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I Can Talk To A Lot Of People Except Her

Do you think people who don't talk much are weird?

I know exactly what you mean. It does seem weird to most of us if a person does not talk at all! We expect that even folks who are shy to keep up their end of the conversation! When they do not keep up their end of the conversation, it makes us friendly people start to chatter like magpies! And then we get really uncomfortable because we realize that we are chattering.

Actually, I have a couple of friends who are the 'silent type.' Over the years, I have come to realize that the most I can expect from them is a "Yep!" or "Nope!"

Cut your co-worker some slack! Just because she does not talk to y'all does not really make her weird. Maybe she has nothing to say at this time! Just be nice to her. (Pulling the wings off of baby birds is weird; being quiet is just a personality quirk.)

Tell your co-workers to find something/someone else to talk about/criticize!

How long do elderly people live after they stop being able to talk? ?

My grandma is 98 years old, a few months ago was diagnosed with right sided congestive heart failure and dementia. Her memory has become a lot worse in the past weeks but this morning she can not get up. She seems to be trying to talk but can not form any words that make sense except for no and yes. She seems to also be in a dream state and is coming in and out of it. She is on oxygen and is laying in bed. Is she in pain? How long do people normally live after this state? She sometimes says little words about when she was little, what's going on

Why do old people talk to strangers about their health problems?

I work at a call center for a bank. A lot of really old people call in for their balances, etc. This is how about 50% of the conversations go:

Me: What can I do for you ?
Old Person: I need my balance.
Me: OK, your balance is ___ dollars. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Old Person: No, I was just making sure so I have enough money to pay for my medication. I have ____ disease. I had to go to the hospital two months ago. Blah blah blah. (Conversation goes on for about 15 more minutes.)

I thought this was only over the phone. Then I was at the laundromat, doing some laundry, and some old lady is just sitting there. Out of the blue, she starts talking to me about her hip replacement.

Why do old people do this all the time?

I can't make conversation with people?

I had (and sort of still have) the same problem. I was the guy who sucked at talking to strangers in school. Im not 100 % sure how I was able to break out of my shell more, but for me I just started to push myself to talk to others the way I would to my friends. Over time I just got used to it and it has really helped me so far. I think my biggest fear when talking to others was their perspective of me and what they thought of me, but I guess once you dgaf about it, it's really not to hard.