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I Am A Defensive Tackle In Highschool Im 5 11 And 212 And How Can I Become Quicker And Stronger

What happened to linebacker grudegood of usc?

Think he is in hotel trade.

If puberty could talk, what would it say?

Me in 6th grade5′1, 90 pounds, as athletic as a drunk snail, no appetiteMe: *busy grinding away at PokémonPuberty: Surprise motherfuckerMe: Who are you???Puberty: MaturityMe: ExplainPuberty: I’m here to turn you into a manMe: Cool! What's in store for me?Puberty: *BAM* Have fun eating everything in sight.Me: I don't feel all too hungry4 hours laterMe: Uhhh, I just ate 9 slices of Papa Johns…And a large plate of chips…And a brownie…Puberty: It's called a growth spurt. You're going to be 6′2 by the time you're 18Me: Heck yes! What about football?Puberty: Football, no. You stop in 8th grade, you can't take the hits. You're super skinny until your metabolism goes down, then your eating habits will bite you in the assMe: CrapPuberty: However, you do become pretty speedy and agile, but your ankles are prone to rolling over themselves, so your track days will be over after 10th gradeMe: …………..Puberty: Well there’s the good part out of the way. Everything else goes downhillMe: WhY do I sOUnd sO weIrDPuberty: Heheh. You're gonna be like that until 10th grade; then your voice is just deep enough to not be cute, but not deep enough to be attractiveMe:God dAMit. Why dOEs my WeenIe fEeL WeiRD.Puberty: That's called a boner. You'll get those whenever I feel you should. Or whenever a girl lightly brushes any part of your body.Me: FUCKPuberty: Oh right, I forgot: you're going to swear like a sailor. And you're going to do it at awkward times. Blame your Impressionism and your immature friends.Me: Oh great. Anything elsePuberty: Oh yeah. Hormones. Lots of them. You're going to be a socially inept and emotional mess until 10th grade. Especially with females. And you're going to have awkward thoughts about them, but think they're gross at the same time until around Junior Year.Me: You're a fucking dick, Puberty.Puberty: Well fuck you too, here some acneMe: Fuck, I'm sorry, have mercy ;_;Puberty: However, I'll be kind. Once you're 18, the awkwardness will dissipate somewhat, and you'll stop with the hormonal shit.Me: Ok, thanks.Puberty: But you do have autism. High functioning ASD. That's unrelated to me. Don't shoot the messengerMe: gOD dAmmIt