ll have beans on toast and you’ll like it’!Hope this helps…

The hardest thing I found people to do is listen period. There r many bad things to say about it. But think about it… don't u like to hear good things? Don't u like when people are interested in what u have to say? It may be time to do something very worth talking about. Talking about human behavior is for people that need others to feel sorry for them and many other “reasons”. So, if that's what folks r into, get out, try something new so that u will have something cool to talk about, and people will listen. I'll certainly listen!!

Tips on becoming a great writer?

I don't believe an "exceptionally great writer" truly exists. There are great writers (great being used loosely I might add) and good writers but exceptionally great? Nope. This passage here is lacking good grammar, sentence structure, and most of all: humility. Writing is an art as much as it is a craft. No one "becomes" anything without years of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment. I've been writing for 16 years and I am far from great or even noteworthy. With the exception of my readers on both my blogs I am merely a speck on the radar. I'm easily forgotten until the next post is written and even then, few take notice. Writing is work and it's hard work at that. If you want to be a great writer or even a good one then practice, practice, practice. Read often, explore the world around you, practice humility, take notes on life, observe, write often, pay attention to the simple and mundane aspects of life. If you want to write, then write. Take classes if you can, read how-tos and guides on writing well whether it's in online format or in book format. If you're willing to learn, grow, and practice then you might stand a chance. If not or if you expect crap work to be praised then forget it. I wish you luck in your writing endeavors. Be smart and reasonable because let me tell you, this industry is harsh, even if you are never published.

I need help with my paper! I need journal articles.?

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