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I Am Pursuing 12th With Pcm So I Want To Know That Which Courses Of Law Is Suitable For Me Like Ba

What are the best earning career options under PCM except engineering?

There are many options depending on your interests. You have not mentioned whether you are interested in pursuing related subjects (PCM) or you are looking for a total career change!!! Therefore, my answer will be generic (covering several related and unrelated options).Study pure or basic sciences and get into research / teaching - You could do a BSc in P/C/M and then go for a Master’s degree and PhD. You can look for opportunities in research, teaching, etc. areas that usually hire basic sciences candidatesStudy Architecture - People who have a good steady hand and are interested in Architecture will find this area very attractive. My feeling is that to be a good, successful architect, one must be a good artists or should be able to appreciate art.Study Economics, Statistics - People interested in Statistics / Economics can pursue graduation / post-graduation in these subjects. Depending on the University / College you choose, these can be very rewarding career options. People who are good in mathematics should consider studying economics / statistics if they are not interested in Engineering.Do BCA / MCA - if you are interested in Computers / IT but don’t want to do the hardwork involved in Engineering, you can look at BCA / MCA.Do BBA / MBA - if you want to study management, you can consider BBA and then MBA. You can also do a basic bachelor’s degree course in any subject and then do an MBA.Study Law - places like NLSUI offer integrated courses in law. You can do some research on eligibility, entrance exams, etc.Do Bachelor’s degree in other Arts / Fine Arts - You can look at bachelor’s degree courses (BA) in subjects like History / Anthropology etc. or Fine Arts (Painting / Music / etc)

I m a Bi.P.C student.?

i d like to know if there are any chances in NASA for students having biology as their main subject.

i m just studying my inter[plus 1] if there are any id like to know the requirements like qualification ,working area and so on
please give me a detailed information