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I Always Get Nervous For Work

Why am I always nervous going to work?

Performance anxiety. Gearing yourself up for it.

The formal name for this type of energy is eustress. or it can just be known as getting the jitters.

All the best performers in the world get this, it is a good sign it shows you are conscience about what you do, the problem is when it becomes distress and it takes over and you under perform or become obsessive compulsive to the point you are no longer functioning at anything. A little stress is a good thing it helps focus your day and get you ready for it, problem is when it goes to far, you start noticing changes to your weight or you are too lethargic or feel like a failure and there is depression underlying it or it turns into chronic worry or you start fearing you are dying or you just feel out of control, all stress is is adrenaline secretions into your body the best thing to do when you feel like that is turn it into motivation that is actually what the extra energy is for, sometimes though if you don't know how to ride your own energy wave you end up with anxiety and this makes you tap your foot, worry nobody likes you worry you making a mistake, or being paranoid by becoming far too self concious.

I always get nervous.?

when ever i public speak like infront of my classes or something, i always change my voice to a southpark character, and make people laugh. it makes me feel better about myself knowing they don't hate me. and sometimes i try to make a lot of jokes too depending on the topic. it helps alot :>

Why do I always get nervous before work?

Being nervous is human nature on many issues. We all have a sense of nervousness and anxiety before extremely important events of our lives. This is natural, though unpleasent. In the following article, I hope to really help you learn how to stop being nervous and to calm down.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need
A calm quiet area
The first thing you must do is go to an area that is quiet, where you can do some thinking.

Analyze what you are nervous about. Think about what you can do about a certain situation to not be so nervous about it any more. What can you do? Most likely, the answer is nothing. There is not one single thing that will change the situation that is making your nervous. This realization should help bring you calmness. Especially in situations where you are worried about somebody or some event outside of your control.

If you are nervous about a task that must be completed, think about how much you have prepared for this task. Think of all that you have done and learned to be where you are. Think of the training, studying and/or work involved to be where you are at. Reflect back on these things. Understand that it was your effort that will help you in the task ahead, not your worrying.

Get comfortable, relax, have a soothing food to eat, take a bath, and do not think of the event ahead, rather spend the time to calmly reflect on how hard you have worked.

Remember not to worry about tomorrow, because each day has enough problems of its own.

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Help I am always nervous!?

As my butter factory co. worker said if the butter color is not between the golden scale of 8.5 and 10 it ain't worth it. yeah that was some good butter, remember the old days when you got butter bread for only 50 cents that was the good old days. Yep but really it is how the butter feels on your tongue that matters it should be smooth and melty. I was so nervous that day at the butter factory i could not even begin to say how good this butter was but eventually i did it, and the more i did it the more secure i felt. People started to cheer for me and sing songs. It was one of the best days i had at the butter factory. You should never be nervous about butter because the butter will go bad after a while.

Eventually i got fired from the butter factory, people said that the things i said did not make sense.
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I always feel anxious/nervous to go to work?

I don't think its unreasonable to get nervous in those situations. I do to certain extent. Maybe you try to step outside of your comfort zone and try to meet new people at the mall or someplace. Take a friend with you. Challenge yourself by putting yourself in a position where you have to talk to a group of strangers and be social, like a part in a play or some other event. I think you just have stage fright which, with a some effort, you feel a lot less anxious about speak in front of a group of strangers. However, if you feel that it is a more extreme case, then it could be social anxiety.

How can i stop being so nervous at work?

Often what happens when we get uptight is that we become more aware of what might happen and all the negatives that may occur. We start living with a constant sense of dread. As a consequence we start to be less concerned with interacting with life around us as we worry morev and more about the future. And this is what anxiety is all about. It results from a shift in awareness. Counsellors can help but they have to be tuned in to exactly what is happening otherwise they make the problem worse by causing us to think that we are just a hopeless case. And books on anxiety are no use because when you're uptight and worried you don't have the presence of mind to sit down and read. I suffered with anxiety for years and nothing really helped. But I came across an approach called Effective Awareness. Its on the net at It made a hell of a difference. It made sense and I found the technique of shifting my attention back to the experiences around me. This brought me back to here and now and made me realise that that was what I had control over, not the future whether it be in an hour's or months' time. If you're lucky you may find a therapist that practices Effective Awareness. Its a remarkable method that really works very quickly. It will help you to move your focus which will make a difference to the way you feel and function. It will also make you feel empowered.


You have to get to the root problem and try to understand why you get so nervous. It is possible that you just need to build up your self confidence. In this instance, there is really no reason to be nervous because there must be a reason that he came up and talked to you, like for example he likes you and is interested in getting to know you. It is hard to take that first leap and trying to not be nervous, but once you get over that initial hump then the rest will come naturally unless you have some sort of social disorder, then you might need counseling unfortunately.