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I Am From Bangladesh I Wanted To Apply For Multiple Visa For Usa How Can Get This.still Now I Am

Can I get a multiple visit visa?

see the US immigration website, as well as US tourism websites. Yes, you can probably get a tourist visa -- assuming your local police vouch for you as a good citizen. multiple entry? don't think they issue those to tourists any more -- visa is good for a set period of time with multiple entry during that period ok as long as you have proof of transportation to leave before visa expires. After that, you need new visa.

Do Indians require a visa to travel to Bangladesh?

NO!Indians travelling to Bangladesh require a passport mandatorily, but you need not have a visa since Indians get a visa on arrival but you definitely need to have a valid passport to visit Bangladesh. I had been to Bangladesh holding my Indian passport few years back and I was given a visa on arrival. I didn’t have to apply for any separate visa prior to my visit.The visa on arrival is basically a stamp marked on your passport stating the date of your arrival and the period of stay is usually a short one. The visa on arrival looks like this:As an Indian, only the passport is necessary. And the visa that is provided to you on arrival is free of cost.MAJOR EDIT: YOU DO REQUIRE A VISA!

I 'm an Indian citizen residing in UAE and holding a valid US visa (multiple) until 2026. I intend to travel to Canada soon for business and I 'd like to know if there is anything like visa-on-arrival or e-visa?

No. You have to apply for a Canadian visa through the embassy of Canada

How do I get a job in Canada without IELTS like work visa?

Yes it is possible dear to get a job in Canada without IELTS.Out of 60+ Canadian immigration programs, there is one new Immigration Program launched by Canadian Govt in collaboration with Atlantic provinces in mid of year 2016 … known as AIPP - Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. In year 2017, around 2000 people has been already immigrated to Canada. And we are expecting more people in this year. You could be one of them. Under AIPP, within three to four months only you can get Work Visa & fly to Canada. You may have to work for two years with the hiring company / organisation / designated employer which hires you in any of the below provinces. Within six months only, you can apply for PR (Permanent Resident) as well.Atlantic - Canadian Provinces:Nova ScotiaNew BrunswickPrime Edward IslandNew Foundland & LabradorProgram - AIPP (Atlantic Immigrations Pilot Program)Fly to Canada in just 3-4 monthsNo IELTS requiredFastest way to move to Canada along with Visitor Visa & Work PermitFastest way to get PR (Permanent Resident)Minimum two years of domain experience requiredCanada Calling…Thanks | Amit | +91.7573.999.889 | Absolute ImmigrationsWe will fulfil Your... Foreign DreamsOffice Address:A- 703, Kumar Surbhi Building, Parvati, Pune Satara Road,Nr. Laxmi Narayan Theatre, Opp. Sai Mandir, Pune 411009Facebook | Google+

Do I need a UK transit visa if I have a valid US visa? I am an Indian citizen and will be connecting via LHR for the US. My stopover in LHR is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

As long as your connecting flight is from the same airport, you won't be stepping outside the airport, so no you don't need a transit visa. Just ensure you have enough time to travel between terminals if needed for your connecting flight. Heathrow is a huge airport!

How easy/hard is it to get US tourist visa for an Indian?

The chances of getting a US tourist visa are  high if you are a senior citizen, having property back in the country etc. That does not mean you will be denied a visa for sure. It may not be a cakewalk but little bit of explaining may be required, thats all.  You need to convince the visa officer that you have strong intentions to return back. 'What is the purpose of your visit?' ' I intend to visit my girl friend on her birthday.? What she is doing in US? Her name and address? You have not stated in your question details about her visa status etc. Let us assume 2 situations. She is on F1 visa. Then it may not be a big of a problem for you. Suppose she is not an Indian and she is an American or an Indian green card holder etc, visa officer may need  some more convincing explanations that you have strong evidence to come back. So it all depends on the situations.

When will my available credit on my Capital One credit card go back up?

They are probably holding the line of credit till the check clears. It will probably be available within a week.

You do realize that charging and then immediately paying the amount charged does absolutely nothing special to improve your credit. In fact, it could work against you. Paying immediately could result in no utilization being reported to the credit bureau and be counted in your score. Besides, you are losing out on the interest free grace period between the date of purchase and the statement due date.

Credit cards don't want you to make multiple payments each month. It costs them money to process those extra payments. Some cards will freeze your account after a certain number of payments per month. Just use the card and pay the balance in full by the due date. It will build your credit, avoid interest, and be a whole lot less hassle.

Do I need a return ticket to enter poland?

Yes, I believe that you will have to have a return ticket because you are not a permanent resident of Poland. You can buy a round trip ticket, and you can always change a day of returning to your country by calling to the airlines

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