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I Am A Single Woman Who Always Worried About Electrical Short Circuit At The Middle Of The Night

Caught girlfriend cheating...Help?...?

I know you think she loves you but a girl can easily fake feelings, she's an actress...she wants you but she wants others aswell...her cheating makes her feel 'bada$$' .... you should break up with her... she's not going to stop and you are going to be heart broken... it may be hard to do but it will save you a bigger heart break! trust me :'( I should have broke it off with my partner a long time ago...

Does sleeping with a TV on affect your REM sleep?

YES electrical appliances affects your electrical balance in your body and the amount of affection depends on the device and its proximity to you while you sleep. Everyone knows that your heart is governed by an electrical stimulus...the pacemaker. Well tvs give off static electricity, the cable box sends electrical signals to the tv and back and forth. Your computer in the off position still has electricity flowing through it. These things affect you its called electromagnetic chaos.

Just to show how simple the effection can be...if you know anyone or if you have metal fillings in your mouth, take an aluminum gum wrapper or a piece of aluminum foil and stick it in your mouth and bite down on it a will feel a MEGA JOLT. Thats your bodys electrical current flowing.

The reason why people can sleep with the TV on is because it takes there mind of the silence of thinking. When its quiet your mind is finally free of commotion and is able to relax and ponder. This frightens people because often times they feel they cant unwind. When you sleep or when your in bed, tell yourself you arent thinking of anything else tonight, but sleep...Keep repeating in your head good things and YOU WILL BE KNOCKED OUT.

Your mind constantly and continuously transfers signals. You can be in REM but when something on the tv says something that signals a happy/sad/confused memory, your body will revert to those signals all over again. Kinda like if you are sleep, and a scary movie is on TV, you only hear it but you will be scared in your sleep and will quite possibly have a night mare or some other questionable and uneasy dream.

To ensure complete recooperative sleep, you should have very little or no electronics in your room, nothing plugged into the wall. Battery operated are better, yet still give off chaos. Your body needs to not be bombarded with so many signals. If you have a window open in the winter, you will wake up in the middle of the night being were warm when you went to bed, and you werent awake before you woke up....same idea, different stress factor.