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I Am Diagnosed With Pregnancy Diabetes .i Am Always Hungry And Losing Weight.

Does staying hungry make you lose weight?

Staying hungry will not necessarily make you lose weight. If you are eating less calories than you burn, then yes, you can lose weight. But it’s not that simple.Staying hungry means that your meals are spaced further apart - thus you will have more time that you are not consuming calories or in other words you are spending more time not fueling your body.What I mean is this - eating 3 meals a day versus 5–7 meals a day will give your body more time that it is able to burn that fuel. Every-time you eat you are giving your body calories to burn instead of fat to burn.Hunger is a sign that your body is ready to eat. But look for the physical hunger cues rather than the mental ones. So stomach is grumbling, body is fatigued, feeling lightheaded, shaky or irritable. Those are when you are at a 7 to 10 on the hunger scale (1 being completely stuffed and a little uncomfortable and 10 being ravenous and ready to eat anything in sight).So don’t allow yourself to get too hungry because then you may have a hard time making a good and healthy food decision. When you feel that you are about a 7 or 8 that is a good time to eat.So does staying hungry make you lose weight - in a nutshell, yes, if you learn to monitor your hunger. Just don’t take it to the extreme of not eating. Unless you are doing a planned fast or intermittent fasting (that’s a whole other topic).Check out the free Facebook Group by clicking the link below to get more great tips on losing weight and keeping it off.Log into Facebook | Facebook

Why do I always feel hungry even after eating a large meal? How can I overcome it?

You don't feel hungry after eating a large meal. You feel unsatisfied. You have a faulty definition of hunger — one that is fostered by the diet industry ad nauseum.Real hunger is felt in the gut. Not in the head. Real satiety is felt when real hunger occurred and cannot be felt if real hunger did not occur. Satisfying real gut hunger is a primal urge and a primal pleasure. It's unforgettable — regardless of the number of decades it is prevented or avoided. What is actually avoided or prevented is gut hunger, without which satiety cannot occur.Try it just once. Get hungry til your gut says you're hungry. There won't be a doubt. From there you can follow three rules to end the overeating problem permanently:Eat when you're hungry. Don't when you're not. Eat every time you're hungry.Eat exactly what you want. Eat real food, but otherwise, you can forget every diet rule you ever learned. Real hunger can be trusted absolutely to guide your eating.Stop eating when the taste disappears.Hunger turns the tastebuds on. Without hunger, a facsimile of ‘taste’ is provided by chewing; the aromas pass up the back of the throat to be detected by the sense of smell. Even chocolate is manufactured in the US to be chewed. Hunger turns the tastebuds on and tunes them to detect the nutrients the body requires. When the requirement is satisfied, the taste disappears.I tried it once — 36 years ago. It still works 36 years later. The best part — there's absolutely no inclination to eat when I'm not hungry. No discipline, no effort whatsoever, is required. Every skinny person in the world and most kids know this. They just don't know they know it. It's automatic.The human species itself is thin. The body feature called hunger provides that naturally.It's the one secret I cannot give away. I suspect that traumatic unrequited hunger created the instinct to prevent hunger and, thus, overeating is hooked to our sense of survival. Preventing hunger is hooked to our sense of survival. The distinction is that, as adults, we can control access to food. I strongly recommend that accessibility to food be given to children at the earliest age possible.The French have done the research on hunger; they get it. And their recommendation is to eat the widest range of foods with the widest range of tastes to easily control body weight.

What diet should I follow to reduce my weight from 75 kg to 55 kg?

yup was i am following it so I can suggest you here it goes.wake at 6 am. have a glass of warm water and lemon juice. for next one hour don't eat or drink anything.go for brisk walk and exercise for 1 hour .nearby 8.30 or 9 have a bowl of oats/cornflake/sproutchaat/poha/upmaTry to indulge yourself in physical work like using steps instaed of lift. try to avoid vehicle if possible .Take lunch between 12 to 1 pm . it should contain I bowl dal , 2 chapatis ,1 mixveg ,glass of buttermilk and salad .don't go for sleep just after lunch.Between 4 to5 p.m. you can have murmura and seasonal fruit along with any beverage tea/coffee .take Dinner between 8 to 8.30 pm .Have lot of salad , soup,1 chapati and green vegetable.Again try to have a small walk after Dinner. after half an hour drink warm water with lemon.nearby 10pm or before sleeping have a glass of low fat milk .It is necessary for proper sleep and for bones.stop having junk food completely.If you are found of sweet dish have it once a week in limited amount.avoid deep fried, oily stuff.I am hundred percent sure if you follow this even a month you can see the difference.

Husband won't take care of himself (weight and health-wise)?

My husband's health (or the lack thereof) is putting a strain on my relationship with him. He has diabetes and scoliosis, both of which are, of course, worsened by the fact that he's overweight. His diabetes is pretty well under control, but when his blood sugar affects his mood, he takes it out on me. He has scoliosis as well, and his doctor has prescribed exercises to help his back feel better. Of course, every doctor says he needs to lose weight and that will eliminate about 90% of the problem... but he refuses to. I try to set a good example by going to the gym several times a week and staying in shape, we don't eat out much, and I don't keep much junk food in the house.

I really would be more understanding about these issues if he actually did something about his health, but he brought the diabetes on himself, and he does nothing to help his scoliosis except take painkillers when it bothers him. He also has a lot of anxiety and is constantly worrying that he has one health condition or another, but he won't even call his doctor to determine whether he has clinical anxiety or depression that needs to be treated.

I'm just about at my wit's end with it. It feels like I have a third child (aside from the two that we have). He just doesn't care, and while I feel like it's my duty to pick up the slack, I wish he'd realize it's not fair to me or our kids for him to care so little about himself.

Has anyone had a similar problem with their spouse (husband or wife)? If so, how did you deal with it?

Why do I always feel hungry and I have a stomache Virus I think (HELP)?

Well this started about a week ago.I used to eat normally about 2-3 times a day and I was okay but Now i could eat that much and still be hungry.! Now even sometimes after I eat i still feel hungry and its getting on my nerves.Also idk if I have diarreah but yesterday and today i used the bathroom 2 times and the day before yesterday arouund that time Im sure I had diarreah but poop was going outta my butt so fast but that was before now its better.But sometimes i feel like using the bathroom and then i go to the bathroom for like 20 min stand up and noticed i didnt poop anything.? Whats making me feel like this? Is it possible im always hungry because I poop alot and most of my food comes outta my stomache? And also my stomache has been hurting I havent vomitted at all but I think its because Im hungry.After I eat like 2 hrs later I poop it out.Its like i never ate anything.Today im going on an 11 hr roadtrip to Orlando at 12:00am is when i leave.I cant be in a car that long feeling like that.What if i have the same bathroom problem and we are on the road but theres no nearby gasstation? I will be doomed and i dont wanna use a store bathroom (my poop stinks).I need to feel better this has been going on for like a week or less.I havent been to a doc yet because i first wanted to see if it will go away.Any ideas ? Like what should I drink to make this feeling stop.I gotta admit i got better over the past days but i still feel bad and my stomache hurts a lil and im still hungry.! Btw im 12 yrs old like rlly short im under 5foot and i probaly weigh 80 sumthing or less for all i know becuz i lost weight probaly from having alot of food empty out my stomache.Sorry for spelling mistakes I can spell good but iM typing fast because I need anwsers fast before its to late. :] (so please help!)

I am 22 years old. I am very thin. I need to increase weight. How can I increase weight? What kind of food should I eat?

You need to follow the below points.As soon as you wake up, drink 1 liter of water completely. Walk for 10 minutes so that the pressure will get on to your stomach and you will get urge to go to wash room right away. Drink 1 liter of water again after 1 and half hour and again walk again for 10 minutes until you get the urgent feeling to go to wash room. Now, you are free from waste. Your body now accepts the new products that you are going to provide.2. Do exercise for 1 hour everyday. Your stomach becomes ravenous after burning calories. This is very important.3. For Breakfast : Soaked Peanuts-1 cup, Coconut- half, Dates -10 to 15. You can also add cashew nuts or almonds-10 if you can afford and then eat fruits like Banana, Chickoo, Jackfruit, Mango, Custard apple.4. For Lunch and Dinner : Eat Brown rice along with green leafy vegetable curry and any other curry. Follow 3:1 ratio of rice and curry. More rice is required because , it’s very easy for our body to convert carbs into fats rather than fats to body fat.5. Eat curd daily .You can surely increase your weight if you can follow this clean diet. Here I made sure that you get fats and carbs which are required for body fat. You don’t need huge proteins, because those are required for muscle formation.That’s it. This is by far the best method to gain weight in a healthy way.Eat healthy, Stay healthy. :)