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I Always Need To Fart 2 Hours After I Wake Up

I naturally wake up after sleeping 5 hours. Should I go back to sleep?

Sleep naturally comes in cycles of roughly 90 minutes, and it’s said that we need between 3 and 5 cycles. Each cycle follows a pattern which ends with REM sleep (the kind where you dream, and essential for a good night’s sleep). I find my first cycle is usually more like 2 hours, perhaps partly because of the time it takes to get to sleep in the first place. If you follow the usual pattern, then you are waking up after 3 cycles, which MAY be enough for you. However, it is perfectly normal to wake after a number of cycles and then go back to sleep for one or two more. I typically wake briefly after 6.5 hours (4 cycles), then go back to sleep and wake again, feeling refreshed, after another 90 minutes (8 hours or 5 cycles in all). It depends whether you feel fully awake and alert after your 3 cycles.

Why is it when women pee they always fart?

I know that this is true for a lot of women b/c I work for a big company and everytime I go into the bathroom at work someone always walks in the stahl, farts...(or passes gas for all of you who think that it's gross) and then starts to pee. I know this because you can hear them. It's kind of hard to miss.

Why do people fart more when they wake up in the morning?

It is a post digestion situation; prime activity is mostly in descending colon, and then it normally triggers in horizontal colon and ascending colon and further. Gasses are indication that you are preparing for going to toilet; that is a general requirement in mornings. I believe it is a good sign that gasses are released in this way. If these are blocked, that means bowel movement would become difficult. So, the body prepares itself in a natural way (but slightly indecent way) for throwing off the waste products and easing itself up.

Why do I do a massive fart when I wake up in the morning?

When your body is in an extended period of relaxation, as it is when you are sleeping, more gasses are produced. Also, bacteria on teeth and in the digestive system can pass easier while you are asleep. If your body gets "plugged up" whilst you are sleeping, you automatically release all the gas at once when you wake up.

Is it normal to fart when you’re asleep?

Of course!!Farting happens when there is gas in your system that needs to come out right?Sometimes there are times where you feel a fart coming on and you come down to a dilemma where you should continue to let the fart out with a loud noise or try and make it stop or at least attempt to surpress it.But… it’s a bit harder to do that when your alseep as your muscles in your bum and I guess the majority of your body is in a relaxant state.So pretty much your body is just doing its thing while your awake or not.:)Happy Sleep Farting!

How can I stop farting in my sleep?

I have been farting in my sleep lately.. A lot of times when I'm over at my mom's and I sleep with my sisters, they tell me I fart in my sleep. Sometimes I even wake up right after a blow.... It's embarrassing. And my friends want me to go to sleepovers or sleep over at my house... Is there a way to stop?

Do you think that eating 2 hours before sleeping is a cause of this? Why do I fart in my sleep?


Why do I lose my morning erection after farting when I wake up?

This is one of the questions which has had scientists and philosophers baffled for centuries.I would assume that the log in your arse is disrupting the log in your groin.Your morning erection, or ‘Morning wood' as some people like to call it, usually only last about 60 seconds to a minute tops. So its probably just coincidence that its dropping after a fart.Although it may be that concentrating on pushing out the unwanted wind and waiting for a potential smell to hit your nose is meaning your mental focus is being taken away from your penis and onto your backside. Thus, your boner is lost.Many great minds have pondered which is true for as long as time can remeremember. In fact, if we look at the famous painting of philosophers, The School of Athens by Raphael, we can clearly see that the paintings central figures, Plato and Aristotle seem to be discussing the very same question “why do I lose my erection after farting when I wake up”Plato: “when I wake up, my penis points up, like this!”Aristotle: “but then you fart, and it drops, like this!”True storyImage from Google Images

Who loves farting in the morning after waking up?

i love when iam laying in bed all relaxed in the morning and i wake up and feel the need to fart and you let out a few loud ones and it feels so good to get your morning farts out when your laying in bed lazying and trying to wake up it just come out and feels so good that you want to fart it all out. i do that from time to time i did yesterday morning i was writing in my journal and i felt a fart i let it out and i felt awesome and little turned on by my fart. it made sound and felt great just to let everyone know i farted just now typing this felt good by the way iam a girl who just lets her farts out.