Hurtful Weight Comment

Hurtful comments, or over-sensitive..?

There is a chance it could be revealing what he really thinks. I think it's more likely he's not really aware of how hurtful you find some of the things he says. If he doesn't care for your hairstyle, fine; as long as you like it be happy. If he doesn't care for your hairstyle and repeatedly lets you know how ugly it is etc, it's time to have a talk with him. Obviously i mean more than just a hairstyle, but you get my point? There is such a thing as being overly sensitive. If you are freaking out just because he's not going crazy over the same thing you are, calm down.

Whatever the case, you do need to talk to him about it. Let him know when something he says hurts you. Don't allow him to just brush it off; stop and make a big deal out of it if you have to to get his attention. Don't act ridiculous but stop him and make a specific point. Sometimes, people don't realize that they truly are being hurtful and letting them see that is all they need to understand and stop. If it's clear nothing changes, it's time to look for a new man.

How to handle rude comments about weight?

I would definitely complain to Express. (You should have gotten the employees SURE to include what the girl looked like, what time it was, and what day it was.)
When I was much younger, I was about a size 10 and my best friend was a 0. One time, she was in the fitting room and asked me to get her a shirt and when I asked the sales girl she questioned me : "Is this for YOU?". Some sales girls are just idiots. I was in Old Navy the other day trying on jeans and told the girl I needed a size smaller and she said they'd be too small on me. (THEY WEREN'T!) And when I came out of the fitting room and she said "They were too small, right?" I was "No, they actually fit, but you brought me the wrong pants. I won't be buying anything of them...Thanks"

I've been chubby all my life and am finally coming into a healthier weight... no matter how she replies, it still hurts A LOT when someone makes a comment.

For the Lane Bryant comment, something along the lines of "I appreciate the help, but I wasn't asking for it" I think it's perfectly fair to give a bit of a snippy remark back.

If someone says something general...usually something along the lines of "Thank you, I had NO idea. You're so OBSERVANT!" ...make them feel like an idiot for opening their mouths

I wish I had more advice to give you...I know I wish I did when I was younger and people did things like that to me.

Good luck and send my best wishes to your friend

My dad commented on my weight? Made me feel hurt?

Today I was brushing my teeth and then he came in and said, "You gained weight since your mom came back and you started eating outside again," (eating outside meaning going to restaurants) then he said, "You were skinnier when I fed you." (I had to stay with my dad because my grandpa was sick with cancer in Japan and my mom wanted to go and take me because I wanted to go to but my dad said no.) And then there was this, SMIRK on his face like, "You seriously got fat b*tch" I was kind of shocked when I heard this, but I'm usually quiet and dislike fighting, so my only answer was, "I'm trying my best to lose it," and he just scoffed and snickered and commented some more. Then I walked out the door and I was ready to cry. I told my mom about this in the car and she agreed that his behavior is disgusting.

That's not the only way. He also comments LOUDLY in public like, "You got oily hair kid!" and embarrassing things like that.

I felt really hurt. What should I say if he says that again?

How to ignore hurtful comments and not let it effect my self esteem?

I know how you feel. I'm not overweight or even close, but even though I am skinny, my stomach is really flabby and I look 3 months pregnant right now (Well, it is that time of the month). That wouldn't really bother most people, but I'm 14 years old and my mom is hotter than me! She's 35 and has big boobs(i'm flat-chested), a perky butt, and rock-hard flat abs! You would think that would be enough to drive a teenage girl's self-esteem down to nothing as it is, but my mother also likes to point out how bad I look, as well as my sisters who also have perfect abs and will never get fat. Though I support you 100% in your goal to a healthy weight, realize that YOU need SELF esteem, if YOU want too feel better about yourSELF. That's why it's called SELF ESTEEM! It's something that comes from within that no one can take away from you, no matter what they say. Remember, you DESERVE to look and feel good about yourself and get respect from others. Tell your father that his comments are disrespectful to u as a human being, or ignore them and realize that you are beautiful just the way you are and the world would totally suck if you weren't in it. I know it's hard, but you can do it! In the meantime, focus on your weight loss goal, and don't give anyone the satisfaction of hurting you by crying. Next time ur dad or anyone else says something mean, use that anger you feel to fuel your energy and workout, really hard. Also, do u put down other people? If so, stop. People who want respect, give respect, and when you have high self-esteem, you won't feel the need to make others feel bad. Think about what you like about yourself. Also, when it comes to losing weight, you need to exercise as well as diet. Try to get in at least 1 hour of physical activity that consists of stretching before and after your workout, 30 minutes of cardio, and twenty minutes to tone a certain area at a time. Also, I don't know what kind of diet you are on, but the Atkins diet is the only way to lose weight properly, because your body learns to use fat for energy, so u lose actual body fat, not just water weight and keep it off. My mom went on Atkins a week ago and already lost 10 pounds of pure body fat! GOOD LUCK! AND REMEMBER IT'S CALLED SELF-ESTEEM FOR A REASON. LOVE YOURSELF!

Will it hurt my diet/weight!?

It helped me lose 6 pounds in a month! I'm very happy with my Weight loss green store tea purchase and I am definitely buying this again!

Hurtful Comments from Husband forgive or not?

have been married now for a year to someone who is 24 years older than me and we have a baby on the way both our first child!!! Just recently this drug addict guy that just got out of jail came up to him and told him he didn't have to stop talking and being his friend just because he was with some little girl all the time!!! I am not little I am 25 and he is 51 and this is our first child. I got mad at that comment that drug addict guy said and my husband said well that is alot older than me and it would be like raping a baby if i was 1 and he was 25. That kinda made me feel grossed out that he would even mention something like that and act like it was a big deal all of a sudden after a year of marriage and a baby on the way!!! It hurt me and I felt as if he was with me this whole time not knowing what he was doing. He said he doesn't understand how I feel cuz he said he was just setting an example. Well let me tell you people, I've never been raped or even talked about rape ever with anyone and it hurt me that he would think like that. I kinda lost a little love for him that he'd bring anything about rape up and that hurt my love for him!!!!!!! I don't know how to feel or how to forget this but i'm stunned!! WHat would others do in my situation please help me?.

Why are women so sensitive about weight comments?

Women are sized up and "appraised" according to our looks. This is unfair and unethical, and sadly, that's the reality of the world. This gets us wired to think that we have to look good 100% of the time, and if not, we feel less than women for it.

When a man makes a negative comment, it's like saying she's less of a woman, worth less to him, and therefore, loves her less.

It can make one very angry, because the truth is that we are human beings with dignity, which has nothing to do with gaining some weight. We DO NOT appreciate being judged and appraised by looks, because we are PEOPLE, and not OBJECTS.

Also, treating a woman like dirt is NOT like a woman gaining weight. Gimme a break.

True, men are visual, but men also have the capacity to love with their hearts, not just their eyes. BOYS aren't capable of this, but MEN ARE.

Looks fade, your's will too. Your wiener may even wrinkle and shrivel up, and when you're old, it might not get hard anymore. Would you like your woman treating you badly just because that happens?

We all are spiritual beings first, housed in a physical body. LOVE HER SPIRIT, enjoy her body, in that order.

My boyfriend made a negative comment about my weight!

I am extremely hurt and dumfounded that he said this: I didn't want fast food today (sounded gross), and my boyfriend of almost 4 years, who I live with, said in a nasty tone, "you need to gain at least 10 pounds to look healthy". He has NEVER said anything like this before. (i'm 22, he's 24 btw)

I am 5'10'', 125 lbs, and am a bikini model. I have been a model for almost 5 years, and he has always loved my body. I am a 34 C, and it's not like I am rail thin. I have a supermodel type body.

I don't get this! What would be your reaction? I cried and walked away, and this was like 4 hours ago. He's acting like nothing happened, although he has to know I am hurt.

I am very happy with my body, and he has always said I look like a Victoria secret model, and always brags about me. Even if I wanted to gain 10 lbs, I couldn't (metabolism too fast, and it would not disperse evenly, it would go straight to hips, etc. )

I am just so hurt.

Please, no stupid comments like, you need to eat, you're anorexic, find a new boyfriend, etc.

They can unintentionally ignore you.Trust me, it hurts.My name is Lily, and welcome to answer number 1. I guess I've been noodling around on this site for too long, and the urge to answer has finally taken over.Now, I said unintentionally ignore you earlier. How does one do this? Well, it's basically just, in a "friend group," friends, obviously, have conversations, but if you have a friend group (not everyone does, that's okay) you'd know this. But sometimes a friend is excluded, simply because they do not fit into the particular discussion or the friend group very well or they just have reasons not to participate in conversation.Example: Here is one from my life! How exciting! (Not really, I have depression, social anxiety and many other issues.) My friends will often get in discussion, about something I know about. I could obviously join in with my views and statements and have a great time. Whelp. No. Social anxiety, fears of rejection, and a history of being abandoned and bullied prevents me from joining (a lot of the time, I can do it sometimes). My friends understand, and I have spoken to them many times about said things. But as children, we can only understand so much, and support each other to a certain level. And although we help each other through suicidal impulses, anime choice, and all things in between, we can only do so much. And well, I do get left out a lot. Not because of my friends, I just don't have the communication skills required to deal with many situations because for 5 years I was ostracized by my peers and my parents were divorcing, so I was just left undeveloped in that area. The worst feeling is, I know they want to help, and I know it's selfish to want to be included all the time, but when a majority of my life is spent alone, I just want some companionship sometime. But I could someone who cares about me in a deeper level than they can, and he helps me through when my friend group is fighting because he isn't part of it. Being ignored isn't fun, and it happens to everyone. But if it is a reoccurring thing, and your friends don't seem to notice, please bring it up. Don't be like me, who let's her fears get to her and destroy her.(I'm very sorry if my answer seems all over the place, I'm new to this. And if my grammar seems off, please don't be too harsh, I'm only a high school student after all.)

eh, asian custom.your body tells the whole story of what you’ve been through before your mouth can, so when asians comment on your body, they’re interested in your story.but it can be incredibly annoying & sometimes hurtful too when people who are just vain & have no warmth comment on your body.2. it’s a good reality check. nowadays, as the western diet gets popular, or you eat in America, you DEFINITELY need a REALITY CHECK. It’s like people who comment on stuff in your teeth, embarrassing at first, but extremely helpful in the long run. People who comment on your weight, can actually HELP YOU LIVE LONGER if you do something about it. If NOBODY comments, then you can stay in your denial everything-is-fine world, and not get active like you NEED to.