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I Am In A School In Saudi Arabia For 7 Months .i Have Not Signed Any Contract But I Want To Quit.

How is life for an American woman in Saudi Arabia?

Well this is a hard question. I know some American women who love living here and never want to leave except to visit their family in the US and there have been other women who stayed for about 3 months, couldn't handle it and went home.

There are no clubs or bars here. No movie theaters, bowling allies, mini gulf ect. No alcohol or any other kind of drugs are allowed. Dating is not allowed either however if you are American and you happen to meet an American man here the 2 of you can go out together and pretty much do whatever you want and the Saudis can't do anything about it but no PDA. You do have to wear an abaya outside the compound but you do not have to cover your hair. And women can't drive, this is the big one.

Make sure you take some vacations and travel to some more relaxed countries where you can walk around outside and wear something more comfortable than an abaya. Some times the key to being able to stay in Saudi is getting out of Saudi. I love Saudi but even I can get fustrated if I haven't had a vacation in a while.

There are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops here you can go to and there are lots and lots of shopping centers, there are ladies only gyms that offer classes like aerobics, palates,"belly dance" and even some arts and crafts classes. The people here are very nice and I would suggest you make some friends. If you have friends there is a good chance that you will get invited to diner parties, weddings, ect. the more active you are the more content you will be. Personally I believe that if you're a happy person and content with yourself, you will be happy wherever you happen to be.

My employer is not paying my salary. What should I do?

I request you to approach your employer once and discuss about the salary.Directly walk into your office and approach HR Manager. If the manager directly says that they cannot give the salary and the relieving letter, then tell them that your going to complain about this in the labour office.They might be asking some time to give the salary and the relieving letter. If they tell you that they need one week of time then make sure your taking it in written. That promising letter must contain your name and employee id, manager signature, promising date and also the organisation stamp. Those idiots will definitely not agree to give it in return but don’t agree with them until they do so.If they don’t give your salary on the promising date, then just call and inform them for the final time and directly approach your nearby labour office. They will ask you the proof of your employment with your company, so carry your offer letter, pay slips, ID card xerox if you have any and the necessary documents of proof.I suggest you to give a written complaint in the labour office and they will definitely take the necessary action.All the best!

Can a 20 year old man be in love with a 13 or 14 year old girl?

The answer is yes. The more appropriate wording of the question is “Should” not can. Here is my take, for what it is worth.When I was 14 I met a young man who was 19. In retrospect he was not the most mature person, so that with my being fairly responsible (had a job, good grades etc) put mental/emotional age a little bit closer. When I was 15 I ended up pregnant (legal age in ND was 14) and he was ready to get married. My parents would not allow it and the aftermath between me and them was ugly. They sent him away to have nothing to do with me. Ten years later, I found him and contacted him. He had never married or had kids. His mom hated me because it was my fault, he was still in love with me.I believe that he did truly love me and I know even now that I loved him. I am not in love with him, but even now I care about what happened to him in life.I think that you should be very careful about the time you spend with her, making it VERY limited to fully chaperoned activities. If in 4 years you are both still developing a relationship appropriately and it is working, then she will be of age to take it to the next level and go from there.I don’t see how proceeding as above would be any different than if you happened to be friends for the next 4 years and when she turned 18 you realized you were in love with her. Or if you kept it hidden and then admitted it later. Your feelings are your feelings. You are not in love with her because she is a child and you are a pedophile. You see her as a woman and love that in her. Is the age difference appropriate? Not at 14 and 19. Will it become appropriate? Sure.Honestly I would be more concerned if the question was “I am looking for a girl who is my age but looks and acts like a young girl because I am attracted to that” You are at least expressing attraction to maturity and her as a woman or at least the woman she could become.