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I Am Supposed To Be The Moderator Of The Mississippitheatre Group But When I Login It Doesn

How do I prepare for group discussion?

Many people have misconception about GD that eloquence of a person is key to success in GD.well that's partially true . GD is mainly conducted to check many soft skills of a person which does include your Articulation but its not the only thing .Every selected person will be working in a team after joining the firm and this is the primary reason why GD is being conducted.They want to find a person who is good fit for the organization.  And no one is going to select you just because you spoke fluently.What HR scrutinize during GD :Who is an excellent listener(doesn't mean you have to be super silent :))Who is actively contributing(doesn't mean speaking like Dhoni :) )Is he short Tempered?(Big No if you are.Never show emotions ). Because you are going to work in team environment with your colleagues . Being short tempered will hurt you .The important is being rational and prudent.How you Disagree?How you resolve conflicts?How you Channelize the discussion towards conclusion?How you excuse yourself?Does he know what GD v/s Debate means?Always remember you are in GD not debate . Don't start brawling.What you must be doing :Always try to start first and conclude at last no matter how less you know about the topic.SERIOUS NOTE : If you are totally blank about the topic then never start or you may create another similar story ;) What are some of the most interesting stories of placements at NITs to date?Always respond not react.Never debate.Never Interrupt.Have patience.Speak only as much as necessary . You are not being judged by how long you can speak . So be precise.If Agree then say it and if not then must do it but in gentle manner.You are been judged for this behavior.Try to score full. No vocab Ninza : GD is not the situation to show you possess high vocabulary.It will hurt you back.Try to be normal.Try contributing at regular intervals.Don't get lost after a brisk start.Show Confidence even if you know that you are speaking the biggest s**t the world has ever heard :). It will prove worthy.Other stuffs you should try to do :Shake hands with people around you before starting GD and try to do it when HR is near by.Dude you have hit the gold..I did it and that just made my day.They will see you as a perfect team player and that's what they are looking for ..Eye contact : With all participants but never with the HR..neverThis is it for the GD.Just maintain the alacrity during GD.Good Luck :)

Is Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy worth the money for singing lessons?

How can you compare Ken Tamplin with these other vocal coachesIf you search Ken Tamplin's name on Wikipedia, you will see he has 40albums out.While these other vocal coaches have zero.Ken has toured on some of the biggest stages in the world for 30 yearsThese other vocal coaches - none.Ken has studied under some of the world's greatest vocal coaches for 30 years.These other vocal coaches, basically none.Ken has performed hundreds of songs in film and TV, look him up on IMDb.These other vocal coaches - none.Can has worked with some of the greatest music producers in the worldaccording to his bio. Simply Google it and you will see.These other vocal coaches - none.So let me get this straight. He can sing for some of the worldsgreatest music producers, has 40 of his own albums out, has toured theworld for 30 years, studied under some of the worlds greatest vocalcoaches, has around 400 vocal l demonstrations on YouTube with 30million views where again these other vocal coaches have none, hisstudents also sing amazing, these other vocal coaches show no studentssinging, and you're going to compare this?Something fishy responses indeed.

People are saying that speech should not be censored simply for containing offensive or discriminatory words. What about being a total jerk, then? Does that mean, for example, bullies are free to be rude and insensitive?

[For the Nth time] Free speech only protects you from government censorship or punishment. What happens elsewhere is your problem.Bullies are not free to be rude and insensitive in private spaces if the owners of those spaces have the backbone to shut them down. Any employer should do so. So should teachers, judges, chat room moderators, restaurant managers, and anybody else who has the power to do so.For example, Riot Games used to have a terrible problem with abusive behavior in its game League of Legends. They studied the problem and devised means to discourage bullying. That was absolutely the right thing to do.I have no problem with privately silencing obnoxious people. My house, my rules. If you insist on being obnoxious, you’re not going to do it in any space I control.In the UK, saying something to a person in the street that causes them fear or alarm is a punishable crime. The law against harassment is pretty strong there.

What do you think about Leah Remini now going after Jehovah's Witnesses on A&E, is she going too far or is she doing the right thing?

Well this question can be seen from different angles (and I haven't watched it yet):On one side, Remini has credible experience (i.e. skin in the game) with high-control groups, and far more Jehovas Witnesses are following the Watchtower Society than there have ever been Scientologists. According to the recent count of the annual Memorial Ceremony, there are about 20 million people affiliated to Jehovas Witnesses and around 8 million or more people actively involved in preaching work. Hence, it is legit to say that JWs are the single most important, uniform and actively proselytizing high-control group in the world* (referring to size and international spread). So, if she can isolate useful insights from her CoS experience and convey them in a show like that, then I think there is definitely an added value from exposing JWs.On the other side, there is of course the commercial aspect. Negative coverage on cults always attracts people because pretty much everyone can agree with it (apart from most practitioners of the cult) and this is levered by the emotional outburst that dropouts naturally exhibit. If it went well with 'Scientology and the aftermath', it's plausible to assume more money waits when applying the same thing to a bigger high-control group. However, economic incentives are not per se bad. They just don't necessarily align with a real added value.Personally, I would judge the show by the extent of accurateness about JWs, the effort to cover conflicting opinions and come up with reasonable conclusions, and of the "innovativeness" of those insights about JWs (i.e. not what we'd have found after a 15-min google research).*One could also see the Mormons there but their degree of active participation in society simply brings them down to a level below JWs, who demonize the outer world in its every inch.

What is the quality of students who take up CSE in KIIT?

I am studying CSE in KIIT. In my class there's a ten pointer, there's a 7.5 pointer. I myself scored 85 per cent in the AISSCE. Albeit, I had scored 10 CGPA in X CBSE Boards. In my class there are seven to eight who scored above 90 percent in the AISSCE. (In case you wondered I scored 9.31 in my first sem)Now, let me take you to what happens while being alloted a branch. This is what happened during my counselling and registration. We were being called according to our ranks and only our ranks in the KIITEE. We formed a queue to the stage where it was easy for the administration to regulate the various steps of the registration like verification, branch allotment, fee collection, etc. When I got to the stage there were 57 seats left in CSE. By the time I got down from the stage there were only 15 left. Its almost a race over there. Again no offence meant, but the students with better ranks invariably go for CSE, then EEE, then Mechanical or Civil and others. The students in CSE have better ranks in KIITEE than in other branches. But whether they are really better or not as students or as people is a different issue.My classmates are fun people. They study, they bunk, they procrastinate, they impress, they socialize. They are like everybody else in the universe, unique in their own way. There are some facts like CSE hosting the best Freshers' Party back to back. CSE also has a good share of coordinators in fests and other events. There is always the matter of perspective. Being just good in studies doesn't mean they are better people. As a KIIT CSE student forgive me for cheering for my own team. But Hell Yeah! We are a far better group. :)