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I Am Stuck In A Makeup Rut Help

I am stuck in a makeup rut, please help!?

If you're spending more than 5 mins. on your makeup each day, you're putting TOO MUCH ON.

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Less is MORE, less skin poisoning.

Many beauty & hair products now have LABEL INGREDIENTS and DISCLAIMERS, specially makeup, they are required to put labels so consumers are aware to watch for chemicals: DBP, TITANIUM, MERCURY, HYDROQUINONE, LEAD, formaldehyde (another name DMDM Hydantion) or Toluene solvent, that causes cancer or harm us. Example: if you're reaching for antibacterial soap instead of regular soaps: antibacterial soap products contain chemical ingredients, such as triclosan and triclocarban, which may carry unnecessary risks given that their benefits are unproven.

Nicki Minaj: “With makeup, I started using more natural tones. I never thought I’d love nude lipstick, but I really do. I just feel sexier. Less is definitely more. . . . . I went so far to the other side that there's only one place to go from there. You can either continue doing costumes or you can just say, 'Hey guess what? This will shock them even more. Doing nothing will shock them even more.'"

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I'm stuck in a

wow you ARE PRETTY! let me congradulate you first on how good you look as a mom! now i have a good store for you! you look like the type of person who would dress casually..and i think you would look GREAT in these clothes

get what i mean?

Stuck in a makeup rut - HELP!?

If you look alot like your avatar i would experiment with some violet eye shadows or some pastel lid colors for spring.
makeup makes a big difference on enhancing your features. pick a favorite feature on your you have lush lips? play them up, choose a nice lip stick that will complement your skin tone like a coral or light peach for light skin and blonde hair. make sure its a warm color. then play everything else on your face down, like eyes and cheeks. just use mascara and a light pearlecent eyeshadow. do you like your eyes? do the same play them up with a bright shimmery light eyeshadow color like aqua, green, violet, or frosty blue, line and use mascara . play lips and cheeks down with a clear gloss or nude lipstick. your eyes are a pretty blue go with an aqua eyecolor or a vivid light purple.

Stuck in a makeup rut! HELP ME :)?

You should try doing a new style. That happens to me all the time. I mess around with my make up and then end up creating something that looks great so I wear it for awhile and after a month I'm like "eww did it always look this bad?" I think we just get used to looking that way. So when things start to look "blah" again I go mess around with my make up, or I even google pictures for inspiration. Try doing a dark colour on the outsides of your eyes and then a light color on the inside, it will be much different from what you've been doing, but different. Maybe just add a light coloured eye shadow to what you've been doing. The right shade can make even something simple look new and fantastic. I look horrible with no make up, but as soon as I put black eyeliner on the bottom and top lids, it looks like I did something without doing much, but I usually wear some eyeshadow too. Try something like a light pink. It won't be bright and noticeable, but soft and cute. Or try something in a LIGHT golden brown colour with a shimmer. Shimmer/sheen NOT glitter, some people confuse that. Third picture is shimmer, 4th is glitter. Which doesn't work unless you're doing a modeling shoot, or you're a drag queen or raver or doing something extravagant.

I'm stuck in a rut. Help me get out of it please!?

While you're still in this job you must allocate significant time to re-train. The longer you can endure the job you hate the more income you'll have.

Your options are threefold, I think :-

- Seek a new employed job/career
- Become self-employed
- Eventually attend full time education/training.

Note the self-employment would be advisable in something you've got expertise in. By the mid-30s you may have around 15-20 years experience. Only you can know the amount.

With the further study, this could be either at a bricks & mortar establishment or by distance learning (eg. the OU).

What new career is for you?
Try the Myers-Briggs Test, which is the industry standard used to determine one's aptitudes, attitudes & interests. From this you will get a list of the best careers for you.

To pay your bills etc just try to remain in your present job until you can safely leave.

Hope I've helped...

I am stuck in a make-up rut!! I have been using the same color eyeshadow for awhile now. I need a change?

Try Almay. They have three different sets of eyeshadow that coordinantes with your eye color. They are very natural and pretty. One for blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes. They even have matching eyeliner and mascara. I use the green and everyone compliment how it makes my eyes just pop and shine. They are good for any skin color. Plus Almay is Hypo-Allergenic and good for your skin. The eyeshadows come in a set of four colors. You can get them at Wal-mart, walgreens, ...

When i was 22 i started a new job in Windsor, worked all the time for little pay and although loved it was doing little else when i picked up 3 hitchhikers one night who asked me that if they gave me some money for petrol would i take them to oxford to try find a party as it was student city, so doing little else i said ok. we never found a party to crash so i eventually drove them home to their shared flat in maidenhead and spent the night just talking to the girl, leaving about 6am. i couldnt remember giving her my address so was surprised when she turned up about 11am. We went for a few drinks, i made a meal then we had out of the blue sex, but what struck me about her was her free spirit and that she didnt care about convention and saved what little money she had to do stuff like parachute jumping just for the experience. when she left, i had a ‘WTF am i doing with my life’ moment, so shortly after packed my job in, sold what i could including the car, and then went travelling across europe, north africa and the middle east for a year. When i got home I was in a good place, had a better outlook, then found a good job easily, in fact i thought taking a year out would hinder me, but think it actually helped me, and made me appreciate things and people a lot more and gave me a little more confidence to take the decisions I wanted, not necessarily whats traditionally ‘for the best’. I did the same again in australia & asia 5 years later before i considered settling down, and occasionally think about what would have happened had i not had that little spur at that time. I never saw her again, i couldnt remember where she lived (not that i would have looked), and she never called, but on the remote chance she’s reading this, cheers Kate, i still remember ya.

Ask yourself very deeply and sincerely what you really want to do NOW. Not a day dream about dining with the royal corgis. not something that NEEDS to be done. At the moment you're Caught In The Trap that routine can easily become. It's a trap that can quite easily become ones existence. Eg wake up get dressed feed the cat have breakfast then make sure that you have everything to do the same routine tomorrow ,you might get weeties coffee cat food.. repeat ad infinitum. Boom !! Night arises and your day has gone.. your achievement consists of ensuring you can do the same tomorrow. Only you can break your routine it's up to you to get out and find something new to do something that will lead to new experiences and new people. Constant small changes will ensure you have a mindset and attitude that don't become to rigid. Life wasn't meant to be about existence it was meant to be an adventure.

I’ve got news for you. No company wants you to learn new stuff on their time.Also, why would the company want you to learn new stuff that is useless to them. For example, if you learn the basics of Hadoop, it would be hard to convince your company to start up a cluster if everything still works on Oracle or MySQL.Why would the company want you to learn a new skill that another company would pay more to hire you? Isn’t the pay good enough?You need to be convinced that you are in charge of your own career. Stop blaming the company for your lack of technical progress.When I graduated from college, I was fortunate to be hired into a Silicon Valley company and they had a reimbursements for education as long as the subject was related to the work I did. Since I was a programmer, I took a lot of classes (8086/68000 Assembly Language, MS Windows Programming, Unix Internals, Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, UI Interface, Network Fundamentals (i.e. TCP/IP, UDP/IP, etc.), Java, C++, Wireless Protocols…and the list goes on). Many of these subjects were not on the radar of being used by the company I was working for. The company viewed it as a benefit for retaining employees, not as avenues for business expansion. Your multinational company should have a similar benefit and you should take advantage of it.Here is a webpage of UCSC Extension and look at the titles of the classes. If you don’t recognize the technology they are teaching, you should take that class. Engineering and TechnologyEven then, I still needed to “self-teach” myself on a multitude of subjects. C, C++, Perl, Python, SQL, JUnit, Struts, MongoDB, Hadoop, Embedded Programming, DB Schema Normalization and Query Plans, etc. Don’t limit yourself by the class schedules of extension classes.I don’t remember a time where I’m idly waiting for the company to tell me to learn something. In my opinion, if the company tells you to learn a new technology, it’s too late because to the rest of the world it’s old technology.Take control of your own career and never look back.

You're experiencing what I believe is a common phenomenon, but it's great that you're aware of it and trying to find ways to improve your situation.Coincidentally, today's TED Talk might be of interest to you: 5 ways to kill your dreams. You might also look at David Brooks' excellent talk, Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy?As an aside: I think we often search for things to make us happy instead of considering what might fulfill us, what might give us meaning. Maybe you could consider problems you're passionate about solving, things in the world that need fixing. Good luck!