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I Blackout At Random Times Really Worried Help

What can cause blackouts when stretching or wrestling, falling when you stand up and sharp headaches?

This may be caused by any number of things. He may have atrial fibrillation (a heart condition) as many people have this condition and are undiagnosed but are 5 times more likely to have a serious stroke than someone without a-fib. He may have clogged arteries. He may have low blood volume. He may have very thick blood. It could be almost anything to cause low blood pressure. He should see a doctor and demand a referral to a specialist. His primary doctor most likely will not have the answer, but will try to prescribe something anyway. You want to treat the cause, not the symptoms. Find out the cause. It may even be an inner ear problem. He needs a doctor!

I get randomly dizzy, sort of hot, and nauseous sometimes. Ideas?

I've felt these symptoms before. However, I felt dizzy, blacked out, and woke up in a sweat, feeling like I was in a sauna, and very nauseous. Since I was in a public place, EMS responded. My blood pressure was extremely low and the trigger for the blackout. Fainting is a reset button for the body's blood pressure. Maybe you are anemic (as I found out I was). A change in diet was helpful. I still don't get much sleep (I'm the typical college student), but luckily haven't had a fainting spell in almost a year. It's nothing life threatening and might not be the same as your problem (if one is present) as I fully passed out. Perhaps try a multivitamin?

Of course, this is all speculation and can't replace a professional opinion. Don't panic, but you may want to phone your doctor to be sure. Better safe than passed out on a public restaurant's floor (like I was).

Edit: If your doctor found nothing wrong and you find him to be reliable, then perhaps some meditative exercises will help. I recall 14 as a very stressful age and emotional upset or nervousness (or worry) can trigger all sorts of things in the body.

Is it normal to randomly black out?

I am no doctor and wouldn’t want you to take false comfort in my words. If you feel you need to get checked out, please do so. I do know blacking out is often related to a sudden drop/change in blood pressure. I have fasted at times for medical purposes and that often gave me low blood pressure and I would experience extreme faintness and the beginning of blacking out if I got up very quickly and started to walk.My completely unprofessional guess based on my experiences in life is that the argument may have affected your blood pressure level, which could have caused the faintness. I would not be surprised if they are associated.On a separate note, emotional strife in general can cause havoc with your physical health, so if you find yourself in relationships which are causing you ongoing turmoil, it would be best to seek resolution for health sake alone.

I am a 15 year old boy. Sometimes when I stand up suddenly, my eyes black out and I get dizzy for a few seconds. Why does this happen?

Orthostatic hypotension, see Orthostatic Hypotension Causes & Treatment | Cleveland Clinic, that is when standing up your blood pools in your legs veins, not enough blood flows back to your heart, so your heart can’t maintain enough cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped out of the heart per minute), blood pressure will go down - although by beating faster the heart tries to compensate for this dip in cardiac output - and you feel dizzy.Usually your body will constrict these leg veins so prevents this pooling, and your heart will beat faster, you can prevent getting disease by from lying down first sit up, flex your leg muscles, then stand up so enough blood is returned to your heart.

I blackout when I get too nervous or anxious?

Since I was 11 I have had blackouts when i get too anxious. By blackouts I mean I would function on bare minimum and not have memory of any of it. When I was 11 it was a rare occurance and would only last a minute or 2 when it did happen.

Now I m 16 and I ve been having random blackouts that last for a few minutes. When I do get too nervous now it can last for a few days.

The reason I m asking is because I just got over a 2 week blackout and almost lost some good friends because I avoid people when I blackout. Its really starting to worry me.

Does anybody know why this happens?

Can having serious stress cause you to blackout?

Syncope (blackout) is a temporary and sudden loss of consciousness, most people experience it at least once in their lives.

Blackouts (not alcoholic blackouts) occur when not enough blood reaches the brain or when there are electrical disturbances in the brain.

Stress is a major factor. Dizziness and blackouts can occur when you feel shock, fear, grief, loss, pain, rage, or other emotional distress.

You could also have low blood pressure, dehydration, anemia, hypothyroidism (slow thyroid), ear infection, vitamin D deficiency, or other chemical and nutritional imbalances.

Some medicines for congestion, allergies, high blood pressure and anxiety can cause blackouts, Alcohol and illegal drugs can too.

If you experience other symptoms such as irregular heartbeart, chest pain, headaches, vision changes or speech difficulties, go get checked out.

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What would cause a split second blackout?

This sounds like a Petit Mal seizure- also known as an absence seizure, as they are characterised by a very short (approx 10–20 seconds) lapse in awareness.These seizures can be so brief that to an onlooker it appears the person is merely not paying attention or daydreaming. Sometimes the person may engage in some movement (hands still moving, chewing motion) or they may just appear to be staring into space for a short time. Once the seizure is over there is no real recovery period needed. The person will most likely resume talking or doing whatever it is they were doing, occasionally with a short pause while they regain their bearings.Of course your experience could be caused by something completely different, but if any of the above rings a bell maybe raise it with your doctor. :)

Why does my vision gradually go black with sudden dizziness for a few seconds when I suddenly stand up? Is it normal?

This is called postural or orthostatic hypotension. It’s experienced by a lot of the population, especially those who already have low blood pressure. It can be a sign of anemia, especially if you’re female. Basically what happens is that after you sit for a long time, your blood vessels are constricted and your blood pools in your legs, so when you finally stand up, those blood vessels don’t bring blood back to your hear fast enough for you blood pressure to stay constant. It’s like when you walk down the stairs and you don’t remember that there’s one more step, but instead of you, it’s just your brain having a temporary oxygen deprivation. It can be scary and really uncomfortable, but it’s pretty normal - you just have to get used to standing up a little more slowly. If the head rush feeling or the blackout lasts longer than a minute or two, or if you totally lose consciousness, you should see a doctor, and if it’s happening fairly frequently, you might want to get checked for anemia or some other cause. I’m not a doctor, so don’t take this as a diagnosis, but it’s probably just postural hypotension (people call it standing up too fast). However, my aunt thought she just had low blood pressure, and it turns out she had a blood clot in her brain and and has and oversized heart. If you’re worried, see a doctor. And bear in mind that if you experience light-headedness frequently, you’re at a greater risk for concussion, which in turn puts you at a greater risk for blood clots in your brain and seizures. Just as a closing thought.most likely, you will be just fine. Best of luck to you. :)