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I Ate Some Really Hot Jalapenos Last Night And My Face Is Flushed This Morning. Is There A

Home Remedies For Sinus Headaches?

For the last few days I have been having awful sinus headaches and pressure in my head. Last night my head was hurting really, really bad so I took some Tylenol Sinus. It got rid of my headache, but in turn made me so nauseated I couldn't sleep. I have never been that nauseated before- it was AWFUL. Needless to say I don't want to feel that way again. Does anyone know of non-medicine remedies to get rid of sinus pain?

Why am I having a heat flash after smoking marijuana?

Cannabinoids are partly responsible for assisting your body in regulating it’s temperature. I’ve experienced hot flashes and extreme cold to the point of uncontrolled shivering with more potent strains and synthetic cannabinoids alike.Body Temperature and Cannabis: Does Pot Influence Body Heat?“So, we know why Hot Damn makes us damn hot, but what about weed? Some people experience the opposite with cannabis – it doesn’t warm us up; it cools us down.”“The reason for this reaction lies in a cell receptor called TRPA-1. The job of this receptor is to soothe pain, control inflammation, and regulate body temperature. When you eat a jalapeno, or the like, this receptor activates and starts a cool down process.”And there you have it. Science!

Can one day of eating junk food affect my weight?

You’ll be AMAZED how much weight you’ll lose after your cheat day. Here’s why.After dieting for long periods of time what can happen is your fat loss begins to slow down. The reason for this is you may run the risk of suppressing certain fat burning hormones (leptin and thyroid) and down regulating your metabolism.So how do you solve this problem? You “cheat” on your diet.Cheating is actually a MUST for those you have been dieting for long periods of time. I just recently received a comment from someone here on Quora who stated that she could not take in anymore and indulged. What she found after a few days is that she lost weight after a few days had past.I’ve used this strategy in the past every week and lost 22 pounds in a matter of a few short weeks.So have fun on your Birthday and look forward to losing more weight in a few days!P.S. Here are 3 Simple but Sneaky Steps to Eat LOTS of Carbs and NEVER Store Them as Fat...Eat Carbs and NEVER Store Fat

If the sides of my face are tingling after eating something very spicy is it dangerous?

In my youth I would recklessly divulge in spicy foods- I had a friend who would import ghost peppers and let me use them, and another friend from Malaysia who would invite us over for curry (which was very spicy). While visiting my friend on one of those curry nights she and her husband (an American) told us about when she moved to the United States and started eating our cuisine. After about a week she realized that her lips no longer tingled and commented that she thought the tingling feeling was just part of eating. I had never really thought about it, but began realizing that my spicy foods had a similar effect on my face. As I grew older my careless consumption of spice caught up with me, and now any time I eat food that is even remotely spicy I get hiccups until about half an hour after I finish eating. I still enjoy it, but only when I am willing to deal with the hiccups.The tingling can be a normal reaction to spicy food, but you should be mindful if you begin exhibiting signs of an allergic reaction. If you have difficulty breathing, break out in hives, or begins swelling you may have a dangerous sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients in the dish.

Whenever I eat spicy food, my scalp starts to itch and also when I go out in sun. why so?

In certain spicy foods, there is an active chemical called microptaprotomerase that is easily absorbed into the blood stream. It has no harmful effect on most regions of the body, however once it reaches the head area, it travels to the hair follicles and accumulates on the scalp. This is what causes your itchy skin.on the other hand,there can beCholinergic Urticaria(chronic heat hives) signs because of spicy foods.Signs and Symptoms of Cholinergic Urticaria (Chronic Heat HivesIndividuals with Cholinergic Urticaria often have no symptoms at all when they are not being exposed to a heat stimulus. They can function normally and appear to be healthy. They only begin to exhibit symptoms when they are exposed to the physical stimulus (i.e. heat).Once the individuals body temperature rises (as a result from exercise, anxiety, nervousness, etc.), he or she may start immediately going into a hives reaction as a response to the heat (and subsequent acetylcholine release). Symptoms usually appear quickly, and may persist until the individual either cools down (reduces body temperature), the individual sweats, or the reaction subsides on its own.Most of these symptoms occur simultaneously, and may persist for several minutes. In addition, a person may experience these symptoms any time they are exposed to the heat stimulus, and may have multiple reactions per day. Below is a video explaining the signs and symptoms of heat hives:1.Uncomfortable Sensation when warming2.Extreme Itching3.A Prickly “tingle” sensation4.Burning sensation on the skin5.Flushing of the skin6.Pinpoint Hives7.Small Wheals or Raised Welts

What does mace/pepper spray do to a person?

It is legal most places, but it is usually less than a complete deterrent.
Pepper spray is extremely irritating to the eyes and nasal passages, causing pain and watering.
An agitated attacker, or one who is under the influence of some narcotics, will be further enraged by pepper spray. Also, it has to be accurately delivered to the eyes to be of much use at all.
Shooting someone with pepper spray is somewhat less effective than hitting them with a brick. Better to carry a brick for self defense, and leave the pepper for your omelet.

How long before I can pass a drug test? Me vs Marijuana?

The test you will be taking can detect marijuana for up to 30 days - if you smoke like I smoke it's probably even longer.
The test doesn't really work the way people think it does though either. If you quite smoking today, drink a lot of cranberry juice (it can be cran-grape or cran-apple or other combos too) you can be showing up clean in as little as 1 week.
Don't get any system cleaning agents, they test for those now too, so even if someone says "try this you'll test clean" you'll still show using something to clean yourself out right before a drug test - guilt by association.
You can also go to Walgreens, Wal-Mart or Rite Aid and just buy a drug test to see what your results look like. That's going to be your best bet.
Now the crap part - if they do a hair follicle test or a fingernail scrape then they'll be able to tell you the last time you smoke, almost exact time of day, the amount you smoked (or close to it) and even the frequency you smoke. If they do a blood test it's more likely to show up as a positive for 30 days no matter what you try.
Things that can throw off a drug test that you most likely won't get caught or in trouble for:
Pickles - Dill not Sweet - eat one or two a day. The vinegar is what does it partially anyways.
Bananas - They're high in potassium and that's a good thing to flush sugar from your system, as the sugar and potassium detach from fatty cells they scrape the THC remnants out, sounds worse than it is and it's not a big difference it can just skew the results. Don't go crazy, just 1 banana a day.
Drink your own uring - not really I just wanted to make you say ewwwwwww!!!! Seriously never drink pee
Spicy foods - specifically somethin with peppers in it like jalapenos - peppers are stupid high in antioxidents and that my friend helps process things much better and get rid of toxans in your body.
Cranberry juice - It's often recommended to get rid of urinary tract infections, but it's a quick and basic urinary tract flusher outer kind of thing.

Now - if you're going to be in the coast guard quit smoking weed - at least switch up to the legal spice stuff and stay legit. A dishonerable discharge isn't worth the buzz amigo!