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I Am Taking Honors Geometry Next Year As Freshman What Should I Expect And What Would Be Easy And

Is Geometry Honors hard, Freshman year?

I've always been pretty good in Math but never in an honors class. For my freshman year, I'm going to take Honors Geometry. It's all set for my freshman year. I'm just wondering, is it hard? I heard that Geometry is already difficult in the first place.

Is Geometry Honors hard for a Freshman?

Hi :) ok so this is coming from someone who's taken honors geometry. First of all, the whole "if you're bad in algebra you'll be good at geometry and vice versa" is not true. I have a friend,she had an A+ in honors algebra 1. And an A+ in honors geometry. I think it depends more on if you're logical. If you're logical then you'll do fine in honors geometry.If you're not logical then you are going to have to work super hard to get an A in honors geo.

In my school,(it's different in every school) honors geometry is way different from regular geometry. There is a completely different geometry book for honors.Basically in honors geometry = mostly proofs, and harder quizzes/tests (since the teacher expects a bit more out of you).Regular geometry is barely any proofs, and obviously easier tests and quizzes than honors.I think you should either ask a freshman in honors geometry or you're math teacher if 1. there's a different book for honors geo. than regular (if you don't already know). If there's a different book maybe you should could see the different book vs the normal regular geometry book. That will give you a perspective on how different regular vs honors will be.

You should ask yourself if you're willing to do proofs and memorize theorems for the whole year?If yes then take that class, if no then don't.Also, if you think you can handle honors geometry then take it. If you're uncertain because you feel like you'll get a bad grade, then determine how much effort you're willing to put in. All I can say is,choose wisely and only take the class if you're positive that you have the determination and effort to do it.

I'm failing Freshman Honors Geometry. HELP!?

I hate to break it to you, but if your grade is that bad you should have switched a long time ago.Even more importantly you should have realized that the math teacher you had last year was too easy and talked to a counselor about being put in the correct math class a long time ago.Take responsibility people.Get off the computer, stay off the computer and open the book.If your not going to take the responsibility to make sure you are in the right class, you should atleast take responsibility for how you spend your time.

Should I take honors Geometry freshman year, or standard algebra 2?

Great question. First, realize that colleges will have no idea what you did in 8th grade, so to their eyes, you're taking the class for the first time. Tier 1 schools will want to see that you were taking the most rigorous coursework available to you. Most of the people who apply to Tier 1 schools will be taking the advanced class and getting As. Tier 2 schools will want to see a strong GPA with less of a regard for what classes you took to get there, so taking H Geometry and getting an A would be a good practice. But you need to analyze what you're doing in the rest of your classes, in order to answer this question correctly. If you're taking non-honors and non-AP classes in general, then take the H Geometry. If you're taking honors and AP classes in general, then take the more challenging math. Hope this helps.

Are honors classes hard? What should I expect in freshman year?

I am currently in eighth grade right now. I am in all advanced classes and I am recommended for mostly honors classes next year. This is how my choice list goes...
Honors English 1
Honors Geometry
World History and Cultures
Honors Biology
Percussion Ensemble
Integrated Computer Applications
CP Italian 2

At the moment, I am getting nervous about next year. Honestly, I don't know what to expect and I NEED some guidance . If anyone has taken honors courses like mine, have you had a lot of work? What is the average work load?

Is it hard taking all honors classes for freshmen?

AP Geometry? or Geometry honors, well anyways I took Honors Geometry freshman year and to come to your surprise, it was actually easy; although I would advise you to do a bit of studying before the tests. (tests are a huge factor in grades, if you flunk one; your precious A can turn into a C)

French AP; lots of studying but that's just all. It's not hard but probably a little time consuming.

Overall, you'll be fine and will also have the chance to squeeze in all those extracurriculars. No they are not hard but there will be days that you might get stuck on something; all you have to do is work your way through it. Don't forget to balance everything out (grades, extracurricular)

Should I take Algebra I in high school (freshman) or Geometry?

If you are going to continue in math, there’s probably nothing more important than being fluent in Algebra. Pretty much every math course you are likely to take for the next few years except Geometry will assume you can do Algebra I. You’ll have a much easier time in those courses if you can competently push those symbols around and show them who’s boss.The good news is Algebra I isn’t that hard. You can pick it up at Khan Academy or with a book this summer or while you’re taking Geometry. It’s worth learning to do well if you’re going to be in any field where math is used.Geometry is kind of a template for how axiomatic systems are set up and theorems and proofs produced. That’s a pattern that recurs in math. But in my experience the actual axioms you’ll use, like Side-Angle-Side congruence gives congruent triangles, doesn’t get reused in your future classes. I think high school Geometry is the last vestige of two millennia of teaching Euclid’s Elements.Anyway, one way or another learn algebra. Eventually you can start making your own special cases of common formulas. Here’s the To Be or Not To Be ([math]2b[/math] or [math]-2b[/math]) Quadratic formula: [math]x^2–2bx+c=0[/math] has solutions [math]x=b \pm \sqrt{b^2-c}.[/math] You’re welcome.Good luck!

Honors Geometry?

Math isn't my best subject, but it's also not my worst subject. I was good at honors algebra and then the next year when I took geometry my grades were about the same. However, my geometry teacher was a pretty tough guy and his tests were HARD. However, I love geometry (so far, it's my favorite branch of math, but maybe calculus next year will change that?) What's important is that you try. If you try your hardest and the best you can do is an 85, then that's still a good grade. When you start to look into college more, a lot of websites and magazines will tell you that it's better to take tougher classes and get good grades than to take easy classes and get phenomenal grades. It's more important that you challenge yourself and work hard.

Good luck next year :)