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I Am Student Of 12th Pcb With Comp. What Should I Do After This To Earn More Than 2 Lacks Salary .

What are some options for a biology student other than medicine after class 12 in India?

Not all students who choose Medical stream as a career option after 12th pcb stream wish to become doctors or dentists. In Indian society, it is an auto assumed scenario. If a child opts for 12th science stream (PCB), society starts to believe and see them as future doctors. Due to this false impression, in most of the cases, students are forced to appear for medical entrance exams even if they don’t wish to. Sometimes, it is misleading as students themselves also start believing that they must become a doctor, or dentist. Lack of professional guidance results into disasters as when students realize that they are just running behind the crowd, they have already lost good amount of time.Here, I am shifting the focus from MBBS and BDS to “OTHER CAREER OPTIONS in LIFE SCIENCES” and listing out some of the possible career options for 12th Science Stream students who like to study life sciences but do not wish to become doctors.Students with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at 10+2 can opt for career in Life Sciences. If you are choosing career in Life Science, then some of the courses that can be considered for graduation are: 1. Bachelor courses (B. Sc.) in core Life Science subjects, that include specialization in Zoology, Botany, Geology, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Biomedical engineering, Genetics or Page on General.2. Bachelor courses in Applied sciences: Biotechnology, Forensic Sciences and criminology, Bioinformatics3. Bachelor course in Pharmacy (B Pharma)4. Bachelor of Science : Nursing5. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture: Agricultural Meteorology, Agronomy6. Bachelor of Science in Food Technology7. Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Wood Technology8. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Fish and Fisheries9. Bachelor of PhysiotherapyFor more details on College and Course Information you might like to read- Career Options in Life Sciences after 12thJob Prospects and Career Options in Life Sciences