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I Cannot Stop Thinking About Something And Its Getting Really Really Annoying What Do I Do

How do I stop thinking about something?

That's a great question...often, we're told, the only way to diminish a problem, is to completely stop thinking about it; to have it cumulatively exit our mind, and leave us in peace. However, in most states, we usually find this hard to do.

The best cure? Find something else of desire. You see, the problem, whether you agree or not, is desire. You WANT those thoughts. They will not leave your presence because you enjoy having them associated with your thinking process. The only way to manage the situation properly, is too find something of anointed interest, and take part in that instead. Find something (a hobby, a person, etc.) that responds with joy to your frame of mind.

I will let you know, this is 100% guaranteed to work. DO NOT...DO NOT get discouraged if it does not take affect immediately. The likelihood of that, is quite unlikely. It will take some time...but once you find that, true, legitimate'll find peace of mind.

I can't stop thinking about him, its so annoying. What should i do?

I hate being in love. I can't stop thinking about him and its been 5 months. He had a gf before and he said he can control it, i simply can't. I always want to talk to him and be near him. He said i wasnt clingy but i feel im becoming so dependent on him. I don't know what to do, any tips? I just need to stop thinking about him so much! He's not online but i am and i just can't log off.. im talking to other friends on msn and skype. He says all these things but he's just not crazy about m like i am about him. He said he can control it. Its so frustrating.

How can I stop thinking about something?

First of all, excuse me if anybody has answer this technique.I used to call this technique : Thought Chaining . It seems ridiculous at first sight, but try it for once, it will hardly take 2 minutes.Okay, let’s first understand what this techniques is and after that I will tell you why it works.Let’s say that you are stuck on thinking about X. This technique consists 3 phases.Thought Chain InitiationThought Chain PropagationThought Chain TerminationThought Chain Initiation: We will start with any random topic. It could be something which you are in interested. Starting with the topic of your interest is fruitful. Think about that topic and quickly switch over the topic which is connected by it. It could be anything from number of possibilities.e.g. Let’s say you love gadgets. Gadget -> SmartphonesThought Chain Propagation : Now quickly move from one topic to another. Don’t take more than one second to switch from one topic to another.e.g. Smartphones -> Nokia -> Finland -> Great Human Index (Good Country to live) -> Canada is also a good country -> Ice hockey (Developed in Canada) -> Sport -> Olympic -> Gold Medals -> Michael Phelps -> USA -> World Superpower…. and so on.Thought Chain Termination: Try to remember the original topic. Can you? if yes, then restart the process. No, then you are done. Congratulations !!! You have escaped from that successfully.Why it works?The logic behind this technique is “Multitasking” . Multitasking is a myth and nobody can do that. All your brain does is that it quickly switch from one topic to another so that you feel that you are focusing on the many things at a time.Now, if we quickly switch from one topic to another, it will not be able to concentrate fully on any topic, eventually it will get confused.Result, you don’t even know what you were thinking at the beginning.

How do you stop thinking about something?

I know it might sound silly, but you could try meditation. It teaches you to let thoughts come, but to not dwell on them and to let them pass. If this isn't an option for you, try getting out more and doing things with people. Staying busy and focused on other things tends to get your mind off stuff. Make goals, and concentrate on working toward them.

Lesbian sex!!! i can't stop thinking of it?

i kinda have 2 questions so please answer both

1. okay well im either les or very bi but i think more les though....anyway i cant stop thinking about lesbian sex with my bff! i know it's weird but she likes me and i like her and i cant stop thinking/dreaming about sex and making out with her. Am i normal or weird cos these sex thoughts are always on my mind like 24/7. I dont get horney all the time when think of sex and yes i do masturbate can i get this outta my head cos it's really annoying.

2. i think my bff will ask me out soon and i really like her maybe even love her. I think bout her like everyday most of the day, i get really happy when i get texts from her, i cant stop smiling when i see her, i get butterflies when she's around, i worry about her when she's not with me. do u think I love her or just a really big crush?
oh and im 14 and never done anything too sexual with anyone

My mind will not stop even during sleep, It is very annoying and irritating. I can't have any peace of mind. What can I do to stop my mind from thinking of something?

This is fairly common.Good news, there is a solution.At night your mind has habit of replaying the past hurts and increasing anxieties by thinking of future worries,in your case,Job,Money,Girlfriend...etc.This is the nature of mind.It has been conditioned like that.Your mind is analogous to a monkey or a wild horse who will run wherever they wish to.They don't like to listen to anyone and just run aimlessly in whichever direction they wish.You need an equipment to Tame the monkey,a horse tack to control the horse.The tool is breath. Yes your natural breath.How?Breathing is a process which is always with you from life till death.Breathing is the neutral process,by which i mean there is no good breath or bad breath,just breath.Focus on your natural breath ,as it comes in naturally,as it goes out naturally,where it enters the nostrils,observe the sensation around nose.Observe the length of breath,sometimes it's deep sometimes short.Do this for about 5 minutes,no controlling the breath,no counting of breaths.Doing this will bring your mind to a very relaxed state.the race of your thoughts minimizes drastically.Whenever you get distracted or flow away with thoughts,again bring your mind to the breath.Breath as it is.After few minutes,you will experience peace.minimal thoughts.A deep sense of calm and balance.And you are ready to doze off…Practise this,give it a shot.If you think it makes sense,and this can help you calm your mind,practise it tonight.Thanks.

Can't stop thinking about college professor...?

Guys point of view (although doubt it differs much as most of us have gone through the same thing). What your going through mainly is what phychiatrist see as one of a few of the three thing that make us attracted to others. those three things being: Physicality, Authority, and emotional deterence. Now hoping this crush is not somthing created because of some strong emotional thing that happend to you as a child, we can say this is most likely an attraction out of your professor's authority as a teacher. I hope knowledge of this helps you in someway to start off with.
If you truly believe you love you boyfriend you shouldn't have problems with this professor, especially since you can hope this professor wont have any feeling for you just out of moral respect for himself and his job. Although you might be having problems with this crush, crushes tend to leave after a few months, although you might have problems because you have to spend time around this person constantly. This might be a sign you might need to spend more time with your boyfriend and get to know him. Strengthening your relationship with him can always help ;)

Can't stop thinking about oral sex?

I can't stop thinking about oral sex, whenever i look at someones mouth or think about anything to do with the mouth I view it as a sex organ or picture that person performing oral sex, i've never had this problem before and it is getting really annoying and i'm wondering if i should see a physciatrist about it or something. It's really weird and it's screwing up my social interactions. How do I stop viewing the mouth as a sex organ and as a talking, eating and drinking organ again?