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I Am So Excited For School

Am i weird for being excited about school?

I'm going into 7th grade too.

Not very excited. I don't like the idea of just being in the middle. When your in 6th grade, you're the youngest,newest,and everything is really exciting. In 8th, your the oldest and more mature. Also, your getting ready to go to the big highschool. But Nothing really.

Is it weird I'm excited for school?

I mean I love summer but I have come to terms with the fact mine is pretty much over we only have like a week left. But I am excited because I don't have a mean teacher for the rest of the school year and I'm done with gym and i only have 2 years to go including this one so my question is do you ever get this way and my other is how do you feel about the beginning of school?

Are you excited for school?

Yes, Im sooo exited!!!
I still have to go
shopping for clothes, so Im exited for that
too :D

lol, ur right about the pencils. I couldn't find
any either

Have a good year, everyone!!! XD

Why am i so excited for school to start?

lately since school has been out, im excited to go to school, im looking forward to getting my class scheledule, im looking forward to getting my old teacher back from 7th grade, and im now going into 10th, im excited that i got my braces off 2 weeks ago and people get to see the new me, and also im excited to go uniform shopping and looking cute in my uniform, and im looking forward to buying school supplies, and how im going to organize everything, like getting book covers, getting binders and pens, and im excited about righting biology notes and histroy notes, and stuff like that. why is thiss!!! the only thing i hate is spanish! but how can i get this feeling out of me!

I can't sleep because I'm too excited for school tomorrow?!?

That happens to me too! Whenever I know I have to be somewhere the next day, I have trouble sleeping. Here's what you do: First off, no more exercise. That just gets your heart racing and your blood pumping. You will eventually cool down, though.

You really can't get a glass of milk? Cause that might help. If you really can't, then just lie down and tell yourself that whatever happens, you're going to at least lie down and relax until it's time to get up, so you won't be exhausted. Then, think of a topic, like how many fruits and vegetables you had yesterday, or think of the 10 best things that you did or saw or found out about in 2011. I have used both of those thoughts, and I always fall asleep before I'm done making my list. You will too. Also, it helps if you tell yourself that going back to school is no big deal.

Good luck and have a good day in school tomorrow.

Teens! Are you excited for school to start?

I am so excited for school to start! I am 18 and starting college. I'll be going to the school of my dreams in California! I'm so excited to be away on my own,studying what I love to do, which is tennis! I'm going to an awesome college! I'll be independent on my own! I can do whatever I want! It'll be so great. I am also so excited to get out of my small little town! On to a new adventure with new people, new places etc! I'm also gonna take a semester abroad in a different country. It will be soo amazing! To study a new language and meet new people! YES IM SO EXCITED! lol

Dorm parties, finding an apartment of my very own hehe. My boyfriend is going to the same college as me, so it'll be awesome!

Who else is excited for high school!?

OH MY GOSH. I am so super duper excited! ^_^
I've been freaking out over how excited I am for about two weeks now. As soon as the calendar said "August" I felt like "WOO!" because my freshman year starts August 19th. I have orientation on Thursday, the 12th.
Haha, I've actually been googling "back to school" and "high school" and everything for the last two months. I feel pretty prepared. :D

Are you excited about entering high school?

Hahahahahaha.You guys have a great sense of humor.I’ve spent the few remaining, precious days of summer vacation weeping, along with everyone else. Of course, there are a few weirdos who are actually excited to go onto high school, but please.I’d take middle school over high school any day.I’m not too thrilled about my schedule, either. For one, I have science first period. Not only that, but I now have to wake up at 7:20. In middle school, I’d wake up at around 8:45 and arrive at school at around 9:10.My brother rolled his eyes at me. “Freshmen,” he muttered underneath his breath as I ranted to him.He then proceeded to scan over my schedule and promptly told me that two of the seven teachers I have are terrible and I should probably go to the counselor to drop out of their classes.Not only that, but I know my homework load is probably going to triple, or maybe even quadruple.Of course, that’s what my smart friends are for.(I’m just kidding if any of you guys are reading this-you guys know who you are- I repeat, I’m just kidding)Written as part of Laura Chiu’s School Session, August 2017

I'm so excited for school tomorrow I can't sleep?

I'm really excited for school tomorrow because my family week vacation is over and I get to talk to my friends more often (they were all going on trips the whole week) and have more fun in school!
I'm also really excited because I'm writing this huge hetalia fanfic and I have all the ideas for the upcoming chapters, my internet friends are really excited to read it, which makes me super happy.

What can I do to calm down so I can sleep?
By the way music doesn't help, it makes me pumped even if it's relaxing music.

What are some reasons to be excited to go back to school in high school?

Depends on alot things but I can give you a list of things I was excited for…All right now that I wrote my list I’ll get to a list of things I should have been excited for(if I didn't have social aneixty and acted more like I do today)Make new friendsI talked to a lot of people about school related stuff but I never made any real friends(besides my best friend at a different school). However my junior year I made some friends(that I actually hung out with and it was the best year of my life despite alol the setbacks at the end of the year)Chance to improve GPAI was always content with my GPA by the end of the year but I never really studied much. However at the beginning of the year I would say “I’m going to get a 4.0”. About a month before finals would start I would be sitting at my usual 3.0–3.2 then bump up my 88–89% classes to 89.5–90% and get a 3.4–3.6.Tryouting for sports/other after school stuffBwcause of my heart problem(and lack of working out) I was never alethic and my ceiling as far as potentail to grow was very low. That being said if I had a normal heart and was more active(which I would have because I love sports) I would look forward to that. However it caused me to take robotics instead and I have to say that it was good for me to have a place after school where I could go talk to people and fun(and build robots but mainly just have fun).Any classes you enjoyMy senior year I took a Sports Liturature class and it was the best thing ever. Because I loved sports so much I got really into the class and became one of the better writers. My favorite thing was writing commentaries and when we were assigned it as the final project I had written two different commentaries a week before the project was due(not bragging just saying I really liked the class).