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I Cant Do Pull Up What Can I Do To Make My Arms Stronger To Do Them

If you can do pull ups does it mean your strong?

Pullups work your upper back mostly, and your shoulders/traps slightly, however its a measure of your back strenghth to weight ratio. For example im 6'1" bout 190 and I can do around 12-15. My brother is about the same height but is much heavier than me, hes probably 230 or so, he can only do like 7ish pullups, however he is stronger than me in many excersices, including deadlifts, which primarily work your back. However because I have less fat I am able to do more. Get it. Another example of htis is I used to weigh about 210, and was actually slightly stronger in nearly every excersise and muslce, however I bout only do around 7-8 pullups before.

And you shoudlnt be benching the same weight for incline decline and flat bench. You should do more weight on normal than incline, and dont even waste your time on decline.

How do I get stronger arms (girl)?

I'm twelve, and I'm sick of looking weak in front of guys and even girls. I play soccer, so I often get complimented on my muscular legs, but what I really want is stronger arms and a six-pack! I can't even do one pull-up. :( i try doing push-ups, but I can't always find the time to do them every day, and when I skip a couple of days, I practically have to start over from the beginning! I can barely even do 30 crunches in gym! please help! easy ten points! <3

How to get stronger and improve arm strength?

How do a weak person and naturally low stamina person like me increase my strength?

I'm constantly sleepy, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with my blood since I had a blood test and was reported healthy.

I have very little strength, and I'm a slow runner. (10:30 mile)

How do I increase my arm strength and mile in a short amount of time?

I'm reluctant to buy dumbbells since I've heard that it'll do very little to improve your muscles, but all I really need is enough arm strength to do at least one pull up on the bars or 45 seconds hanging? (one pull up is the minimum for girls. Embarrassingly I can't even pull my head over the bars, even with support to push me up.)

I have so little arm strength that I can't even spin a rifle for my drill team because I'm unable to catch it with my left hand since my arm is too weak.

Also, I need to improve my mile by a minute.

What's the best exercise or course to get stronger in a short period?

Does doing push ups help you get stronger in arm wrestling?

NO they do NOT... push ups train TRICEPS! you use your BICEPS for arm wrestling not your triceps!

do pull ups! those are the magic excercise! pull ups train most of the muscles! arms, shoulders, chest, back even abs!

I can't do a pull up. Not even a single one. How do i get around this?

I’m going to keep this simple because … well it is simple. Yes, other exercises can help build strength but pull ups are also a skill that needs to be trained. Rows will make you stronger but can’t create the skill to do a pull up so … lets just work on the pull up.Start at the beginning which means you need to be able to hang from a pull up bar before you can even think about doing an actual pull up. Grab the bar and work to the point where you can hang for 2 minutes without dropping. This will increase your grip strength and allow you to feel comfortable on the bar. If you can’t hang from the bar you can’t do pull ups. Your goal at this level is to complete a 2 minute hold in a single set. At first, you may last only a few seconds but that’s OK. Rest for 30 seconds and try again totaling 2 minutes every workout. When you can do all 2 minutes with a single hold you’re ready for the next step.Get a chair or even jump up to the “top” position on the bar and hold it for 1 minute. Do as many sets as it takes, every other day, until you can hold this position for a single 1 minute set. When you reach the magic 1 minute hold, regardless of how many sets it took, on the last set only, lower yourself down as sloooow as you can go. Only do this for the last rep of the last set. Too many negatives can be very destructive.Once you’ve got this far, your muscles and joints are much stronger so get back on top and instead of holding it, lower yourself down only an inch or so then pull back up. Do this 20 times every other day, no matter how many sets it takes, seeking to go lower and lower until you finally go so low you can actually do a pull up.I would wish you luck but luck has nothing to do with it. It’s all about work so if you really want to do a pull up get started … now.

I can't do pull ups because my left arm is very weak. What should I do?

Yes, all those gym newbies will say do something with single hand or do some other sort of things. They do not work.The basic position that works lats is pull ups with both hands. If you do it with single hand on a pull down machine with the help of a ring, it will work some other muscle along with lat because it’s not the position to do it. So, you may get asymmetric back and you will totally confuse on the main position as time goes on and you habituate to work in wrong position. Machines are only to work single muscle groups alone, for advanced lifters. For info, we never worked with machines. Basic movements and free weights are of first priority here.Forget your internet, or YouTube.Just do this ;Go to the pull up rod there above, get a partner to help you, hold the bar in correct position, and try to pull your self up “WITHOUT LOSING THE FORM”. You cannot do it. So, your partner will help you go up by giving a push to your folded knees. Now the main part comes it : When you reached top of the movement, just don’t leave the tension on the lats, but try to stay at that top position only. You cannot stay at top. But you tries you best to stay at top and you comes down automatically.Do it without losing position. No problem how hard your partner gives you support while going up, you people are learning, learn it correct way. This will work your lats best and builds the strength and the asymmetry goes away by itself soon. For more debunks of myths of bodybuilding, feel free to message us at Fitness and Pride

Can't do a full pull up?

Hey everyone

So I can't do a FULL pull up, I lack the strength, in back and arms, so I can only raise my self up a few inches. I do a few sets of like 5 reps of these pathetic raisings, but after the workout (and days after) I actually feel sore and I am not sure if this is making any improvement or results. If I keep this up, will I be able to do pull ups soon, maybe?
(I have a doorway pull up bar, which I do this on)

I can't do a pull up, how can I train myself?

Simple; I used the following method for 2–3 of my friends who were new to exercising and couldn’t perform a single pull up.Go to a pull up bar (if it’s very high off the ground for you, then get a box or stool or something you can stand on). Get into position and grip the bar like you were at the bottom of a pull up repetition. Then jump upward, still holding onto the bar, so that you end up with your chin above the bar as if you just successfully completed a pull up. Lower yourself down, SLOWLY (try to take 5 seconds from having your chin over the bar, to the point where your arms are straight), until you are hanging freely from the bar. Repeat this several times, rest, and do it again.This is called doing “negatives”, or the eccentric portion of the exercise. You’ll work the muscles you need for pull ups, with the same weight they need to to lift and in the same movement pattern. Eventually, the muscles you need will become conditioned to holding the weight of your body, and you’ll be able to pull yourself up in addition to lowering yourself down.