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Why is Mukesh Ambani the richest person in India and not Ratan Tata?

A University of India said once…“INVEST IN RELIANCE & WORK FOR TATA"Mukesh ambani and Ratan TATA have very similar backgrounds, both did their MBA from one of the world’s top Universities.Mukesh did MBA from Stanford University. Ratan TATA did his MBA from Harvard University.But why Ambani is richer than TATA?Tata donates 66% to of their annual profit. 118$ billion was Tata group revenue of 2010 and Reliance industry revenue was 44$ billion.In India there is no industrialist other than TATA who have that will power to donate this much of profit to charity.Modesty is nature of Ratan TATA otherwise there is no one who could compete with Mr. TATA.Ratan TATA who made an almost insolvent company to succesful one (Jaguar & Land rover). He then introduced “Nano” in India so that economical weaker section of nation can also own a four wheeler.Did you notice that smile on Ratan tata face while launching Nano, that smile explain everything nano project was his dream project he himself said once in an interview.Recently TATA donated US $50 million to Harvard university.1000 crore for cancer patients on Diwali.Once in an interview Ratan Tata was asked why you are not richest person See mukesh ambani ruling market!TATA said, Ambani is a businessman and I am an Industrialist.Ratan TATA is following his ancestors' vision for this Nation.Ratan Tata: Not a billionaire on paper, but he is the richest person in the world.Harvard Business School Receives $50 Million Gift from the Tata Trusts and CompaniesTatas’ Rs 1,000-cr Diwali gift for cancer patientsEdit: Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, suggestions, thoughts and upvotes. I really care and appreciate it.

If there were a button that gave you 5 cents every time you pressed it, what would you do?

My first thought: FIDGET BUTTONSo… Why not? I mean, everyone else is spinning those annoying little things all the time, and my teacher can’t exactly confiscate it if they don’t remember it - I can keep it in my pocket and watch the money riiiiiiiiiisssssssseeeeeee! Just… just don’t pay me in five cent coins. Please.Scenario 1: While meant to be doing homework but browsing Quora:I can stick it onto my shift key which would probably earn me quite a bit… or one of my WASD/SPACE keys, because Minecraft. Yeah, that’s an easy $1,000 straight off the bat.Scenario 2: In class:*person spins green spinner**person spins red spinner**person spins multicoloured rainbow glowing flashing kaleidoscopic mirror diamond spinner**I press my button*Judging from the amount of time they do that, if I press each 3 spins, I can proceed to the next step:5. PROFITScenario 3: When extremely boredPlay Cookie clicker with the buttongit gud wrinklersPlay Pepe Clicker with the buttonpepe I’m richer than you take that you dead memeIdk wtf this isyup shit clicker apparentlyAnd this will go on until my parents find out about my steadily increasing balance and get very suspicious and that’s when the shit hits the fan.BUT BEFORE THAT YEAH HOPEFULLY I CAN SET UP A MASSIVE UNDERGROUNDahem fidget stuff monopoly… it makes more money than weed…/bal$0.52GIMME BUTTON NOW PLEASE

What t.v show or movie was based on the fairmont hotel??

The 1983 TV show named "Hotel", which starred James Brolin.