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I Am Trying To Loose Weight In About 2 Months

I am 68 kg/164 cm trying to lose weight in 2 months?

Yes, try to cut down on the candies/salts you're eating (even if it's just a little bit you're eating, it will help!).
What I also do is, I run 5 times a week, and even if it is for only 15 minutes (I would recommend 30 min) you will still lose weight, though it may take longer if you run only 15 minutes.

How can I lose weight in 2 months?

the healthy amount of weight to lose each week is about 1-2 pounds, there are 8 weeks in 2 months so you could lose about 16 pounds. but some weeks you lose more than that. don't try any of those fad diets. the only thing you really lose is water weight, and then you end up binge eating and going into a cycle of saying im going to lose weight, then you end up bingeing the next and hating yourself. if you have a pool in your back yard go out for a swim, if not buy some water baloons and go run around with friends in a backyard or a local park, go for a bikeride, go on a hike with your parents, as for eating

eat breakfast that doesnt just mean eat 4 oreos and that counts

breakfast= 1 peice of fruit (orange or an apple) 1 cup of special k cereal.

snack (2-3 hours after breakfast) a bannana and some green tea (green tea helps speed up weight loss by increasing the metabolism)

lunch= whole wheat turkey sandwhich (if u dont have whole wheat then have half of a sandwhich and make some soup. but try not to have any creamy soups meaning clam chowder, brocceli and cheeder, etc

dinner= this should be the smallest meal of the day because you arent going to be using very much energy so if you eat more then you need before u go to bed your food will be stored as fat.

you dont have to cut out any food that you eat (your a kid go out and live a little) but things should be kept in moderation such things as


chips (sunchips are healthy though)

soda (diet sodas are actually even worse then regular sodas so just try to avoid that all together)

and read labels. i no you probably dont no half of wats on their but here are some things to avoid
saturated fats, trans fat, and especially highfructose corn syrup (its practically in every thing so dont stress if you eat something with it in it) but highfructose corn syrup is basically a cheap form of sugar. only it as 1 alchol chemical in it so your body doesnt no what to store it as it ends up storing it in the liver and it ends up being even worse for you then trans and saturated fats.

How to lose weight in 2 months?

Walking is the best exercise to loose fat. A Phd in physical education informed me of that and I was very surprised.

So, if you only need to loose belly fat, that should work.

In addition to walking, any other activity you enjoy is good (swimming, skiing, volleyball, martial arts, dancing, etc.). There are some excellent DVDs on the market, I like the ones from is FREE and has everything you need, including how much protein, fat and carbs you should eat, and how much calories you need to eat per day.

I have been walking 1 hour a day on my tread mill and it really works; my waist has been shrinking faster than when I used to do aerobics.

1. walk (if you have a dog you found a faithful walking buddy)
If you like dogs and do not have one, volunteer at your local SPCA to walk the shelter dogs, you will do them – and yourself a big favor at the same time.

2. drink at least 2 liters of water a day (it helps flush the fat)

3. avoid fried foods

4. fill 1/2 your plate with vegetables, 1/4 with lean meats (chicken, fish or tofu) and the remaining 1/4 with either potatoes, brown rice or whole wheat noodles.

5. stick with whole wheat bread and low fat margarine

6. stay away from sugar.

7. eat snacks (ideally: low fat yogourt or low fat cheese with a fruit) twice daily. I love the 94% fat free popcorn.

If you are a teen-ager you should not be starving yourself, you are growing up, so eat all you want but choose the right foods.

Measure yourself to see the change. Muscles weigh more than fat, so you might loose fat but it might not be showing on the scale. Your clothes will start to feel loose soon.

If you eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks a day, and you keep drinking water, you will speed up your metabolism.

How can a 13-year old lose weight in 2 months?

I weigh about 159 Lbs and I am about 5 feet tall. I really want to lose weight. I have tried being on diets but i always slip up and eat a burger or something. It's really hard since after school i am really hungry and the first thing that always comes up is McDonald. I really hate it because all the kids at my school either have six packs or are able to run a mile in less then 10 min. What i mean is that i'm usually last in running a mile. I really really want to lose weight but i want to do it the right way not like throw up on purpose or something like. Thanks

How can I lose weight in 2 months without going to the gym?

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Why am I not losing weight? I am confused, it's 2 months I have joined gym & lost 6 kgs in starting but from15 days no weight loss?

Thanks for putting this across because I love to answer this question so much. A lot of clients on their initial consultation have come to me with this question and I always love answering this.First all of it’s important to know why someone should lose weight. Talking about importance of healthy living and weight loss, I wrote my blog sometime back: Nutrition Matters By Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal | Best Dietician in DelhiNow coming to your question. There are a few common mistakes that 90% of us do while moving towards our health goals. These mistakes often restrict our weight loss journey and make our weight stuck. Read here: This is why you’re still not losing weight!Sometimes it’s important to break the monotony of your body by altering the food intake. Read here: Let’s Detox! Everything you want to know about Detox Diets is here!Hope my answer helps you. Have a nice and a healthy day.Ankita