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I Am Leftist Who Wants To Keep His Guns. Which Canadian Political Party Should I Vote For An Why

Did the Canadian Conservative Party just shoot themselves in the foot by claiming that they may criminalize marijuana again if elected?

I'd say so, and they've been doing that a lot lately.Justin Trudeau has been stumbling all over the place and he's politically vulnerable. His inexperience has been showing and, frankly, no major world leader takes him seriously. He should be an easy target, as it would take real dedication to out-bungle Justin Trudeau.Luckily for Justin, Andrew Scheer is up to the job and he's been managing to show that anything Justin can mess up, he can mess up greater.Justin Trudeau will pay a price for mishandling the environment portfolio. His carbon tax coupled with his approval of pipelines may be a pragmatic approach, but it will negatively affect both the energy sector and Canada's abilities to meet its Paris emission targets. Andrew Scheer has proven tone-deaf on the climate change issue, as he is a de-facto climate denier. Trudeau's mixed-bag approach may be poor, but at least it acknowledges that climate change is an issue.Trudeau's painful comment about maybe banning all firearms was further proof of his out-of-touch vision. How many firearm crimes have been committed by someone with a lawfully-owned firearm? I am not aware of any. Illegal guns are the issue, not legal ones.So what does Andrew Scheer do? In the wake of the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings, he said in an interview "I won’t go into all the details about the trip except to say that I dropped a buck 400 metres away using a friend’s .308 precision rifle!". Nothing wrong with legally hunting, but the timing... that tone-deaf timing...Worse, Scheer wants to create a firearms ombudsman. This would be a permanent federal figure who would act as an advocate for gun owners across the land. In short, Scheer favours a system that protects gun owners, not society.The Conservatives are pro-gun, pro-life, anti-climate, and anti-immigration. He also opposes same-sex marriage (most Canadians are in favour) and opposes the legalization of cannabis (most Canadians are also in favour of this).Under Scheer, it's just one mis-step...Andrew Scheer's office tries to explain why he called oil the ‘cleanest’ form of energy...after another.Andrew Scheer’s real problem in Quebec | The StarTrudeau could still end up a one-term PM and Scheer could win, but so far all Scheer has done is make himself look like Trump-Lite: all the out-of-date beliefs, but only half the stupidity.

What issues divided Americans so much that they formed separate political parties?

Some wanted more freedoms and rights and the other few men thought we'd had enough and too much would lead to destruction.

What is a Liberal? Conservist? Leftist? ...etc.?

Wow, did I open a can of worms???? Thanks to everyone for your post. I just wanted to know, what each stood for. So I can understand why they are being called what they are or accused to be. THX!!!

Canadians, what's the difference between the Conservative Party vs. the Progressive Conservative Party?

Just to add a little more confusion for you. The terms LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE do not have the same meaning in Canada as in the US. In the US it is a political philosophy. In Canada it is the name of a POLITICAL party. You will need to look at party platforms to get a clear understanding.
Using an American example you may see the the difference. Democracy is supported by Democrats I guess that means Republicans must be against Democracy. Republicans favour a REPUBLIC that must mean the Democrats are against the current form of government.(A Republic)

American Politics, how does it work?

wow, now this is a good question worth answering. Unfortunately any truely complete answer about american politics and how it works would take up far too much space. It's a complex question too answer really because both parties have pages and pages of things that their parties support and don't support. But you see, it hasn't always been that way because back in the good old days of american history there weren't "parties" because they weren't necessary.

to make things basic though, democrats (liberals) like regulation and pro choice, republicans(conservatives) like deregulation and pro life. I'm a democrat btw