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How Would You Want This Horror Film Scene To End

What is it like to work with children on a horror film? Do they get scared while filming?

Ethan Hawke r/IAmAQuestion: When making a horror or scary movie with children, what do they do to keep the kids (younger ones) from being completely messed up from the really dark stuff? Do they just do some sort of interview and casting stuff to make sure the kids are mature enough and realize it's all made up? Is it just not that creepy while actually shooting the creepy stuff? — FoxtrotUniformCharliAnswer: GREAT question! As a child actor myself, I'm incredibly sensitive to this and kind of hate acting with kids for all the same concerns that are present in your question. But with a scary movie, it surprised me, because kids love to play. They love costumes, they love Halloween. The kids on-set treated the making of the movie as if we were all doing an elaborate haunted house; think about it, kids love to play Hide & Seek, they love to scare you and each other, and I was really relieved to see them all playing and laughing and understanding the spirit of a good ghost story. It really wasn't difficult for them at all. — iamethanhawkeReply: You also have to realize that a movie set is entirely different than watching the movie. There is a lot of editing that often goes into making a movie genuinely scary. — EarthboundCory

How demoralizing is the French horror film Martyrs (2008)?

I've watched it when it released and I 'loved' it. It's a strong and moving movie and the actresses are perfectly performing their roles. The filming is very good and the soundtrack is nice as well. Without spoiling, I think you know the film is kinda divided into 2 parts, thus you may possibly love the start and hate the end or the contrary. But I agree that some scenes may haunt you afterwards, not that it's overly gory but the scenes are really realistic, what makes you feel the pain inside yourself. I'm used to watching horror movies, therefore I'm not really shocked anymore. But if you want to know how brutal the film is ; I'd say that it's not the most violent thing ever but still it's quite unusual since the scenes look true. All in all, I thought it was an excellent movie, dealing with interesting notions and I think that it deserves to be watched once at least.

Where can i see the original ending of the 1932 horror film freaks?

Which "original" ending in detail are you looking for?


Alternate Version for Freaks (1932)
Two of the "graphic" sequences removed involved the freaks castrating and mutilating Hercules, and his subsequent appearance as one of the freaks at the film's end, singing high pitched notes. Although most prints end with the revelation of what happened to Cleopatra, Turner Classic Movies shows a version which follows that scene with a happy-ending epilogue in which Hans and Frieda are reunited.


Are you looking for the alternative edits of the known to exist film's footage presented in various forms? These are easily available from many legal torrents such as

How can I stop getting scared after watching a horror movie?

Yes. I use these two techniques personally. I'm so shit scared that when I need to pee in middle of the night I probably need someone outside the bathroom door keeping a watch for me (just in case those fictional characters were real and would come to kill me at night while peeing. Haha yes, mind doesn't work by logic at night.)Technique No. 1 -So the technique number 1 is to watch it in mute. Unmute when dialogues are being said.But keeping it on mute will allow you to be not that scared when something or someone suddenly appears.Sound effects of these movies make it more scary.Another psychological hack with this is that watching it on mute won't let you completely submerge in the scary atmosphere, you'd be able to differentiate between what's a real world and fiction.Hence, you'd be way more less scared.Technique No. 2 —So this may sound stupid but it works. So be with me here. I use it. It does help.Step 1 - Make your friends or family watch it with you.Step 2 - When you start feeling scared, make jokes on the movie, make fun of it.The psychology behind this is to ridicule it that your brain knows it's not supposed to take the scary movie seriously. And hence, to not get scared.I hope this helped you. Happy Scary-loween!

Why do some people enjoy horror and torture movies?

Shock.  We as a society like to see things that shock us.  It's why we used to watch executions on the square.  It's why crowds gathered for hangings.  It's why we slow down on the freeway to view that car accident.  It's why we watch those shocking videos on Youtube.  We loved to be shocked.  And what drives this is curiosity.  We are a very curious race.  We ask strange questions to ourselves in the dark of night.  "I wonder what it's like to rob a bank?""I wonder what it's like to kill someone?"  "I wonder what it's like to see someone tortured?"  "I wonder what it is like to be a serial killer?"These are dark questions that our curiosity within can't help but ask.  It's about our minds trying to make sense of it all.  Trying to figure out how such things can happen, why they happen, how they happen, and how we would feel if it happened to us.Thankfully, most of us have the moral compass to reject such notions and to reject taking such curiosity to dangerous and immoral levels.     With Saw, and other horror movies, we allow the filmmakers to present answers to such questions for us.  And we experience them in a moral manner without guilt because we know that in the end, it's all smoke and mirrors.  An illusion.  No one is really getting hurt.  And back in olden times, when public executions were a town, and sometimes family, event to witness, those citizens had detachment of guilt and shame because it was an authoritative action that they had no control over.      Our curiosity leads us to the thrill of being shocked.  That's why the Saw films are so successful.  That's why the horror genre is so impenetrable and has been since films like Nosferatu.  Beyond the ever present gore of the Saw franchise films, the added brilliance of them is not necessarily the end result of the physical and psychological torture, but the tension that is built in those moments before the character's eventual fate.  It's a thrill.  A shocking thrill that gets our adrenaline going.

Horror Films 2013; The Conjuring vs Sinister (What is the best ending scene)?

Have you guy's seen the conjuring and/or Sinister horror films released in 2013/2012?, Which ending Scene did you like more?

I have watched Evil dead, the Last Exorcism Part II, Sinister, Paranormal activities 4 and the Conjuring this year. And from all of the horror movies this year, I find the conjuring and Sinister to be the scariest.

However, though the conjuring started strong at the beginning, it had a very weak happy ending which I didn't like. On the other hand, I found that Sinister had the best ending scene where the kid kills the whole family.

What do you guy's think?