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I Am 16 Years Old And I Wanna Begin With Animation Pls G Give Me An Insight

Can a 29-year-old start preparation for the UPSC?

i am the best person to answer this question. let me elaborate the common situation of early upsc aspirantsmind screamersi have only one chance and my age was going to bar soonsome people crack the exam on first attempt, although it requires luck. Then why not you? I appeared for upsc 2013 when i had only one attempt (at that time upsc age limit was 30 years for general). Remember kismat ke naam ko to sab jaanate hai,lekin kismat me kyaa likhaa hai, bus allaah jaanataa hai - Akhtar ShiraniThe fact is no body knows what food he is going to have tonight, then how can you tell if you are going to crack ias or not that too after one year preparation?there are many talented people already tryingluck do not side the unprepared and timid. The trick is to be prepared and act whenever presented an opportunity. For that you have to raise yourself above others so that luck will take notice of you!!!Khudii ko kar buland itanaa, ki har taqdiir se pahale Khudaa bande se Khud puuchhe bataa terii razaa - Mohammed Iqbalwhat if i fail?have you seen anybody who regretted that he did not earn for one year of life? How many people have you witnessed who regretted that they did not choose courageously when presented with now or never opportunity? always see things from long term perspective. Forgets the things that matter shit!!!bujh dili hogi chirago ko dikhana aankhe,abra (clouds) chat jaye to sooraj se milana aankhe!!!i have a low educational backgroundwhat? You are only a B.A. Then its even more easy, because you donot have much to loose. Most chances are that you are going to get some average job as a clerk or something. So upsc is the best thing. Why? Because badh ke tuphan ko agosh me le le apni,dubane wale tere hath se saahil to gaya!!!where do i start and how?the most difficult step is the first and every journey begins with a single step. thus the best plan is that which is put into action. So what are you waiting for? get your tashreef (ass) to work!!!!last but not the least do know thattuzhe buklandi ko chuna hai,der na kar, agaaz kar,par failake sab udate hai,tu hausalo se parwaaz kar!!!!!

I am 21-years-old, and I am very confused about what to do with my life. What should I do?

Simple,Take a Notebook and Write down from Age 5 to the Age now , what were the things that you did that made you extremely happy ( only happiness ) in each page for each age and the level of happiness that it gave.Example: ( The below is to give an idea. Please go in details filling each page)Age 5: Playing with cars and toys , watching tom and jerryAge 6: Playing with cars and toys, watching popeye , Playing with waterAge 7: Playing cricket, watching cartoons, Doing MathsAge 8: Studying Maths, Travelling, Listening to fantasy stories from daddy,Age 9: Playing football, Travelling, watching Captain PlanetAge 10: Roller skating , Doing Abacus , watching Swat catsAge 11: Dancing, Roller skating and Sketching cartoonsAge 12: Dancing and Playing shuttle badminton, Reading BooksAge 13: harry Potter Books , Playing video games in computer , Portrait paintingsAge 14: Winning competitions in Roller skating and Playing Video Games (Fantasy)Age 15: Playing football with friends in the evening , Watching WWE, SketchingAge 16: Watching WWE, Seeing Disney Animation Movies ( Finding Nemo, I luvd it)Age 17: Hanging out with friends, Crush and Listening to MusicAge 18: Reading History books and Techie Stuffs , Watching Pokemon and AnimeAge 19: Learning android programming , and design softwares like PhotoshopAge 20: Watching Dragon ball Z and Anime, Design softwares and GamesAge 21: Playing Games , Programming and Designing, Playing Pokemon GoFrom the above you can easily find out the major chunk that has come along your life in keeping you happy to extremes. Passion is not about a job or a designations. Passion is the field/thing that has always kept you happy and is gonna keep you happy no matter whatever struggles will come in the way.All these years it was something about cartoons and animations that has made me happy in one way or the other. Thats what my passion lies with. I need to do something in that field and that is what i am gonna choose.( THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO IDENTIFY YOUR PASSION )Your heart may desire anything as passion at different stages of your life. The above method will give you a logical way to find where your heart really lies on.You need to choose something that has kept and that will keep you enthusiastic for decades to come.