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I Asked This Old Friend A Girl I Used To Like To Homecoming And She Said Yes We End Up Slow

Does she like me? Should I have asked her to dance?

I love this girl. I think about her literally 24/7. We talk a lot, and I can't really tell if she likes me or not. I think she does. Tonight was the homecoming dance, and at the end there was a slow dance. She came over to me and said "hey" almost like she was expecting me to ask her to dance. But i just couldn't do it. I'm good friends with a lot of her best friends. Any tips on how i get her?

Also, for girls. Do you usually say hey to a guy when you want him to ask you to dance?

How can I convince this girl that she's beautiful? (long story ahead)?

First of all, it sounds as though you actually stood up for her all those years ago. That's a plus for certain. Perhaps she was distraught feeling she was an embarrassment to you then. Could be. Probably should have handled it better then, but at 14 not much will seem - or go - right. Further, I'm not sure what else you could've done. From your recount of back then, I don't see that you did anything wrong ...just the opposite. Your friends were beyond cruel, but I can assure you that there are plenty of idiots around even when you're older. There are always idiots; you deal with them. It's part of being an adult.

Flash to today. Here's my advice: Either print this page or show it to her online. You've said exactly what she needs to hear. If she doesn't believe it, then it's probably a lost cause. If for some reason she thinks you've "put someone up" to answer the way I just have, contact me and I'll be happy to prove it wrong. I can't imagine any woman not being thrilled to read of someone having the opinion of them that you have for her.

Print it. All of it.

Life goes by much faster than you realize (giving away my age...) and sometimes you must make a move or the moment is lost. Rivers do not run backwards.

Good luck to both of you.

Asked my 16 year old girlfriend to i need a little help?

You have a full ride to vet school give college a chance. You said you will be living with her mother you realize that you are going from one set of parents rules to another?
If you will be living at her house will you be helping with the mortgage,utilities, water, phone.Yes, you should help with all those things if you live there that is not apart of the full ride. Even if it is okay with her parents. This will put stress on their parents marriage. Who pays for all your things now?
Think about it. Yes, you are in love with your best friend and that is wonderful. but.... the is always a but.... if it is love then live in the dorm and continue to date or be engaged. Vet school is very hard and already know that. You know there is a lot you will have to sacrifice. Is she willing to stand by you during the all night cram sessions for bigger tests than you have ever taken in your life? All the time she has to spend alone because you have to study or be at the lab?
If the love is there she will want you to do want you have worked so hard to get. a full ride to vet school. If you love her will want her to go to college. not just become your wife. Start college live in the dorm date her and keep talking about what a wonderful life you will have together after you both graduate. don't become a divorce statistic. and money will be an issue.
Once your are married how will you support her while you are in college? The full ride is for you not for you and your wife. College treats married couples different if they live on campus and if your full ride includes the dorm they didn't include your wife.
If you are ready to be married yor shouldn't have to "get used to the change" Not many people get the chance you have been given. love each other yes, learn about each other out of high school, texting is not dating. test the waters of the relationship during college if it is love it will make it. don't reverse the steps you will end up resenting each other.
Breakup are breakups 4.0 or not. she is the girl of your dreams then she will be there for you no matter what. and yes it's hard to do what you did to get into vet should be proud of that and give colleget a chance. you may think you can do both right now but that is because you are not doing both. College doesn't hold your hand like they do in highschool. Best of luck .

He tried to have sex with me? I let him, but now I think he doesn't like me anymore (please read ALL!)?

it may be hard to do thids but you need to put your foot down and say that enough is enough. he is using you bad, and he will just do this to another girl. people like this should be taught a lesson, tell him no, if he starts forcing you this is could get very serious, involve a parent if he ignores you. you can still text him but make sure he understands u r not his toy to play with weneva he wants . get to know other boys your age and make sure they treat you with respect, it is what you deserve, a real boyfriend will act totally different. and imagine what that girl who went to homecoming with him would think? she probably believes he is her boyfriend and what would she think and fee;l if she found out about you two? or maybe he is treating her like this too. it is disrespectful rubbish. pls dont put up with this.