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I Am About To Default On My At

Can I file default in divorce?

If you're the petitioner, and he has already filed a paper in court, then you have to file a motion for court default.

Florida Family Rule 12.500 says you have to follow Rule 1.500 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure which says:



(b) By the Court. When a party against whom affirmative relief is sought has failed to plead or otherwise defend as provided by these rules or any applicable statute or any order of court, the court may enter a default against such party; provided that if such party has filed or served any paper in the action, that party shall be served with notice of the application for default.


So you have to file a motion for court default alleging that there is a petition for divorce, that he has waived disclosure and you did too; that he has failed and refused to return papers regarding other matters though he was served with them, and that you are requesting a default. So it aint gonna happen and you need the court to enter the default.

The problem is the court default does not excuse you or him from trial or final hearing. So you should also request that the court set a final hearing down in the divorce after entry of the default permitting him to file his papers up to and including 30 days before the final hearing.

Seems he's being difficult but the real question is why? Is it because he's lazy or he's resisting?

Can a defendant appeal a default?


And, I know that answer is maddening......

A definitive answer would depend on jurisdiction: What state & what court ?

To play the "Devil's Advocate" or opposing counsel, I might suggest that since rules are relaxed in a court which has authority over landlord/tenant matters, the rules for evidence are greatly relaxed because legislators have considered that neither has recourse to professional counsel. This might be seen as an encouragement to have disputed landlord/tenant matters heard in court instead of these issues being left unresolved.

And, the court, if it has relaxed rules, may consider the date the certified letter was sent, as opposed to the date the USPS delivered, the response as timely.

Do not rely on verbal interpretations of the law from court staff. I encourage you to obtain a greater understanding of the laws AND the courts which determine landlord/tenant matters in the area(s) where you own rental property.

I recall that this is not your first question concerning landlord/tenant matters & you'd be well ahead of the game, if you knew beforehand what your legal options might be with less-than-satisfactory tenants.

Best of luck! And, happy holidays!

Should i default my loans?

It sounds like you've already defaulted on your loan. If you are and have been in school, and if this is one of the types of student loans that you can defer while you're in school, then you need to contact the loan company and have them send you a deferment form. If, however, you do need to begin repayment, but you don't have a job, you may be able to defer the loan due to economic hardship. Again, you'd need to contact the loan company and fill out specific paperwork. Just sending them letters won't help you.

You should try to work this out with the loan company. NOT the collections agency that is calling you - contact the loan company directly. Default is a big deal. They won't leave you alone. They'll take your tax returns. They'll garnish your wages once you do start working. They'll take your social security when you're old. Your loan balance will balloon from $3,200 to who knows how much. It will ruin your credit, which can impact your ability to get jobs. Student loans can wreck your life, if you're not careful.

If you had a cosigner for this loan, they'll also go after that person, wreck their credit, etc. And if you're in school, I don't know how this will impact your ability to get additional financial aid. That'd be something you'd need to talk to financial aid about.

How do I set yahoo mail as my default?

In Internet Explorer:
1. Download and install Yahoo! Messenger. (no idea why it is needed)
2. Select Tools | Internet Options... from the menu in Internet Explorer.
3. Go to the Programs tab.
4. Make sure Yahoo! Mail is selected under E-mail.
5. Click OK.

If you don't have Yahoo! Toolbar v.7.2 or newer for Internet Explorer installed, you need to download it first, at When you install it, make sure you select the Install the Yahoo! Mail Plug-in and make Yahoo! Mail my default Mail provider checkbox.
Then, Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs > E-mail > Yahoo! Mail > OK

In Firefox browser,
1. Go to Tools -> Options.
2. Click on Applications tab icon.
3. Locate and click to highlight mailto Content Type, and at the corresponding drop down box of Action, select Use Yahoo! Mail.
4. Click OK.

Why can't i connect to my default gateway?

My default gateway is (I typed ipconfig /all into cmd and that's what it says :p) and when i type it in the URL bar it only loads for about 2 seconds then says unable to connect problem loading page. I am on a laptop and yes I can connect to the internet, I am trying to access the router to forward the ports. Can anyone help me fix this problem?

How do I make Yahoo email my default email provider?

To make Yahoo! Mail the default email application for your computer, click Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab > under E-mail click the down arrow and select Yahoo! Mail > click Apply. If Yahoo! Mail isn't listed as a default email option follow the directions below and it will solve your problem.

Using Internet Explorer just click "Continue" on the link below to download a small 60K file that will enable Yahoo! Mail to be the default email application for your computer. Whenever you click on an email address on any web page or in any computer program, Yahoo! Mail will open for you in a new window.

If Internet Explorer displays a yellow security bar at the top, click on it and select Install ActiveX Control from the menu.
If a security warning comes up with Yahoo! Inc. as the publisher, click Install.

Now you can click on an email address anywhere and your computer will automatically open up Yahoo! Mail for you.
You can even send documents directly from Word, Excel, or other Windows applications.

Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

How do I set Yahoo! Mail as my default E-Mail client! (LONG)!!!?

Sorry Scott, I can't help you-----BUT-----I did want to thank you for this posting.
It's full of information and understandable.

Unless it has changed, the setting is done by YouTube. If YouTube detects that there is trouble with the video it will reduce the quality. I don't know of any way the user can change the settings specifically for YouTube. You can change the settings for your monitor but that would change it for every program not just YouTube.

How do I make my default keyboard setting US rather than US International?

Open up the start menu on the bottom left of the screen, and into the search bar, type "Region and Language". Select the first entry labelled the same and let it open. Under the tab labelled "Keyboards and Languages" select the button "Change keyboards..."

If you cannot see the 'US' keyboard setting in the drop down box labelled "Default input language", then under "Installed services", select the 'add' button, find the language, and hit ok, and follow the next step.

If you can see the 'US' keyboard setting in the drop down box labelled "Default input language", then select it, hit OK, and on the finally screen, hit OK and you are done.

If you're on Windows 8 and 8.1, you'll see an additional system window listing all browsers installed on your computer. ...You can change your default programs, including browsers, within the system settings.From the Start menu, go the Control panel.for windows 10, you can go to settings then system then default.