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How Yall Im Broke How To Nake Quick Cash

I am 13, When I had sex, my condom broke, I think I got her pregnant, what should I do?

Grow up quick, Get a job or start a business (ebay or something) to make some money, stand up and accept your responsibility. If you can't figure out how to do all this for yourself, find some responsible man you trust who will be able to advise you well...

Just try. You'll be way ahead of the pack for sure.

Name of song by Zero?

I'm trying to find this song by zero.
the lyric's;

My mama used to tell me bout these
broke roachin ___ n____'s in these streets.
so many people wanna see me fall,
and they wonder why my attitude is ___ em all.

I'm Broke and in debt. How can make money online without investing any money?

Most of us face this issue very often in our life. While on debenture, people are likely to ask for some monetary help from other people but there are certain ways through which you can earn decent money in a quick and legitimate way. Some of them are;To work as a copy editor:If you have a decent command over English language, editing web content will be a cake walk for you. You have to read the existing contents and edit if any flaws are there. To make a good start in this field, you can take the help of Freelance Writers. A lot of people come with their request of editing their existing contents. You just need to make sign up followed by couple of knowledge test on English language, post that you can make money online from home.Selling of Ebooks:Once again, if you have knowledge upon writing, you can earn money online without investment just by selling your eBooks on websites like Amazon. The publishing will cost your zero investment of money and you can earn even thousand dollars just by sitting at home.Develop and sell mobile apps:If you are good at coding then Google and Apple are always ready to decorate their online app store with one of your creation. Again this is another best way to make money online without investment.Hope these will help you get through your problem.Thanks

I need money and want to sell my kidney. How can I legally sell it?

There is contradiction in your question.If you want to stay under the purview of law, you CANNOT sell your organs. If you want to “sell” your kidney, you invite the clutches of illicit operators in such organ donation rackets who do promise huge sums of money but DO NOT ENSURE the following for you:If the surgeon & medical staff involved are actually trained to carry out organ retreivals. You could end up with infections or lose excessive blood as a result of botched-up procedures in such illegal “Organ Trade” practices.If you will actually wake up after surgery. It could always be that both your kidneys are removed and you're left to die. Why would organ traffickers care at all for your life?If you do wake up, will you recover well to continue with your life and spend the money that you earned as you wish to?Would you qualify for any insurance or litigation (lawyer) support if something goes wrong? Chances are you won't because such organ trade is illegal to begin with.In almost all countries, Organ Donation is altruistic in nature without any direct exchange of money for the organ. There should be no middle-man involved. At the most, your proposed organ recipient and their family may handle all your medical and logistical expenses that you incur during the organ donation. Healthcare systems in some countries may also compensate a part of your monthly salary (provided you work) for the duration of your absence from work.DO CONSIDER all the above points before you decide to make that “quick buck”. After all, what's the use of being promised a spectacular sum of money by illegal operators if you don't even survive to spend it the way you want.