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I Am An Amateur Songwriter From Japan. Could Somebody Tell Me The Best Way To Sell My Songs To

Can You Tell Me Some Things About YOUR Favorite Band or Singer?

Grrrr I'm going to have to go with my favorite band, because my favorite singer is just starting her solo career (after leaving the band I'm about to name! Lol).


1. What are your 5-7 favorite songs?
- - - - - I love many of them, but some of my top favorites are The Kinslayer, Sleeping Sun, Wanderlust, Ever Dream, Slaying the Dreamer, Wish I Had An Angel, and Planet Hell.

2. What are your 2-3 favorite albums?
- - - - - Once, Century Child, and Dark Passion Play

3. Have you seen them in concert? What did you think?
- - - - - No :( I want to very badly though. They'll be coming within 100 miles of me this September, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it....

4. Which of their albums is, in your opinion, the most overplayed? Are there some tracks that you are sick of from overexposure?
- - - - - Overplayed - Dark Passion Play. They don't get any exposure here though.

5. Which of their albums is, in your opinion, underplayed or underexposed?
- - - - - Definitely the first one, Angels Fall First. It's got some really good songs on there.

6. What is it that you love about them? I need details, people!
- - - - - Oh great. Okay first I adore Tarja Turunen's operatic voice. I think it fit the band amazingly well. Plus the music itself is just indescribable. I don't know, I just love the band.

7. How long have they been your favorite?
- - - - - Strangely enough, I thought they were weird when I first listened to them. Then I listened some more, and all of a sudden I was listening to them all the time. It's odd! But I've been a fan for about 7 months (I know, not a long time right?). I'm pretty obsessive about them, though. Lol.

"The Islander" -
"The Phantom of the Opera live" -
"Ever Dream" -
"Slaying the Dreamer" -
"The Kinslayer" -

I'm too tired to post any more lol.

The most difficult part about becoming a composer/songwriter is finding your own voice— understand that some people just have a knack for it. I would suggest you be more confident in yourself. Write music for yourself; don’t worry what others think at this point (or ever to a certain degree). A lot of songwriters started off learning other people’s music and taking what they liked about it to then use it in their own music. Listen to music in a more analytic way; find commonalities between your favorite songs. Try to understand why they’re your favorite songs; do they all feature common emotional elements, structures, or textures? What instrumentation do they usually feature? Find out the chord progressions of all of your favorite songs. Why do their melodies sound good over those chords? Of course, you’d be getting into music theory at that point, but this is the type of thinking you should commit to during your learning phase. I also encourage you to experiment as much as possible. Many people will tell you just to learn other songs or to learn music theory. This is all important, but it’s not the whole picture. You also need to explore your own creativity, which means doodling or ‘freestyling’ over other songs. Don’t worry about ‘sounding good’ all the time; it’s a subjective term anyways. Jam with other musicians, especially if they play a different style than you. They’ll teach you things you don’t know and vice versa. Once you get a grasp of basic music theory, put yourself in unfamiliar territory as often as possible. For example, learn about styles you don’t necessarily listen to but pull a few things you can incorporate into your own style. Challenge yourself to keep increasing your knowledge. Make sure to always incorporate time into experimenting so you can apply what you’re learning. Hope this helps.

Hi.First, COPYRIGHT your songs.You do this by going here:Copyright Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office |You can save some money if you register several works at once. you can register just the lyrics, if you don’t have any music yet, or record a simple demo which contains : The lyrics sung, the melody, and the harmony and or rhythm that you use in your song.This way you guarantee that you are the original creator and owner of the works (songs).Second, once you have done this, you can make a recording of your songs, to be able to sell them.I have worked for several songwriters, including Jeff Barry (Jeff Barry) and some others.In every case, when selling songs to artists, they record a professional sounding demo (a demo is a version of a song which contains only the most basic elements of lyrics, melody, harmony and basic rhythm) but it sounds professional because they hire session musicians and singers in order to really capture the way they envision their song to sound like and how it is sung.They then take this demo and show it to various artists via their management, or in rare cases, directly to the artist.Once they get an artist or their management to agree to buy the song, you enter into negotiations as to who will get what percentage of the PUBLISHING. You should get 100% of the SONGWRITING royalty payments, because it is your song.This gets rather complicated, so I highly recommend that you hire an ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER to help you in the negotiations. They are well worth the price, since you will guarantee you won’t get screwed over by a shitty deal.After that, keep writing more songs, copyrighting them, recording demos of them, and selling them.

Do you think the Japanese are mean (with some sub-questions)?

The BBC survey gave respondents a list of 12 countries and asked whether they had a “mostly positive or mostly negative influence in the world.”

The most positive ratings were given to Canada (54% positive, 14% negative), Japan (54% positive, 20% negative), the European Union (53% positive 19% negative) and France (50% positive, 21% negative). Japan is viewed favorably by 24 countries, France by 25 countries, and the EU by 24 countries.

Here is a excerpt of the results.

>>>>>> Japan <<<<<<
positively viewed countries worldwide. On average this year, 54 percent gave Japan a positive rating, while just 20 percent said its influence in the world was mainly negative. Out of 27 countries polled, 24 gave Japan a positive rating, with just two giving it a negative and one divided. Among the 19 countries polled in both 2006 and2007, positive views of Japan slipped slightly by 1 percentage point.
THE TWO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POSITIVE REPUTATION for Japan continue to be its neighbors CHINA and SOUTH KOREA, where majorities rate it quite negatively. Views are somewhat less negative in China compared to a year ago (71% down to 63% negative) and slightly more negative in South Korea (54% to 58% negative).

>>>>>> USA <<<<<<<
World views of the United States continue to worsen, with most countries having a largely negative view of the US. Across all 27countries polled (excluding the US self-evaluation), half (51%) now say the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world.

Source: (PDF file)

In short, don’t do it. Ok, here is the deal - if by about 3 songs into the set of a headliner if they aren’t there… they ain’t coming. At that point, it isn’t immoral. You paid, they paid… what is the difference. If someone then shows up and says ‘i think these are my seats’, be gracious and apologetic and move out quickly.I am big on courtesy, even when you are ‘stealing’ seats. Example - I saw Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Chili Peppers play together back in 1990-ish. We had BAD seats. SUPER bad seats. We were in the last row of a concrete built venue, all I could hear was get down to the floor, you had to go through a specific gate with a couple of burly big black security guys. (I point out they were black because I am a tiny white guy, so I was plenty intimidated.) I kinda organized a small movement. We had about 20 of us wanting to move through that door, as we saw tons of space available below. I walked up to the security guards and very politely said to them “guys, just a heads up. we all have these horrible seats and are temped to leave. However, we have one last plan. As soon as Nirvana plays ‘Teen Spirit’, we are going to rush this door. I don’t want anyone to get hurt in trouble.”the guy said he understood, but couldn’t let us in. well, the song came up (and it was an obvious but calculated assumption that it would)… we rushed. Dudes got way our of our way, held the doors open wider (so we would be safe) and the biggest dude gave me a smile. Great moment for me. It shows even when you are pulling a dick move like that (and it was a dick move of entitlement by us), I didn’t want to be a dick about it.Ended up seeing the second half of the Nirvana set and the entire Chili Peppers set from the front of the stage. Nirvana was just breaking at the time, and weren’t even the headliners. Pearl Jam? had never heard of them until that night, and haven’t missed a show since.good luck, man, and be respectful to the guards if they kick you out. They are working, and this is their office.

Songs about feeling not good enough?

John Mayer:
Dreaming With a Broken Heart*
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

The Fray:
How To Save a Life*
Over My Head*
She Is

Citizen Cope:
If There's Love*
Every Waking Moment*
Left For Dead*

Lovers In Japan

Dave Matthews Band:
Grace is Gone

Death Cab for Cutie:
All is Full of Love
I WIll Follow You Into Dark
Your Heart is an Empty Room

Joshua Radin:
Girlfriend in a Coma*
The One You Knew
Sundrenched World
Star Mile
Don't Look Away

+44 - Make You Smile

As a Trump supporter, I best can relate to this song and Have used the power of its words to get me through or explain my position.Bloody Well Right by SupertrampIt’s an anthem of satisfied stick it in your eye - “me I don’t care anyway.”I loathe hypocrisy and so many people think He is the essence of this. But he’s not! He’s like me and so many others who listen to the naysayers and try to get the page number from the lunacy book they are reading from. After a while, one has to just shake their head and say “Right, Right, You’re bloody well right, You’re bloody well right to say, me I don’t care anyway.”Now - I can hear you thinking - Gee that ‘s real Christian of her. But I sit and read and listen to the fodder of hypocrisy coming from people who truly must be insane. They are standing with stones in their hands every time this man breathes. They are telling people to cause harm and misery to anyone that is on the right.I happen to think Melania is one of the most gracious first ladies to fill the role. Yet the hatred for her is beyond understanding. You would think that she had run over their puppies. The unreasonable anger festering in the minds of Americans is tantamount to a Zombie Apocalypse.I am more than capable of tolerance for you to talk and yet when it is all said, I’ll still like you and agree to disagree. When I spoke out for OUR PRESIDENT, it wasn’t because I thought he could do no wrong, He can and does, but so do I.My place in this world is to carry the gospel of Christ, to obey His rules and Man’s rule, to raise my children to believe everyone has a right but not to harm except in the protection of themselves or a loved one. It’s time for the American haters to look at what is positive and there is much. Those people decrying Trumps motives do not care for the common man. Just try to move in on them and see what happens.You can’t kick the dog on the way into the house and be shocked one day when you get bit.Just Sayin