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I Bought A Used Couch And My Pitbull Started Chewing It Then I Found Out It Had Bed Bugs Did She

Why are Beagles so popular as pets despite their low intelligence? Doesn't their low intelligence cause problems?

Beagles don't have low intelligence. They just don't always do what you want them to do. It isn't because they don't understand what you want them to do; it's because they value their priorities over yours.When my beagle stole an entire turkey breast right off the stove when my back was turned, he knew it was wrong. That's why he waited until my back was turned, gulped the giant turkey breast down as fast as possible, and then ran and hid under the bed (with his hind legs and little beagle tail totally hanging out where I could see them).I've owned a lot of breeds of dogs, too, German shepherds, collies, retrievers, and none of them showed the utter genius for escape artistry as my beagle. In fact, I'd say there's often confusion about who is training whom. My dog, after being left in the car a couple times, learned to set off the car alarm so that I would come out and insert the key in the ignition. Once I caught onto his trick, he learned how to unlock the car door and open it to let himself out. Needless to say, he also knows how to roll down the window so he can ride with his ears flapping in the breeze.My dog learned the word “bacon" and would come running to the kitchen whenever he heard it. I once said “I might do some baking this weekend,” and he went berserk, running between me and the fridge until I finally gave him some meat. We began spelling the word “treat" for the same reason, and he just learned what “T-R-E-A-T" meant. He also recognized “B-A-T-H" as a separate and distinct word.If I'm going to pick up my son from somewhere, and--without moving or making any sign that I'm going anywhere--I can say quietly, “Let's go get Aidan,” and, even if he's been sound asleep, he will run to the front door and wait for his leash.Most of the time, when someone says that a dog breed is smart, what they mean is that they're easy to train. Beagles aren't particularly easy to train. But they aren't stupid. They can often be smarter than the people who live with them.

How do I get my dog to stop humping my pillow?

Why Do Dogs Hump?Mounting or humping, of course, is what male dogs do when they mate. But as I’m sure we’ve all seen, dogs don’t only mount when mating, and they don’t only mount other dogs; they may also mount furniture, other animals, stuffed toys, and people. Once a dog whose behavior I was evaluating got on the back of the sofa behind me and began to hump my head. Female dogs mount, though less frequently than males.Dogs May Hump for Sexual ReasonsApart from actual mating, dogs still find plenty of reasons to mount. Oddly enough, people often overlook the most obvious of these: sex. Even neutered and spayed dogs display sexual behavior, often accompanied with what looks to a human eye like flirtation--bouncy, playful, physically close. You may see a female dog lift her tail away from her genitals just as she would if in heat and preparing to mate. Male dogs may ejaculate after humping, though if they’re neutered, of course the fluid contains no sperm. Masturbation humping is common, if I can judge by the number of clients who’ve told me about their dog’s special relationship with a pillow or other soft object.Dogs May Hump When They are Excited or AnxiousPhysiological arousal isn’t only sexual. Juniper’s response to our houseguest reflected happy excitement; he had an erection, so maybe there was a sexual component too. Dogs may hump when anxious. I’m not aware of any studies of whether the behavior lowers heart rate and blood pressure or promotes muscle relaxation, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. I also suspect that this anxious humping is the kind many popular training books explain as a status grab or an assertion of rank. For whatever reason, people tend to see high rank as the reason for showy, flamboyant dog behaviors such as humping and fighting. In fact, these often arise out of social anxiety. Something to bear in mind the next time a dog humps your leg--not an experience to look forward to, but usually not a portent of a palace coup.“Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems! The No.1 Dog Training site...Dog Training Secrets Has Been Revealed Now!!!”

I bought a used couch and my pitbull started chewing it then I found out it had bed bugs did she sense them?

No,pitbulls just like destroying stuff. I know several people that have them. I don't have one because I don't like lawsuits. Buy another couch and increase the limits for your personal liability insurance for your dog because you will need it sooner or later.

Are flea bites dangerous while pregnant?

Before the house is bombed you need to spray (with an insecticide that kills fleas in all stages of life including eggs) all soft surfaces, including the undersides and in between couch cushions and mattresses. Clothes and bedsheets should be sprayed also then put in trash bags.

Then you bomb the house. Read the directions to see if it's one floor bomb or if you need one on each floor of your house.

While the house is being bombed, you will need to treat your dog with flea powder, or bathe him with flea soap (works better than powder). Again, make sure it kills all stages of life, including egg. You will want to reapply powder or wash him as often as you can according to the bottle. You can also buy a flea comb which has tiny little teeth that catch fleas and flea eggs while brushing it through your dog. You can do that daily and place it in a glass filled with rubbing alcohol to kill them.

After you bomb, the clothes and bed sheets need to be washed in hot water.

You will need to vacuum everyday and change the vacuum bag once a week. Most fleas will die in the vacuum, but change the bag once a week to be sure.

Continue to spray the soft surfaces with the spray as often as the bottle indicates, most will say once a week. The brand I used was Hartz:

Fleas are difficult to eradicate and bombing alone rarely does the trick, especially since you say you are infested.

As for flea bites being dangerous, it is rare to get a disease from fleas in the USA, if that's where you are. You can get an infection from scratching open the bites. If you're concerned you can increase your garlic intake as it will deter fleas (and other insects) from biting you. They sell garlic in pill form if you don't like the taste of it.

STILL have fleas after fogging HELP?

My cocker spaniel had really bad fleas so I shaved him off and my vet gave me some K9 Advantix to put on him so I did. Almost all of go fleas are gone. I give him a bath every couple days when I see a few of them. The problem is, THEY'RE IN MY BED and biting me every night! Jett (my dogs name) doesn't sleep on my bed anymore he sleeps on his own bed. Yesterday I used 3 foggers in my house and washed all the bed sheets and blankets there was nothing on the mattress when I put the fogger off in my room and I crawl into bed last night and they were biting the crap out of my feet and ankles :( I'm miserable and just want them to go away why can I do that won't cost an arm and a leg??? My mom gave me some kind of spray to use but it only works for a day or two.