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I Am Thinking Of Coloring My Hair

I am thinking about using Color Jamz to dye my hair. Should I?

It's not the best dye I've used. It doesn't last especially long. You'll have to bleach your hair and then I would mix the Color Jamz with a leave in conditioner (conditioner seals in the color). Put a shower cap on and leave it in over night. Wash your hair with the coldest water you can stand (hot water strips the color fast). This will probably keep it from fading too fast.

I am thinking of dying my hair a different color. I have dirty blonde right now, neutral skin, and blue eyes. Should I go darker or lighter? And what shades will work the best for my skin?

I suggest going to a wig shop and trying on wigs of different hair colors, and get a first-hand look at what colors will look good on you, and I suggest taking a friend with you whose opinion and judgement you trust. Try on some red-haired wigs in different shades of red: strawberry blonde, bright auburn, dark red, etc. Try some wild colors and styles, try black, try platinum blonde. Have fun!

I want to have my hair cut and colored. What do you think?

Hey there! Ok so I want a change. I have never highlighted my hair an was thinking about it. But I love my hair color, an I want a change. I think I am holding on to the color because I am scarred I wont like it or something will go wrong. But please let me know what you think. Thanks!

This is how I want my hair cut an maybe colored to.. but my hair is very long(almost to my waist, so a long version of this hairstyle)..

.. or should I have my hair cut like the Duff pic an colored like this?..

.. or should I leave my hair color the same an cut it like the Duff picture? (this picture is of me)

Dying my hair blue wut do u think ?

You can do lots of different things with dye!
You can do patters such as;;
coontails [ or ]
and leopard print [ ] <-- but in blue.

Highlights [ ],
blue tips[ ],
blue bangs[ ],
and the top half black&&the bottom half blue ((vise versa)).

Hope I've helped in anyway! :D && good luck with everything!

-Bows. [:

Does your culture and hair color determine the way you think?

Hair color, give me a break. Culture, YES. The culture you are raised in probably accounts for 99% of the way you think. Only 1 in 1000 will reject their cultural conditioning and only 1 in 10,000 will ever be capable of independent thought. Our gurus and shamans tell us what to think and most people, like sheep, need to be led. When in Rome, you do as the romans do. Cultural mythologies (i.e. religions) are poweful forces and hard to break free of.

I’m thinking of dyeing my hair really dark green, like almost unnoticeable. I naturally have dark brown hair. Will it look good if I just add green hair dye?

It likely won’t hold in the hair very long on natural hair / not previously processed. Likely a waste of time & $$.