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I Am An Appear Graduate From Sagar University

Is Lehigh University in Pennsylvania good for MBA?

It's a respectable program, but whether or not it fits you depends on many factors. Consult the Internet. It has a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. It publishes only official data provided by university administrators, without modifying or editing the data. The site you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, executive, and accelerated), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. Schools report their accreditation status, tuition cost, number of students, class sizes, program length, and a lot of other data. Schools provide data on entrance requirements, program costs, program characteristics, joint degrees, and much more. You can use it to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria.

There are other similar services, but I am not familiar with all of them. Search the Internet.

You should also be aware that MBA programs prefer students with 2-4 years work experience after the first degree. Some accept students right out of college if they have good grades and a high GMAT score. Some MBA programs are designed specifically for new college graduates without work experience. But in those programs you don't get the benefit of learning from other students who have work experience. A lot of valuable learning takes place through class interaction. Also when you graduate your job offers will be about the same as a business undergraduate gets because you have no work experience, and you've been two years out of your undergraduate field so it's hard to get work in that area.

Interview for Msc in Technical University Munich?

I have to appear for an online interview in order to get admission in MSc Informatcs program at Technical University Munich. Please guide me what sort of questions are asked and what preparation should be done from my side.

How are the placements at Dayanand Sagar for aeronautical engineering?

I am a graduate from Dayananda Sagar college of engineering if you are concerned about getting placed better not to choose aeronautical in Dayananda Sagar college of engineering. Better option is MVJ college of engineering.

Which college is better, DSATM or DSU?

Dayananda Sagar University(DSU) is the university name and Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management(DSATM), Kanakpura Pura Road, comes under DSU. There is Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumaraswamy Layout, which is also under DSU.I have graduated from DSCE, I would recommend DSCE over DSATM. The placements of both the colleges take place together at DSCE.I hope I have clarified your doubt! :)

How is the crowd at Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering?

Here:-When I first landed in K.S Layout, I was having a mix of good/bad feeling , a feeling where I couldn’t understand if I have landed in the right college/culture/crowd. Being from a small town and a simple guy when he saw guys/gals hanging out 11 in the night that too most of them having their own bikes and all , well dressed etc. I felt , I don’t know if I will be able to gel-up easily but NO when I went for the first day of my college I had so many guys from my state/city and other parts of Karnataka who were like me only or even more shy and unadaptive in nature . So, basically you will get all kinds of crowd there.Some people take the route of Mgmt quota so you have to accept the fact that there will be rich lads, spoiled brats having costly bikes and what not. But you need to concentrate on your own work.Yes DSCE provide good college atmosphere. It solely depends on you how to take it. There will lots and lots of events in the college. Most of the bollywood celebrity also came for their movie promotion(Student of the Year, Krishh 3 etc). You need to enjoy these things. Depends on your interest there will be other inter-college events as well technical/cultural/social you should be updated about that and take part accordingly.Don’t talk much about quality of education in any of the colleges (VTU) in Karnataka. Sorry to be candid but this is the reality. You will have enough study to get familiar with the concepts but at the end of the day , it’s you who will have to understand things for the sake of the knowledge/building the career.Always know that you won’t be needing everything you need to study in these four years so be updated on what market wants to get a job or to start something yourself.