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I Absolutely Hate My Personality

I hate my personality?

I've dealt with people telling me my flaws & actually listing them for me for many years, and I've came to the conclusion that, those flaws make me who I am, they say I'm stubborn? Well, that's what made me stick to what I say & defend my thoughts & opinions my way.
And it goes on & on with every little detail of your personality (which yes, I hate to call a flaw)
So, about the being a pushover & the part where you trust people too quickly or too easily.
I'm not gonna tell you to look out for people, cause without the spontaneous trust that we have for other strangers, we wouldn't have any faith in life. Which you should be grateful for, because some people have trust issues, and those who cannot trust people AT ALL suffer more than you. And I know you suffer a lot, but imagine what you go through, they go through it 10 times worse. Because they have no one whatsoever because they cannot trust anyone at all. So, just choose who you deal with, don't let people push you around. But don't push that too far, though.
Remember that you are your self's boss & no one else is. You say you're a positive person, right? Keep some positive thoughts in your head about yourself & believe me, you'll be on the right track.
And always remember, that you were created for a reason, you were born this way <3
Lots of love<3

I absolutely hate my personality?

i am already aware that i have anxiety issues (which have improved- i have reduced my anxiety on a number of things) but theres one thing which all my anxiety, time, and life is focused around: perfecting my personality. i hate my personality, not as much as i used to, but i do. to the point of self harm and thought of suicide. i create a list of "criteria" i MUST meet each day when with friends, i have to be outgoing but not annoying, funny but not desperate, and many many more qualities. if i dont reach these standards each and every day, im filled with self hate. its taken over my life. i study my list of criteria every night and think about ways i could use them in my next day, i reenact situations using all my criteria, and if i say ONE THING WRONG it ruins my whole day. everything i say has to be funny, and smart, and cute, and wonderful, but i cant be annoying, or pushy, or look like im trying too hard. i need to know whats really going on with me so i can find out more about this- its taken over my life. i need to learn to love myself as i am and understans that i will find people that love me. thats one of my main concerns- always beliving ill never find love. if you have any idea what may be wrong, please tell me.

Why do girls hate my personality?

Please serious answers only.

Im 14 and ive moved to a new school, so i started highschool not knowing anyone. I just finished 9th grade and now im looking back at it. this group of girls hate my personality. actually, i dont even know if its just that group, maybe just girls in general. (in middle school i was absolutely DESPISED by everyone because of bad choices)

Anyway, if i had to describe myself, im vulgar, i joke a lot, but i can also be very serious, i get angered easily, my petite frame and long golden hair make people think im the most innocent girl out there when, in fact, i am the exact opposite. i act like i could rule the world, but i do get self conscious at times. i am very very nice in front of people i dont know, and in front of people i do know, i open up to my "vulgar" personality i guess...sometimes i act like the world revolves around me. i do make fun of people, but i try not to go over board...this girl HATES me for 'stealing' a guy she likes when he liked me and i didnt even know him. (sorry if it sounds like im rambling on and acting like im full of myself...xD)

for example, this one girl started to COMPLETELY ignore me for cussing, and when she walked away i said "fu** you" and i regretted it a day later...i can make a guy a foot taller than me cower in a corner. i make inappropriate jokes. one time i was sitting at my lunch table and this girl asked laci, the girl i thought was my friend but backstabbed me later on, if she was going. and i asked, "going to where?" and laci just ignored me and i kept asking so the girl finally said she was having a party. i was insulted i at least didnt know about the party so i said, "what are we celebrating? you losing your virginity?" the whole tabled laughed but yeah. i have quick snappy comebacks.. basically i can be the most shy nicest girl in the world or one of those mean funny bitc*es..

please excuse me if any of that sounded like i was boasting, i was just describing myself in my own words. anyway these girls just hate me, they act like they want me to change, and ugh. i dont even know. theyre so girly and preppy like if you say one bad word your life is over...

i think a total of 15 people said to me this year "wow i expected you to be all innocent"

but...yeah. opinions would be appreciated thank you for reading :)

I love my boyfriend but i hate his personality?

My boyfriend and i have been togethor for a year and a half and at first everything was perfect. As our relationship started getting longer and longer he started to change alot. He started to REALLY show his true personality.He started to make racial slurs towards anyone who isnt white and im was not raised that way at all. I was raised to accept anyone and everyone. So automatically we fight all the time over that. He also doesnt accept And he anever accepts my firend because they did drugs in there past and they made bad did i and he knows that but they have all grown up just like i have. I dont judge people by there past and there image. He does.On top of that he is the most insecure person ive ever met in my life. I reassure him alll the time that he is good looking and i love him and i wouldnt dare cheat on hi , but he persists to ask me if imcheating on him, if im leaving so i can go meet a guy, if im txting guys, if im calling guys...i dont understand. BUT he is the best boyfriend. Hes always telling me he loves me, hes always telling me i, beautiful. He would do anything and i mean ANYTHING for me and i feel bad that i dont feel the same way. I love that about him and im afraid to end things because i feel that i will never find a guy that treat me as well as he does, but than all that is cancelled out by our differences, so so so many differences.
PLUS i dont even enoy sex with him anymore, anytime he mentions sex i get ill automatically. I dont know what to do anymore, and now even recently ive been lusting over other guys and i cant help myself, i misss sex just not with my boyfirend...someone please please help me...Oh and ive tried to end things b4 and he cries and calls and finds me and begs me to come back. please help!

I hate my personality and I wish I could change it?

Im a 16 year old girl. I have started to hate my personality a lot, so much that I say to my self that I hate myself every single day, and now its just a constant and automatic thought that pops up. Im the kinda person who doesnt care about other peoples looks, only the personality matters to me. Once I hated how I looked on the outside, but now Ive realised that personality is much more important to me, also for myself.

So the reason I hate myself is that Im an introvert and I have social anxiety. Im shy, awkward, quiet almost all the time, clumsy, not very smart compared to others, I give up very easily, I get sad very easily, I might seem boring or wierd to many people. Im not so open, Im anxious about almost anything except being in my room on my computer. I just hate everything about myself, on the inside and outside, but mostly on the inside. I just wanna change, Ive tried, but its impossible, Ive only gotten worse. Im sure many people think bad things about me to, almost everyday I get some bad comment or someone laugh at me, fx today at school I was walking through the hall, and there were 5 girls standing there just looking bitchy at me and laughed when I passed them. Im sure everyone is disgusted by me.

Sometimes I just think that I deserve to die. I cant live with myself, no one can. I think that even my closest friends are slowly getting disgusted by me.

What should I do to change? Is it good to talk to someone about this? They'll probably think Im crazy!

How do I completely rewrite my personality? I am 48 and basically hate who I have become.

First of all learn to forgive yourself and others have lived 48years of your life .you have experience of right wrong in lifeSo now after experimenting 48years of life you want to start a fresh life okay so here you goStart reading good books . good books which really help to learn something new in life motivate you to do something new .Learn to cook different foodsLearn to do yoga, meditationStart believing in spiritual power by understanding universal powerLearn to show gratitude or if you cannot show try to write in a dairyAnd last thing as age doesn't define at what age we should stop learning same thing also applied in changing ourselves.We can change ourselves at any stage of life if we wantAnd please remove hate word from your dictionary . you will see the magic if you stop using negative wordsStay blessed

I love my girlfriend but i hate her personality?

maybe just talk to her. ask her which one is the "real" her. tell her how you feel. if you find out the "real" her is the one you don't like, don't try to change her, it just means she isn't right for you. there is a saying. if you find something wrong with the person you are with then they aren't right for you, if you see a flaw but see nothing wrong with it, then they are yours. i hope this helps.

I hate my body and my personality. I've tried many times before but I'm too weak to change myself. What can I do?

I experienced a similar situation of disharmony within myself in the past. I disliked many things in myself. Then in one Buddhist meeting I learned about the concept of Greater Self, which is a potential of what I can truly be, a possibility hidden within this “Small Self” of contradictions - from which I suffered a lot.The Small Self - we all have - is what we experience in our psychological development - based on what we are told by the environment - leading to questioning our acceptance of our body and mind. The personality we think we have as ours, was in fact dictated by external values. I felt under pressure all the time. I did not like my way of interaction with others and this led to sufferings.But what you described as feeling discomfort with your current view about yourself - this is a very good thing because it says that you want to be different and better. The reality is that deep inside you believe that you deserve to be what you really want and enjoy maturity.The “small perception of self” - based on ego and limitations - is not a final prison we have to live with. I could break through through a dedicated process of self-improvement and directing my energies to benefit my life. You should have a desire to benefit your life (together with others) - and you can prevent self-sabotage, quickly advancing and enjoying self-development, if you set this as a goal to achieve no matter what.To have a valuable goal to achieve is important. Everything starts with a determination to win over the forces that do not want you to grow. Learning from others experiences is a great treasure, you can quickly access the mind of maturity within you and create value in daily life:Creating My Life | Soka Gakkai International (SGI)