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I Am A Newbie Needing Help With A Java Program Using If/else

JAVA program help needed?

/*This program reads in a string from the keyboard, chops the string into tokens,
* checks each character in the token to see if they are ALL digits( no 7B or 5! ).
* /

public static void main(String[] args)
boolean itIsAnInt= true;

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

System.out.println("Enter int values separated by spaces: ");//make it user friendly
String str = keyboard.nextLine( );

Scanner sc = new Scanner(str); //So we can break the string into tokens (parts)

while( sc.hasNext( ) )

String temp =; //read in a token
for(int i = 0; i < temp.length( ); i++)
if( !Character.isDigit(temp.charAt(i) ) //If a token contains a caharcter that is not a digit
{ System.out.println( "Error: Not an int value!");
itIsAnInt= false;

}//end of for-loop

if( itIsAnInt ) //The token had all digits so it is an int
System.out.println("The Int is:" + Integer.valueOf(temp);


}//End of while-loop

} //End of main method

Java program help, I have most of it.?

That's a newbie boo boo.

You need
because toString() is a method, not a variable.

That's it! Adding () will fix it!

btvec is a vector. It's a collection, not a single value. Did you want to print all the elements of the vector? If so
for( int k=0;kwill do it.

Help with beginner java program?

You've got a number of issues -- some are showstoppers, while others merely have the potential to skew your output.

-Variable "bankfees" is never assigned a value.
-Variable "accountbalance" is defined as a double, but you're forcing your user input into it as an int. That will work...but not as you probably intended, bank accounts being what they are.
-Drop the open/close brackets after your first if statement and final else statement, respectively.
-Add an "else" before your second if statement -- as it stands, your program will run both conditionals as long as numberofchecks is less than 40, which will guarantee that you never see the 0.10 result.
-Your "numberofchecks * X" statements need to be assigned to a variable -- at the moment, you're not doing anything with the result. Variable "bankfees" is probably what you had intended to use for this.
-Drop the semicolon following your first "if" conditional.
-"accountbalance =+ extrafee;" <-- this would be "+=" for syntactical correctness...but you also probably don't intend to directly add that value to the account balance, seeing as it's the *fees* that you're computing for this exercise.

Last item: your final print statement.
-At the moment, it's printing out "Bankfees" followed immediately (no spaces) by three numbers. Throw a set of parentheses around the things you intend to sum together in that statement in order to actually have them added into a single number.
-It's also throwing those numbers (zero [unassigned, remember], 15, and 10) together regardless of user input. The monthly charge and whichever checking fees apply will always be present, but recall that "extrafee" should not *always* be added -- just whenever the pre-checking-fees balance is under 400.

EDIT: James Bond did a good job of catching most of the above in his revision...though at the current time of writing (12:48 AM EDT) it has two minor flaws that can cause an incorrect result, and one that will cause a compile error.

Newbie, need help with java code. ?

Yes, you CAN have more than one method called "main", as long as they have different signatures. Only the one that is public, static, and takes a single String array parameter will be the main entry point for execution.

Now, the first of many problems I see with your code (besides breaking naming conventions), is that you have not declared the variables Weight and Ounces. From your code, I can guess that Weight is supposed to be a String variable, and Ounces is supposed to be an int. Simply declare them as static variables within the class but outside of the methods. But as you will see in my rework of your code, you don't need to keep them at all.

Secondly, your second "main" method has void as the return type, yet is trying to use the return statement to return the value of shipping.

Third, you are using Java I/O classes with methods that throw IOExceptions when something goes wrong. You have to either catch them, or declare them. I don't know what you want to do, so I just declare "throws Exception" and let your thread exit the main method and die. Also note that Integer.parseInt(String s) will throw a NumberFormatException if you give it a String that cannot be parsed into an integer.

Here, I've fixed your code and adjusted names to meet naming conventions.

public class Shipping

public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
BufferedReader dataIn= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
//prints, prompts and get input
System.out.println("SHIPPING COST CALCULATOR");
System.out.println("Enter your package(s)' weight");
String weight = dataIn.readLine();
int ounces = Integer.parseInt(weight);
//here, I assume you want to immediate calculate the shipping
double shipping = getShipping(ounces);
System.out.println("The shipping charge is: " + shipping);

public static double getShipping(int ounces);
double shipping = 0;
double basicCharge = 12.95;

if (ounces > 16)
shipping = basicCharge + ((ounces - 16) * .30);
shipping = basicCharge;
return shipping;

Java newbie, help with some code please?

Hi guys. I'm totally new to java, only started a couple days ago so forgive my ignorance. I'm using a book to teach myself and doing all the exercises in it. I'm having a minor problem with one of them that's annoying me.
The program reads a list of 15 numbers and computes the frequency of even numbers. It seems to work fine except that when I try to get it to print "Frequency of even numbers =" + the answer, it prints it several times. I just want it to print one line. I'm sure its just a stupid mistake on my part but its bugging me. here's the code.

import java.util.Scanner;
class Ch3Ex2Q1c{
final static int N = 15;
//N is the number of elements in list
public static void main(String [] args){
int freq, x;
Scanner in = new Scanner(;
System.out.print("Enter 15 numbers: ");
//user input
for(int j = 0; j < N; j = j + 1){
x = in.nextInt();
freq = 0;
//initial state
if (x%2==0)
//only even numbers
freq = freq + 1;
; //skip
System.out.println("Frequency of even numbers = " + freq);

Like I said, I'm totally new to this so I'm having trouble pin pointing the problem. Any help appreciated.

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I am trying to write a Java program to turn some words into mores code and play it with audio. Need help.?

From what I can tell, you are trying to pass a Scanner into the play method, when the play method accepts an int array int[].

So the only solution I have for you is to do similar to what you are doing in the playSine method and create an int array from the file you have in the Scanner.

Without seeing any of your other code, like where you declare the Audio that you are using in the playSine method, and what you are writing when you get the error, I cannot help you any further.

In Python, you don’t need a semicolon when assigning a variable.It’s not Java, and that’s the main source of your error.For you to assign a variable in Python, the correct syntax is variable=value (without semicolon).So your code should look as follows (if I type it, Quora doesn’t maintain indentation, that’s why I’m using a screenshot):Indentation is very important, so pay attention to it.