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I Am In Desperate Need For A Therapist Anyone Know Where I Can Find One

Desperate need of help in financial aid!?

I just went through all of this. There are funds out there. Its just knowing where to look. I recieved financial aid but I kept returning the paperwork without my mothers income. I said she doesnt support me so it shouldnt matter. They kept sending it back saying they needed it, but I called my school & told them my circumstances. I lived with a family member but they did not give me money for anything. If your over 18 you dont need anyone elses income info. If under 18 you have to apply as an independent student. Its a pain in the butt & alot of paperwork but they will give it to you. You might have to fudge a few answers, but not really. Call the school & see if they have separate FA for students or a work study program. There are programs out there for students who cant afford it. There should be a Higher Education Commission for your state that provides what FAFSA doesnt. There are also millions of scholarships that companys provide that arent just based on grades. Burger King has one if you write an essay. I think they are for like $500 but its something. I'm looking for all my info now. When I find it I'll respond again. There are also many different organizations that will give you money to major in certain health care programs like nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. There's also the option of getting a job at an organization that does tuition reimbursement. My job will pay up to $3000 a semester for me to go back to school. I know I just rambled off a bunch of info & I apologize if it doesnt make much sense. When I find the info I'll respond again. I have a FA book that lists all the websites, companies, & programs that help students go to college. Hang in there.

I am considering ending my life and I am in desperate need of help?

Wealth at a young age can be quite a burden, it leaves little to strive for. Which is an incentive for living.Find yourself a good psychologist/counselor/psychotherapist. Pills won't help you, you need something else. Someone who takes care of your inner life, which almost seems suffocated by your external wealth. Go to your doctor and ask for the best therapist in town, preferably someone who can teach you how to reconnect to yourself by applying meditation. And who reminds you of your right to be unhappy, how odd as that may sound. Depression is caused by suppressed anger, grief or fear, you need someone who helps you to find out which one it is and get it out of your system.Apart from that, very practical: get your vitamin D and B12 checked, just to rule them out as a possible cause. Deficiencies in either of them can cause depression.Make sure you get that therapist though, you need someone to talk to and freely express your thoughts and feelings. There is help out there, make sure you get it. Today. Or at the last, tomorrow. Pick up that phone and make that call.

My parents say they won't get me a therapist, I'm 16 and depressed, badly. Is there any other way to get to one?

If your school has a nurse that is one option. Some schools have counselors.Your parents reluctance to get you the help you need may come from ignorance or it may come from financial reasons. Either way, your need for help outweighs their reluctance. You have the more important problem and your need deserves attention, now.In the United States, 30% of mental health services are provided by primary care doctors. Talk to your regular doctor.If your parents’ employer has an EAP (employee assistance plan) you can call them for help.Learning to understand and regulate your emotions would also help. I wrote a long post about that here: Jeanine Joy's answer to Could you teach a child the wrong emotions?If things get really bad where you are thinking about harming ourself, you can go to the ER department of a local hospital. All you have to do is tell them you are seriously thinking about suicide and they have to help you. If you can’t get there you can call an ambulance. If you are in the United States you may also be able to call the police department and ask for a Crisis Intervention Officer (CIT Officer). They can arrange transportation for you.Showing your parents the risk factors and warning signs for suicide may spur them to action. Most parents who loose a child to suicide were in complete denial before it happened. Don’t threaten it. Just let them know the risks. All parents should be educated about risk factors and warning signs but even when training is offered for free most won’t show up. It’s a lot like buying life insurance, they just don’t want to even think about it.You do not need your parents in order to get treatment. Minors who need help are entitled to care.Let us know how things turn out.

What happens if I talk to a therapist about underage sex?

I was wondering, even if there is confidentiality, if someone that was
under the age of consent was to talk to his/her therapist about them
having sex with someone that was older than the age of consent
(16 year old) what would happen? Would the therapist have to report it as child abuse? What would the consequences be? Would my partner get in trouble? Thanks in advance.

Where can i get free online therapy sessions?

i am stressed, depressed, frustrated and have been abused so much in the past.Recently i realised that i havent gotten over it like i thought i had and my marriage is giving me too much stress.Please i really need help and fast! I can't afford paid session but i know i am in dire need of therapy.I don't know who to confide in.My burden is too big and runs way deep that i am getting desperate!Help somebody.I need someone with a professional touch, someone who can see things from a different perspective and someone who can tell me as it is.Pls help! This is for real

I'm desperate for someone to listen?

My heart goes out to you. You sound like you have had a tough life and I cant imagine how hard it has been for you. I want you to do something for myself and for everyone else. Do not harm yourself. You sound like you don't want to do it and I believe you. believe it or not, you are not alone. I was once in your shoes. the circumstances were a little different, but I was once contemplating what you are now. I was very distraught...until I decided to seek help. There are many places that you can turn to to get help. Below, I have listed Just a few of the thousands of places that are in the online community devoted to helping people like us. The first two ( & are ones that I have personally used and have felt are the best for my needs. You may find that others suit you best.

I am happy to hear that you are relatively happy in school. Use school as a place to escape from your troubles. You like Travel and Sociology.....when you are studying these subjects, only focus on you and these subjects. Don't let outside issues conflict with this.

The flashbacks you are having are a troubling spot. Its hard to get over childhood traumas. Believe it or not, there are plenty of places to talk about those traumas. Try your school counselor or even one of the websites listed. I think you will find that they help. Try to become active in activities outside of school. Even if it is just going jogging or going on a walk with a close friend. This works more wonders than anyone can describe.

These websites helped me come back from the edge. I hope they do the same for you.

Just remember, you are a gift to a lot of people. Whether you feel it or not, you are always loved by those around you.

I need help but can't afford a therapist or a doctor?

I don't think there's anything I can do, but I'll ask if anyone has any ideas anyway.

I am really, really depressed to the point that I can't even stand it anymore, and on top of that, I've been having health issues for several months now but can't afford the brain MRI and CT scan the doctor I went to a few months ago wants me to have done to see if we can find the problem(s).

I'm currently enrolled in college classes, so I tried stopping by my school's counseling center, but they refused to see me because I'm only enrolled in 10 credit hours. They will only see students taking at least 12 hours, so they sent me out the door with a list of psychologists in the area.

The thing is, even though I'm on my dad's medical insurance, I cannot afford to pay the copay to see a therapist because I can't find a job. I have been looking for MONTHS and can't find a job. It's one of the main reasons I'm depressed. I have NO income coming in, so I'm worried about not being able to pay my rent soon and winding up homeless, let alone paying to see a therapist. Even if I just paid for one visit to a doctor for some anti-depressants, since I could probably find a way to pay for a single doctor's visit, I don't have money to pay for the actual medication. I would rather talk to somebody than take an antidepressant, though, since I know there are life circumstances making me depressed and it's not just a simple chemical thing.

I don't know what to do. :/ I need to talk to somebody so badly.

I am desperate! I'm 23 and had not had sex until yesterday, when i visited a prostitute. The thing is that...

i could not perform and the prostitute didnot make me hot even when i touched her breast. I felt nothing! I never had a girlfriend before and dont know nothing about sex or kissing. I suffer from mild depression and the therapist told me that the lack of a sex life is causing it! I agree, but i'm worried of many things!!! Even if i was gay (that i am not) i would get hot for men but right now nothing makes me hot. The thing im worried about is that i couldnot perform because of performance phobia and phobia of women. I guess i am intimidated but i really want to enjoy sex! Do i lack sex drive? Is the depression causing the lack of sexual interest in women? THIS MUST BE THE MOST TRAUMATIC FIRST TIME EVER!!!! i have been crying since and cant take it! I would really want to hear a similar story that ended ok! HELP ME! (until now i always dreaded having a girlfriend cause i was fat and with low self esteem! and was always terrified of not liking girls!)