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I Can Control The Weather .

I can control the weather?

for the past 2 years ive been able to control the weather. when i get calm and think of the type of weather i would like it happens within 1 or 2 days or less. although i cant control the duration of the rain it usually is very heavy for over an hour. this also appeared with heat induced hives. so when ever i get exercise i break out in hives. is this a gift or a curse or both?

Is our weather being controlled?

There have been a number of recent news stories on CNN and other news sites about weather control in China. They have used cloud seeding in the Henan province, which is suffering from a prolonged drought, and succeeded in producing rain. They are also planning to use this method to prevent dust storms during the upcoming Olympic Games.

The US attempted to use weather control during the Vietnam War but has since signed an international treaty agaisnt such practices.

I can control weather?

Scientifically we don't actually know anything about psychic abilities. From what I understand though, most people do not naturally have much psychic power, and must train for years to be able to accomplish much. Mainstream science is unlikely to ever discover anything about possible human psychic abilities for the same reason as the other person who answered your query, their far to skeptical to even consider it a possibility, and with so few people who can actually display psychic powers, and far fewer than that willing to display them for fear of becoming cultural outcasts (and with so many idiots and looneys who pretend to actually know something about it when they don't have a clue, sowing the seeds of misinformation on a grand scale), it is unlikely that, even if psychic abilities do exist, they will never be known to the common public or become a legit field of scientific research.

As for your supposed ability, keep practicing. If you continue to see results when trying to control weather then you may be onto something. I wouldn't publicize it though, I don't think public ignorance is the only reason we don't know anything about psychic abilities, if they exist. If you do see some results from practice (I imagine it will only work when there are clouds though), or even if you don't (you may not be controlling the weather, but just predicting it), you could do some studying up on the occult. But don't delve into something considered dangerous and don't trust just one site for information (most occult sites are completely full of crap). You should start with meditations and yoga, learn to focus your mind and fully control your body and your thoughts. So, blue pill or red pill?

If you had the power to control the weather, what would you do?

How much control do I have? Can I create a hurricane inside a small room? Can I make a snowball appear in my hand? I am going to assume I have that level of control. I would have fun and just mess with people, mostly my friends and family. Make it rain directly over one person.But in the grand scheme I would like to think I am a good person. I would use it to benefit my country, or the world I suppose. For instance, here in California we are still in a drought. So I would have light rains on and off till we are out of a drought. Maybe have it rain directly over the reservoirs. I could have a website made where people (farmers) could make requests when they needed certain types of weather, rain or sunshine.The beaches would always be sunny and comfortable all year round. I wouldn’t mess with the temperature of the water and mess up the ecosystem though.I would try to prevent any hurricanes from devastating populated areas. If there is an oil spill on the ocean, winds could be used to contain the spill for an easier cleanup.But still, I would have fun. I really like the idea of making it rain directly over one person, both outdoor and indoor. Can you imagine seeing someone walking around with a rain cloud over them that they could not escape?

Why can't we control weather yet?

I think the best answer is that we can't control the rotation of the earth or the Sun's insolation gradient. The atmosphere is an extremely complex mechanism that acts at many different levels, from an area a few miles across to thousands of miles with mid-latitude lows and highs. If we were to exert change over one area, the atmosphere would try its best to mix it with its surroundings (this is the fundamental cause of weather - differential heating of the Earth's surface).

This is one of the reasons why the conspiracy theorists with HAARP and chemtrails look silly to meteorologists and climatologists. If you factor in how much radiation the Sun inputs to the Earth every day, it is several magnitudes more than any human influence could ever be.

Can humans control the weather?

Nobody disputes that we can modify certain weather conditions on a local basis, as with cloud seeding. However, the evidence for successful human intervention on a large-scale basis appears to consist mainly of a list of patents and pictures of "funny-looking" clouds.

Regarding patents, just because a concept is patented doesn't mean it works. All it takes to get one is a nicely labeled diagram. Nobody has proven that any of these "patented" ideas for global weather modification actually work.

Some people point to government-held patents and budget allocations to prove their point ("if the government is doing the research, it has to be real, right?"). But why should government research be any more likely to succeed than civilian research? Actually, if the government is the bunch of inefficient fools they're made out to be, wouldn't they be *more* likely to approve completely useless projects than a private or university lab?

The weather-conspiracy theorists really lose all credibility when they start mentioning "chemtrails"and "HAARP clouds." Condensation trails have been observed ever since aircraft were able to fly high enough to produce them, in World War I, and the physics behind their formation and appearance is well understood (see first three links). Their association of relatively common cloud phenomena (halos, iridescence, lenticular and wavelike clouds) which have been seen and described for thousands of years with "secret government experiments" over the last 10-20 years is simply ludicrous. See second set of links (second link in set is a "HAARP cloud;" compare to cloud images in third link).

Chemtrails and large-scale weather modification are nonsense. The "evidence" is laughable, but fear always sells, and some people are making sure the market is booming.

Does God control the weather?

God is in control. That does not mean He controls it like a machine operator or film director. God created the natural forces that create weather. The advent of sin added the elements of destruction and violence. Those things operate according to natural laws set in place by God and, in some cases, warped by the advent of evil. So while God is in full control, its not like He is saying “I think I’ll send a blizzard over here and a destructive flood over there and have a twister wipe out this town”. Weather just happens. God could direct it if He chose and perhaps occasionally he does choose to do so, but mostly it just happens randomly according to forced of nature.

Can HAARP really control the weather?

Its not just HAARP, there are many ionospheric heaters spread around the world..and some that are satelite based now. One of the primary things HAARP appears to be able to do is bend the Artic winds southward. When we get the Polar Vortex(tm) look at the weather maps of Alaska, you’ll see the winds bend and the most intense isobars directly over the top of HAARP. It also appears they can only keep it up for 2 weeks or so at a time. You might start by going back and reading about the evolution of weather control starting with cloud seeding with silver iodide, then progressing to using virtual particles to cause rain. There is a military document you can find called weather as a force multiplier, also look up Ben Livingston. Most of the evolution of weather control has been completely left out of the news in order to push the con of global warming/climate change(you little people need to use less while us rich people use more!). More than anything these freaks want power over us. And energy is the prime choke point. Secret knowledge is how they are able to take advantage maximally too.

Can the government control the weather?

this guy named Eddy watches nothing but the history channel (fakest show on the planet) and tries to convince me that the Government controls the weather like if they wanted it to snow, or rain ect... The only thing that comes to my mind is why would they want to control the weather? With all the pollution and stuff that is bad to the environment is probably the only way they can affect the weather, not really controlling it like from this magical machine that has its own on and off switch

Can the government control our weather?

ok i have been doing a lot of thinking and i'm not sure if i'm going crazy but i swear the government can control our weather!!! i live in PA and when i want it to storm it never does!!! it's like someone knows i want it to storm.. and i have gotten paranoid because someone told me the government can see and listen inside your house and that's where i do my complaining when the forecaster calls for storms and it never does!!! i am so sick of it!!!! and now they said the severe weather will pass us because the cold front will come through our area at night so there won't be enough lift in the atmosphere for their to be sever storms... i swear the government knows!!!!!! does anyone have any evidence that the government controls our weather? this is for the US