I Am `18 And Have Trouble Wiping My Butt 100 Percent Clean It Seems To Get Stuck To My Bottom.

How does one clean oneself with water after using the toilet?

As an Indian, I admit I am rather uncomfortable using toilet paper to clean up after a dump, even though I use a western-style toilet.Surprised? Don't be. It's all about habit. Wetting my backside every day is what I have been taught to do. In most toilets in India, you'll have a cup of water. If you're in a posh place, you might have a hose which resembles a tiny hand-shower. It is easier (in my experience) to do it with the latter.Using the shower: Hold in hand, place between legs and lower a bit into the bowl between your legs (I go in from the front - I've heard people doing it from behind as well) , take aim, and go for it. The sensation is quite pleasing actually, if the temperature and speed of the water is optimal. Using a cup: is much easier in Indian-style toilets, Same modus operandi as above. Take aim and splash. This tends to leave a larger mess around if not done properly, and takes some getting used to. The problem is that the stream of water is not easily controllable and not fast enough. To ensure that your anus is properly cleaned, (GROSS ALERT) you need to use your hand. Usually one finger suffices, acting as a brush of sorts. Scrub hands really well after use.

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans did not brush their teeth. What happens if I stop altogether?

I’m obsessed with my teeth. I got braces when I was 7, along with all kinds of apparatuses and headgear, and I saw the orthodontist every month for eight years. As a grown ass adult, I still wear retainers. Because of all the pain and effort and money that went into my teeth, I take care of them compulsively.Several dentists have told me that if everyone had teeth like mine, then they’d be out of business. That’s right. My teeth are so awesome I put dentists out of business. I only get them cleaned once a year, and even still the hygienists are always all “wow, there’s nothing for me to do here…” Dentists literally exclaim at how “beautiful” my teeth are.I don’t mind bragging about my teeth. My parents paid a lot of money to make them awesome, and I have put in an ungodly amount of effort into keeping them awesome.My whole point here is that I know about teeth and how much keeping them clean can pay off. So, when I first met my now-husband, I was horrified at the state of his mouth.I wish I had a picture. His gums weren’t pink — they were kind of purple and grey, and they bled. Seeing as I put my mouth near those gums, I had to confront him about it. I discovered that he hadn’t brushed or flossed or gone to the dentist in five years.I was horrified. By this time I was deeply in love, but I must admit that this made me second guess things, haha.So I packed him off to a dentist. First he had to have a really expensive root canal done by a specialist (apparently his teeth have three roots instead of just two, so he can’t get anything done by a regular dentist). And then they told us that he had periodontitis, which means that he had big pockets in his gums that were filled with calcified “bacteria fortresses” (those are the the dentists actual words).The good news was they thought he was young enough that he could be saved. He had to undergo several “deep cleaning” sessions. These were painful, since the doc had to get right up under the gums to attack the bacteria fortresses. They gave him valium and the gas just to get through the cleanings.Turned out that it was all worth it! Three years later, his gums are pink and healthy, and he doesn’t have any more pockets. Thanks to me, he got fixed up just in time to make a full recovery. If his anti-toothbrush lifestyle had gone on much longer, he would have ended up with irreversible gum damage and possibly even bone loss.So, brush your teeth. Don’t be like my (wonderful) husband.

How often should I bathe my English Bulldogs?

We only bath our bulldog 2-3 times a year. She does't stink. Are you sure that the dogs don't have some other medical problem that you are not aware of? Maybe it could be an ear infection(mites) or some dental issues. One problem our bulldog has is being unable to express it's anal glands on it's own. Maybe your dog needs to have the glands expressed by a vet. There might be a problem with both of them. Have a vet tech check this out. We have to do this every couple of months or so. Another thing is that our girl gets poop stuck under her tail from time to time. We clean her with baby wipes almost every day. Hope this helps.